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Deconstruction of Forrest Gump.

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Camera Work:
Using tracking at the start of the opening scene so that it follows the drifting feather down makes the clip seem more appealing and also relates to the peaceful atmosphere to the film. After using the technique tracking of the feather landing at the characters feet the camera focuses on his feet for a few seconds this can hint to the audience that these shoes are important to the story. The camera then uses tracking up to the character sitting down. It uses a lot of eye level shots which are close up. The use of close up gives the audience a feel although the character isnt very happy or is a bit strange. As the use of a long shot is used to show that a bus has turned up, this could indicate to the audience that the film is now starting and the opening scene is now over.

The way the editors use of showing the audience of the character waiting at a bus stop and him telling his story to strangers shows that this character isnt as normal as he may come across. This also makes the film different and unique, I havent seen this technique used before and it makes the film more appealing to the audience.

The music and sound used in the film make the film relate with all the other film techniques that are used to create the opening scene. They use instruments such as a piano and flutes using them slowly to give this peaceful atmosphere. The use of this makes the audience feel like it will be a nice romantic and calm kind of film.

The titles in Forrest Gump are very simple and are just in the middle of the screen. The way they match in with the peaceful feel in the opening scene is because they slowly fade in and out. The titles are plain white making it stand out on its back ground.

Using the feather to slowly drift from in the sky to the floor gives the film a good and peaceful. The muddy shoes show that whoever wearing them have used them a lot. The clip of the shoes could hint to the audience that they might come up again in the film. The suit case could show that this character could be important or that hes far away from home as hes got a lot of belongings in it. The fact that he picks up the feather and places it in a book in his suit case shows that maybe hes recording life events or is creative. This keeps the audience guessing and wants to watch on into the film. Using a nice formal shirt and a jacket make him look smart although he is important, his shoes dont match with his suit so this gives an interpretation that the shoes are very important to not only the character but the film. The box of what looks like chocolates will make the audience think that he is going to see someone as it has a bow wrapped around the box, this could indicate it is a present for someone, this could be a woman as stereotypically chocolates as a present are for women.

When I do my filming the techniques from this film Id like to use are I like the use of showing the titles on top of a clip that gradually leads up to the opening scene. The use of fading in and out the titles

Use of camera techniques such as tracking Use of props to give the film its genre meaning

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