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Versed Healthcare--> Cashless Clinic--> Ayush Saral
In India we have very large population in Middle class Category and lower than that. And as per we can see the healthcare costing is getting higher and higher day by day. Middle class people are finding difficult to cope up with the expenses for their healthcare need from their monthly income. Basic Healthcare needs like OPD consultation, Pharmacy, Diagnostics and laboratorial investigation is getting costly day by day.

Now to get secure about health issues and its expenses, people have mediclaim insurance, where they can rest assure for their health problems. As per the statistics we get to know that 80 % of total health issue can be managed into OPD level 5 % can be managed with higher consultation and expert opinions. 15 % requires admission in hospital for further care and treatments. In India we have more than 50 medical insurance company(Pvt & Govt) ,and most of them do not offer insurance over OPD/Clinic expenses or for the basic needs. All Insurance company playing in to 15% area where they earn good on probability ratio. They refuse to provide OPD consultation and expenses. Middle class people might afford to pay day to day expenses but might get heavy if they have to visit regularly for their health issue. Taking same thing in mind, Versed Healthcare started 3 years back and done deep survey about the Cashless Clinics and how it should be implemented and what should be the working model. Thats why we are raising this proposal for working class people and the their daily healthcare needs. If we get to implement this model in society then ,the daily health expenses like OPD consultation/pharmacy/laboratory and many other things can be saved.We believe that this model shall be useful to save lots of healthcare expenses and can bring health security for the people other than mediclaim.

Our Mission
To lower the cost of healthcare by providing the Cashless Clinics in very low and affordable price & co-ordinating all healthcare segments.

Company Profile

Founded in Year Oct 2008 Pioneer in cashless clinic concept. Providing Annual Medical Check up support for IT companies,Manufacturing units,Schools and colleges. Collaborated with IT enabled company BioEnalble for R & D in IT healthcare. Actively working in Mobile healthcare technology & product development with IT support from BioEnable.

Developing innovative Electronic Health record system ,where patients can access his own medical data anytime & anywhere. Expertise in Healthcare Software Development on Desktop, Mobile & Web platforms with Windows/Linux/Android/IOS Operating systems Have strategic tie up with International CRO for its clinical research activities. Expertise in challenging field like Bioinformatics. Implementing ISO standards with Geocare into Healthcare and technology.

Insight on Current Process & issues Existing Process

Workers generally covered under ESI for their healthcare issues. Labor contractor in MIDC provides ESI facility to their workers where they get benefits for ESI But Construction site workers and Mine Site workers are not covered under ESI facility These Workers generally get weekly or daily payments from their contractor. Some percentage from their payments is deposited to govt under KAMGAR KALYAN YOJANA by their Contractors for their healthcare needs in future. These workers stay in very Unhygienic conditions,compromising their health. This makes them more prone towards getting infection and health issues. & getting treatment for this is expensive as per their income. If such workers get Injured at site then its liability of the contractor to get them treated till they get cured,but many times it does not work this way. In other way if workers get ill with fever,cold or any other natural illness, then he has to spend from his own pocket,& for this he takes advance from contractor for treatment. But as treatments are expensive ,these workers tends to follow the same way, where they take medicine from pharmacy , and not to show the doctors. Many times they avoid going to doctors because money problem and this negligence can worsen their health conditions. A simple illness that could have been treated in OPD level, now may turn into serious illness where they might need admission for longer period and which increase the overheads in expenses.

As per Govt regulation the Labor contractor at construction site do their medical insurance or Life insurance in Group insurance format. But as said above,these insurance doesnt cover the OPD consultation & these workers have more visits to clinic rather than getting admitted.

If we Provide them a such system where they can get secured about their daily healthcare needs ,then we can save their unwanted expenses.

Why Versed Healthcares Ayush Saral yojana Project Details Summary-In this project our target audience is workers class, which includes Mine workers,Construction workers and Mathadi Kamgar groups. As per we know the health status and hygiene status for these people are vulnerable. Being low income group they cant purchase the mediclaim policies for them and their families.And growing healthcare cost is also limiting them to take basic day to day healthcare services.This will lead in neglecting health issues in prior stage,increasing in hospital days for simple health issues,increase load on in pocket expenses for the worker. If we consider only mediclaim is answer then it might misguide us,as many of healthcare expenses do happen on clinics/pharmacy/laboratory ,rather than hospitalisation. People tend to spend small small amounts on their health issue,but if we calculate whole year expenses that might turns into huge amount compared to hospitalisation. Workers class people we are targeting are not considered under ESI and they are left behind to get their basic medical help from their employer. Getting Mediclaim insurance for them is also hectic for employer because of high payment amounts and variability in premium amount as per age,diseases Etc., Cashless clinic is initiative by Versed Healthcare to lower the growing costs in Health sector. We believe in working together to lower the expenses.

We have increasing number of core panel doctors which acts as network clinics for Versed Healthcare.Doctors has mutual relation with Versed, so Patient gets cashless consulting services on spot just showing the membership card & different discounts on Laboratory and pharmacy sector. If people have security for their health issues, then they can visit neared possible doctor for their basic needs and get treated as soon as possible,which indirectly helps in - Health safety awareness -Hygiene awareness -Reduction in hospitalisation - Cost savings at various outlets Versed Healthcares is not insurance company ,but as founded by group of doctors to serve for community, we serve as Healthcare Services providers. In old days every person was following FAMILY DOCTOR concept, which means, for every single health related issue they used to ask their family doctor for treatment or advice. But now a days such concepts are not followed which indirectly increase the cost of un necessary check ups and expenses. Versed Healthcare bringing same concept back again,where a single doctor shall be a family doctor for our members in suggested area. Which helps them to get hassle free healthcare services .

Process Flow
Normal process for General Consultation is mentioned in the following image.

Need Of Cashless ClinicsDay by day Healthcare cost is increasing and it will keep increasing as the material cost and services cost increases. We can really control the cost in healthcare, as its mostly based on personalized expertise and one cannot limit the personal costs. Highlighting the same reason ,most of the health insurance company does not cover OPD /Clinic expenses in cashless. Workers get fixed payment per day and its distributed per day basis or per week basis. For getting health related consultation they have to pay from their own pocket, which will be expensive for them . They generally borrow money from their Contractor for treatment, and this payment is deducted from their weekly payment. Many times such borrowed money is wasted on Alcohol & Addictive substances.

Many of the time such workers doesnt show up to the doctor for their needs, instead, they go to pharmacy and take OTC medicine and expect to get treated. If we secure their opd need with this Cashless Clinic concept,then the actual money transfer can be stopped and at moment misuse for the money in Alcohol can be avoided.

Benefits of Cashless Clinic Concept :If we provide such services to them, Then following are the benefits we get 1. Health security- where Hospitalisation is not required 2. Decreased Hospitalisation - as we catch up disease symptoms early we can treat them early and Hospitalisation can be avoided manier times 3.Money Saving- Over head extra cost is floated over the community and person can save on his daily expenses. 4. Health Awareness - If consultation is costless, then people usually can visit the clinic whenever they have medical problem,even for small issues like cold and allergic rashes too, which in turns increases health awareness 5. Social Security- Money transfer between workers and contractors is stopped so using such money in alcohol and creating family and social problems after alcoholism can be avoided 6. Reduced Frauds- many of the Govt schemes may take over by frauds due to lack in its working structure, but in Cashless Clinic Concept ,there is no money transfer between patient and doctor. Every visit of a patient is tracked by Versed Healthcare & Versed Healthcare shall provide all management services for all this .Which in terms reduce the chances of getting frauds in this structure

Benefit from Cashless Clinics in process flow

Scope of Work :A) List of Services offered

Versed Healthcare shall give members the services that has give them health security. Following are the services that will be provided to the members 1. Cashless ConsultationMembers are entitled to get cashless OPD services from the authorized doctor from the nearest area of his locality.
OPD services includes the - Doctor consultation - Minor Dressings - In OPD injectables - Procedures like Stitching, Nail Removal, FB removal at

small scale can be considered as cashless

2. Pharmacy Discounts Members are entitled to get 5 to 10% discounts on the pharmacy purchase from authorized pharmacy in nearest area. 3. Laboratory Discounts Members are entitled to get upto 20% discounts on their scheduled laboratory investigation from authorized laboratory/diagnostic centers . 4. Hospital Discounts Members are entitled to get upto 20% discount on hospitalisation for their health issues in authorized hospitals.

B) Process Of Work --

i) Registration Members are registered in the database of Versed Healthcare with their basic identity documents ( pan card ,photo id, address id, voter id ) & letter from Authorized organisation(Govt organization or related organization) After single registration or group registration (manually) the forms submitted to head office of Versed Healthcare. The data is entered into the database and ID is created for specific user, and the card is printed accordingly & within 15 working days the KIT( membership card and information regarding all network clinics,lab,pharmacy and hospitals) are provided to the registered members or concern authority then it will be dispatched to individual.

ii) Data base Generation & Maintenance

Every time members visits to the authorized doctor,then that event will be recorded to the doctor site in register and also electronically to the company database.