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Ref: MR/ENV/ ETP/SDPL/12-13/020/ 726 To, M/S SDPL,Rourkella,Orrisa. Kind Attn : Mr.

Sunil Chaudhary Sub: Revamping of Existing Bio-Digester. Dear Sir,


As Per your discussion with our CEO, we are forwarding our techno commercial offer for revamping of existing molasses tank. ASSIGNMENT We will revamp the bio reactor as per sheet enclosed here with. Preparation of GA DRAWINGS We will provide you all the related drawings after receiving confirm work order. PAYMENT TERMS 20% Advance along with the work order. 70 % on submission of Performa invoice. 10% on successful commissioning.. Kindly let us know, in case any further information/clarification is required. We look forward to a mutually beneficial association. Yours faithfully, For Mantras Resources

Amol Deshmukh Marketing Executive Encloser : - Flow Diagram Chart

ETP for 10m3/Day Waste Water Of Dairy Farm Project A) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Equipments Qty Screen Chamber :-(H= 0.75m)* (W=0.75m)*(l=3.0m) = 1.7m3 (RCC) Oil & Grease Trap Chamber:(H=1m)*(W=1m)*(l=3.0m)= 3m3 (RCC) Collection Tank:-(H=5m)*(W=5m)*(l=3.0m)= 75m3 underground (RCC) Primary Lamella Clarifier :-(H=2.2m)* (W=2m)*(l=3.5m) +0.5(FB)= 15m3 (RCC) Aeration Tank: :-(H=5.0m)*(W=5.0m)*(l=3.0m) +0.5(FB)= 75m3(RCC) Secondary Lamella Clarifier:(H=2.2m)*(W=2.0m)*(l=3.5m)+0.5(FB)= 15m3 (RCC) Final Collection Tank = 25.0 m3 (RCC) Press Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter = 1000. Liter (MS FRP) Each Water Softener (Resins Based) 1 1 1 1 1 1 Amount Rs.50,000/Rs.70,000/Rs.3,00,000/Rs.5,50,000/Rs.3,00,000/Rs.5,50,000/10% Rs.55,000/Rs.77,000/Rs.3,30,000/Rs.6,05,000/Rs.3,30,000/Rs.6,05,000/-

7) 8) 9)

1 2 2 -

Rs.1,50,000/Rs.1,20,000/Rs.1,30,000/Client Scope

Rs.1,65,000/Rs.1,32,000/Rs.1,43,000/Client Scope

10) Reverse Osmosis System

B) List Of Machinery 1 Collection Tank Pumps with Flow Rate 10 m3/Hr @ 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 Meter Head Primary Clarifier Sludge Pump (flow10m3/Hr & 3m head) Secondary Clarifier Sludge Pump (flow 5m3/Hr & 3m head) Air Blower (Capacity=100m3 at pressure 0.4kg/cm2.) Pressure Sand Filter/Carbon filter feed Pump= 5.0 m3/Hr. & 6m Head Silicon Membrane diffused aeration System (Diffusers length=2m) Pipe & Fitting

2 2 1 2 1 10




Total Rs.35,00,000/ Rs.38,50,000/ -

Scope of work:
1. Mantras Resources will be responsible to revamp the existing molasses tank to Biodigester feed containing Organic Load of 50000 kg COD/Day Approx. 2. All pre engineering drawings and design will be given by MR. 3. Cost of civil work will be borne by SDPL. 4. Removal of Old Ladder will be done by SDPL. 5. Cost of Central pipe will be borne by SDPL. 6. Repairing work of Supporting Structure will be done by SDPL. 7. All technical supervision will provided by MR till successful commissioning. 8. Supporting material like Cow Dung 100 Tons during commissioning will be provided by SDPL. 9. To complete the work on time funds to be made available as per Performa invoice. 10. Suitable lodging and boarding will be provided by SDPL to MR Executive during erection and commissioning. 11. Electrical provision will be made by SDPL during Erection period. 12. All safety equipments as per requirements during erection, and commissioning will be provided by SDPL.

13. Work schedule bar chart will be submitted by MR. 14. Supervision Staff a) Erection Engineering b) Commissioning team c)Sr. Supervisor, will be Provided by MR. 15. Tax & Duties will be Charged extra At Actual. NOTE : 1) MR is ready to provide technical knowhow till commissioning if the client wishes to do the fabrication work. 2) Please note that only Bio Digester is not a solution towards your full fledge ETP. 3) We Recommend MEE (5 Stage) Followed by dryer. 4) Only dryer cannot work with the out let of decanter. 5) MEE cant run with the outlet bio-digester only. Yours Faithfully, Amol Deshmukh Marketing Executive Mantras Resources