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Genus Energizing Lives
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Project Management Virtual Trading by ICICI Doom of Morality BITCOIN C3W 2013 Alumni Speak

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An industrial visit to one of the most eminent company in electrical sector, it was an day to look back to, a warm welcome by Genus family to our students was very pleasing, the day with Genus started with lite snacks which surely did satisfied the stomachs later on the Genus family served food for our brains, which I hope was a way for the students to quench the thirst of knowledge, we were addressed by some of the most experienced members of the Genus family and we were amazed by the way they taught us the values of the corporate sector. There were three speakers, all from different backgrounds, the

session helped us to be up to date with the knowledge related to the marketing, human resource and finance sector. There were no questions unanswered, the speakers did their best in providing the students with the most suitable answers. Although due to the lack of time all the students did not get a chance to visit the industrial sector, but at the end it was an day of learning and helping ourselves to prepare for the future. Report By Akshay Sharma

ISBM is thankful to Genus Power Ltd. For organizing industrial tour cum learning workshop, where senior executives from Genus guided the students about corporate world.

Upcoming Events
Its time feel some adrenaline rushing in the cells as Bellicose is round the corner, taking place on 9th and 10th of October. C3W has always been an awaited event of the year which will unfold on the 18th and 19th of October.

Tally A workshop unbounded

The software of tally is a very important software when it comes to the finance department, Dr. Ram Garg conducted an one day workshop for all the students of ISBM, training them on the skills of tally, he taught the students on how to effectively work on the software and taught the students from the fundamentals to the depths, the software is basically used for making company profiles, creating a voucher, shortcut keys, fund flow statement, cash flow statement, recording of transactions and how to tally work practically, students were satisfied at the end of the workshop about their tally skills and were confident enough to use tally in future. Report by Shabbir Alam

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Project Management
Management is the core competent for the management students, management includes wide aspects of the corporate world and who better can teach us management than our respected Dean Dr. TK Jain, who is immensely experienced in management, the session of project management was extremely interactive and competitive, students were divided into teams and were told to play the laid out activities which were brain teasers, majority of the students were scratching their heads with no clue of how to solve the given problems and situations, students learned how to calculate the days for completion of the projects and how to effectively manage them, this session was further overtaken by dr. Swati, who again conducted an absolutely amazing activity which the students loved and at the end dr. Ram Garg conducted an activity about successful and unsuccessful business plan which was sheerly interactive and knowledgeable. Report By Aditya Kookna

Axis Community presents Virtual Trading

1st October to 15th October, An on going event of virtual stock trading looks very promising as students can try their luck, skills and knowledge relating to the stock world in any way they can without losing any money. This game is conducted by ICICI which gives a real feel of the stock world the ups and downs, the

tension, it gets the heart pumping, the game is being played under the guidance of Dr. ram Garg who himself has a wide knowledge relating to the stocks, the game is being played nationally and the prices for the winners are extraordinary, a majority of the students are playing this game from ISBM which itself creates an

healthy competition inside the college. Axis community is always known for getting and organizing amazing events which again has been proved right by the head of the community Dr ram Garg, who says " we want our students to excel in every field and we will support them whenever they need us". Report by Mahendra Solanki



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Doom of Morality

Envision a bee stuck in a spiders web, struggling, baffled and known of its coming doom, similarly morality is stuck in the web of desires. How could you possibly instruct a teenager today after what is being manifested on the television (promotion of alcohol, drugs, influence of celebrities, fashion of clothing, live-in relationships). There was an era when friendship was respected, now its so called friends with benefits. Morality has vaporized as the like of Water. Development has ruined decency, its universal today to have children before marriage, the newspapers are full of sexual assault on womens, there is killing for mere amount of money, children, small children are made to work, female child is killed in the wombs, Is this the world we want to live in? Is this we called development? Television, internet, parties, alcohol, drugs; we have given up everything for them. Its not we who are consuming them; its they who are consuming us. Our morality is being consumed and as a result its scarce now. Morality is doomed. Everyone wants their sisters, their mothers, and their wives to be respected but are not willing enough to respect other women folk. It seems correct to remark a women passing by but becomes intolerable when done to our own. What kind of demons have we turned into? Morality is to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. Are we really capable of distinguishing? We are living our lives with unknown desires; we are just walking without any clue of the destination. We have become so heedless of moral values that we want to accomplish our desires at any cost. In present morality is vanished but convincingly in future people wont know it ever existed. Written By Apurv Dadhich Guided by Mr. Puneet Bafna (Faculty ISBM)



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Bitcoin Something New

Introduction: Making payment is one of our routines and its mode has changed very drastically. Initially there was barter system then we moved from gold/silver coins for making payments, to paper currency, plastic money and finally electronic payment. Now there is a new emerging concept-cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is one of the crypto currencies which is gaining popularity day by day. What is it? Bitcoin is a digital currency used over the internet for trading or payment for services. It is encrypted using cryptography for security hence cannot be easily counterfeited. It can be transferred from a computer or Smartphone to another and cannot be tracked. Its internationally recognized code is BTC. Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 as a peer to peer, electronic cash system by an anonymous group of individuals. It is a decentralised currency that is created, used and controlled by its users. The Bitcoin phenomenon is growing at a rapid pace. The currency is finite in number to keep inflation rates low. A typical bitcoin address has alphanumeric code with some signs.

Advantages: As it is a digital currency, one can carry thousands of bitcoins in his/her phone or any electronic storage device. Any transaction one does using bitcoin is untraceable and there are no taxes involved. Unlike physical currency one cannot stole bitcoins because theft requires access to authorized physical device to transfer them. Its transfer occurs instantly therefore one cannot reverse the transaction and most importantly bitcoins are not liable to any government or financial institution making it accessible to everyone.

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Trading Platforms: The largest Bitcoin trading platform is Tokyo-based Mt.Gox. It is also the most reliable place to buy bitcoin. The bourse always displays an exchange rate and can show a chart with historical rates. Bitcoin is divided into smaller units called Satoshis. 100 million satoshis make 1 BTC. Pitfalls (obviously): Volatility is one of the biggest pitfalls. The value of bitcoins could nosedive at any time or appreciate several times over in just few hours. Since supply and demand of bitcoins is not monitored by any central authority, there is a low liquidity. The other problems include frequent hacking attempts, confusion among users etc. Since bitcoin transactions are not easily traceable, they can be used for money laundering and for all manner of illegal online transactions. Usage: There are number of places where one can spend bitcoins. Some popular websites accept bitcoins for making purchases and donations. Certain physical establishments in the USA have started accepting Bitcoins payment. Besides, as it has a trding platform, it is also used for investment purposes. Recently RBI said that it has no intention of regulating virtual currency (BITCOIN) right now cos' it will first seek to understand Bitcoin although it has recently come under regulatory gaze in US and other countries over concerns that it can be used for illegal purposes. I hope it was informative. Written By Deepak Ku Sah Guided by Dr. Ruchi Goyal (Faculty ISBM)

ISBM has conferred the best student award to the following students for their outstanding performance : A.Amit Kumar Pathak (B.ComCorporate SecretaryshipIII Semester) B.Apurv Dadhich (BBAIII Semester)

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C3W Convention on Climate Change and Water : amazing platform of environmentalists

C3W is scheduled on 18 and 19 October. The students are preparing themselves for the event. We are proud to share that large number of environmentalists, writers, thinkers, and eminent experts are participating during this convention. Prominent names include Shri Sharad Joshi, Shri Om Thanvi, Major Himanshu, Shri Sawai Singh ji, Shri Anupam Mishra ji, Shri Rajendra Singh ji, Dr. S.N. Subba Rao ji, The students are preparing special skits, plays and activities representing their perspectives on environmental protections (scheduled for Creative Cultural Night on 18/10/13). There will be special GREEN BUSINESS PLAN CHALLENGE being hosted by E-Cell of Gyan Vihar University supported by Nurture Talent Academy. There will be special sessions, workshops and training programmes specially designed for this. a. Sri Devi Singh Bhati : He has saved thousands of hactares of Gochar Land in Desert areas. He will share his experiences of how he saved this land. He will also share the benefits of Gochar land, the benefits of vegetations which are found in Gochar Land. b. Prof. Varun Arya : He has converted 100 acres of barren land into green land near Jodhpur. He will make a presentation on how he did it. c. Sri Nirmal Bardia : He has planted 1 crore trees in desert areas. He will share how he did it and how he will get 5 crore trees planted. d. Sri P.C. Jain : He got over 11 lakh trees planted in just one day. He will share his experiences e. Karuna International : It mobilised schools to involve students in polythene boycott, protesting against cruelity against animals and in organising student campaign for plantations. They will share their experiences f. Greenpeace : they are involving our students in research in preparing a solar based water pump which will be operated on solar energy and will cost less then Rs. 1 lakh. his innovations in water purifications and options for the future. s. Rajendra Singh, Innovative products Delhi : He will share his innovations in product designing.

g. Sri Anil Bokil, Arthakranti, Pune : he will t. Leadership Guru Nitin Parab, share his ideas on new economic system which Mumbai : he will talk on "Climate he has conceptualised Change Civil Unrest and New Age h. Anuj Agarawal : He will share his ideas on Leadership." how India can become a great country - his U. Corporate Trainer Sujit Lalwani, concept of Moulik Bharat Bangalore : - he will conduct special i. Ms . Medha Patkar : She will share her vi- sessions for students on leadership sion about negative impacts of large dams and V. Six Sigma Trainer Priya Thareja, large projects and how to protect property Chandigarh : She will throw light on rights of tribals and common citizens Quality Management and environj. Dr. S.N. Subba Rao , NYP : He will share mental issues how youth can again transform our country. W. Energy Expert Prof. K.K. k. Justice Pana Chand Jain : He will share his Sharma, Adani Institue of Manageideas on role of law and judges in environment ment, Ahmedabad : he will speak on protection environmental leadership

l. Justice V.S. Dave : he will talk about recent X. R.K. Jani : A senior development important decisions on environment protecsector expert, he will conduct a worktion and role of Green Tribunal. shop on Development Sector m. Major Dr. Himanshu : He will talk about how he is organising the farmers in UP and how he is fighting for the rights of farmers. Y. Jyoti Kothari: A writer, blogger and an expert on gems and jewellery industry, he will share his ideas on climate change and water issues.

n. Shivraj Bishnoi : on contribution of Bishnoi community in protecting animals and trees Z. Vastu Shashtri R.K. Sutar : rein Rajasthan. nowned Vastu Expert and consultant, o. Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat : He has digital- he will share his perspectives on ised Rajasthan Archieves including 35 lakh old Green Buildings. princely states' documents. He will share his experiences and will also throw light on environmental issues in the old documents. p. Dr. Latif Usta, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur : He is an authority on monument conservation. He is curator with Jawahar Kala Kendra and will share his insights on conserving heritage. A. Prateek Tiwari, Living Green, Jaipur : he will share his experiences and present presentations on Green Buildings and future technologies.

.... this is only a small list.... the list goes on. We are fortunate that many eminent speakers from across the country are participating during these sessions. Eminent professors from q. Dr. P.S. Vohra, Chandigarh : an expert economist, he will share his ideas on impact of across the country will share their papers, findings and research outclimate change on Indian economy comes. gives updates r. Krishna Prasad, Delhi : Patent holder in water purification technologies, he will share

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This is Gyan Vihar. Actually the name is consisting the whole meaning. i.e. the lot of Gyan, a lot of Education or I would like to say quality & innovative education is being provided by the learned & experienced faculty members. The campus of Gyan Vihar is very eco friendly and the students come here to have knowledge in a friendly natural environmental and they feel enjoyment to study here. When I was a student of 1st year, I was very nervous and my faculty members motivated me, they encouraged me saying yes you can do it. I will always thank full to my teachers, because of them, today I am a transformed person. I am specially thankfull to our respected Dean (Dr. T.K. Jain sahib) to motivate me in correct direction, that you must became an Entrepreneur and because of his great motivation Today I have become An Entrepreneur. Thank you Gyan Vihar Family. Report By-Vaibhav Gupta (mobile :91- 9461230218) Executive Director:Childrens Academy B.Ed Collage, Childrens Academy Convent School, (Sr. Sec. BSE Residential School) Childrens Academy Sr. Sec. School, Science Focus Institute, Kings PG. Alwar (Rajasthan)

Ingo Boltz of Greenpeace International at Gyan Vihar University : for Solar Pump (Greenpeace Challenge)

ISBM Truly AMAZINGVijay Yadav

It was very amazing experience for me to be in ISBM Gyan Vihar University. I was finding a way for my career after my graduation. I spent my two year after graduation because I was confused to get admission for professional course. I got many calls from lot of colleges and universities from North & South but I was not happy about their environment & Education. Finally I visited ISBM Gyan Vihar and fortunately I got admission in MBA IB (International business) . I was so happy to get admission. This are was very important movement of my life.I wanted to go in Export Import Business so I joined MBA IB. After MBA, I got placement in Export house an Assistant Manager. I got lot of Exposure & experience studying in this university. I would like to particularly say about faculty & education pattern in ISBM, as it is outstanding here. All faculties were very much supportive. They had provided lot guidance for my future. I am very thankful to them. Report by Vijay Yadav MBA IB 2008/2010

This newsletter has been edited and compiled by APURV DADHICH (student of BBA III Semester). Please email your suggestions, ideas, feedback, support and comments to : Apurv Dadhich <>