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Mobile no: 09495788927 and 09497700235 PERSONAL SKILLS Heavy Equipment Mechanic WORK EXPERIENCE Position: Company Name: Company Address: length of Service: Job Description: Equipment Rides : Maintenance Specialist Kongeparken / Lunds Tivoli Postbook 53 4339 Algard Norway June 01 2010 to March 18,2011 Maintenance of Equipment Rides and Trucks/ Small Engine Nordavinden,Svalbarden,Traktorene,humla,Helpinn, Luftskepit, Grave Maskerine, Ballongen, Vepsin, Teltetarnet, Kapteinskolen, Storm Maintenance of Volvo,Iviko,John Deere,Tractor,Golfcar Trucks no Brake,No Steering,Removing Transmission, Changing Clutch,Change Brake Lining,Hydraulic Cylinder Leaking,Welding and Making Fabricating Plate of Rides Heavy Equipment Mechanic La Ala Al Kuwit Real State / La Ala Saudi Kuwait / Saudi Arabia April 02 2007 - May 05 2009 Maintenance of Equipment likes; Bulldozer;Komatsu Model: D85,D155,D275,Cat.Model:D8R Excavator;320C,330D,345C,385 Payloader; 938G,938G, Series2, 966,988 Dumper;D30,D300,BELL40B,50B Dynapac, Trucks Volvo Ivico Mack and Other Small Vehicles

Equipment Trucks: Some Other Trouble:

Position; Company Name: Company Address: length of Service: Job Description;

Some Other Troubles /Problem Encounter: Dozer no brake, No steering, Disassemble and assemble final drive cause of broken bearing and double seal change, Overhaul Converter cause of Hydraulic overheating, Excavator change main pump cause of broken part Hydraulic cylinder leaking, Changing swing ring gear, Disassemble and assemble Swing motor, Servicing Terminator, Servicing Engine, Change Clutch lining, Welding, Make Fabricating plate of Machine

Position: Company Name:

Heavy Equipment Mechanic J.V Angeles Const. Corp.

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#1E.Rodrigues JR Ave. Pasig City 1600 February 02 1997 -December27 1999 Maintenance of Equipment Like; Bulldozer, Komatsu Model:D60,D85,Payloader;TCMModel:45B,75BKomatsu Model:,WA300,Excavator;PC200 sPC220,Cat. Model:320B,416B,PayLoader 924F Overhaul Engine NH220cummins,Repair undercarriage Dynapac Servicing Engine and Welding job, Trucks Volvo,Mack, International,Isuzu, Fuso

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Diesel Mechanic Empire Motor Sales Malinta Exit Valenzuela City July 02 1995 January 07 1997 Engine Overhauler Likes; Isuzu Engine 12PC1,10PC1,8PC1, 12PB1, 10PB1,8PB1,4BF1,4BC2,4BC1,4BA1 ,Fuso Engine 8DC8,8DC9,6D22,6D20 ,4D32, 4D30,Assemble of Trucks and undercarriage repair, Convertion of Right hand drive to left hand drive steering wheel, Welding, Body repair. Diesel Mechanic BJ Mercantile 15 IRC Compound Bagbguin Valenzuela City June 10 1990 June 15 1995 Machine Reconditioner, Overhauler ,Assymbler of Unit Komatsu Bulldozer;D155,D85,D60p,D50, Cat Dozer D4,D5D6,D7,D8RD9 TCMPayloader;45B 50B 75IIIA,75B,125B,175B,275B,Komatsu LoaderWA300,WA400,Excavator;PC200 PC650,Hetachi ExcavatorUHO7,UHO9, UHO23Cranes,Grader,Dynapac,Trucks and Small Vehicles. Overhauled Engine Komatsu ModelSA6D140,SA6D100 Cat.3304,3306,3406,3516, Nissan RD10,RD8, Isuzu12PC1, 1OPC1,8PC1,12PB1,1OPB1,8PB1,4BF1,4BE1,4BC2,4BC1,4BA1, C240 Cummins NH220 Hino,EK100,EL1OO Fuso 8DC8,8DC9 6D22,6D20,4D30,4D32,4DR5 Disassemble and Assemble Converter of dozer and Payloader Transmission full down Changing Clutch and Lining, Assemble of Unit, Convertion of Right hand to Left hand drive steering wheel, Under Carriage repair,Welding Diesel Mechanic None 2ooo -2007 Contracting Overhauled engine Convertion of Trucks, Assembled of Unit and Driving my Passenger Car Kongeparken / Lunds Tivoli Norway La Ala Saudi Saudi Arabia BJ Mercantile Empire Motor Sales JV. Angeles Const. Corp.

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Job Position: Company Name: length of Service: Job Description: CHARACTER REFERENCE; Mr.Haako Lunds Owner Mr.Boutros Daoud Project Manager Mr.Edison Gan Chief Mechanic Mr.Kenneth Sytin Owner Mr.Ricardo Fernandez Chief Mechanic

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Age: 41 yrs. Old Birthday: December 15 1970 Birthplace: Calauag, Quezon Sex: Male Civil Status: Married Spouse: Marilyn P. Tagnepis Children: Jake Marbert P. Tagnepis Jimbert P. Tagnepis Joyce Allen P. Tagnepis EDUCATION: 1978-1983 Calauag East Elementary School 1983-1987 Calauag Central College 1989-1990 Samson Institute of Technology [ Cubao Branch] Course: Diesel Mechanic LIFE GOAL To serve the company to the best of my knowledge and skills