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Gastric Cancer o Early Symptom Abdominal discomfort not relieved by antacid indigestion bloated feeling loss of appetite weight

loss Advanced Symptom Occult blood in the stool


Iron-deficiency anemia 2 to bleeding Cough and Deep breathe o Prevent infection for immunocompromised by avoiding stasis of lung secretion Skin cancer o RF : 60 y/ o light skinned works outdoors Never choose leave patient alone ; Ill come back again Brain Tumor - ICP causes patient to be : Agitated and angry Fat diet = risk for colon cancer o Doesnt matter whether polyunsaturated or saturated Post-mastectomy 1. Regular diet 1 day post-op 2. Tub/ sponge baths until drains & stitches are removed a. Usually 7-10 days b. (X) showers until stitches are out 3. Measure & record drainage amount a. Change dressing PRN 4. Affected arm can be use for eating/ combing hair a. (X) strenuous exercise if with drain Stomatitis (post-chemo) o ASSESS FIRST : examine mouth for blisters, drainage, sores (X) commercially-prepared mouthwash because it has alcohol (drying to the mucous membrane) - saline/ H2O every hour; mouth care before & after meal Lung Cancer o (+) metastasis to brain = severe headache, N/V & drooling o Priority : perform full neuro assessment then notify MD

Immunocompromised o (X) work with houseplants/ dig in the garden o (X) season foods with pepper o Can rinse toothbrush in laundry bleach liquid (e.g. dishwasher) Watch Out For o Laryngeal CA Hoarseness oral lesions that doesnt heal Dysphagia color changes in mouth/ tongue o Brain CA Increased drooling o Lung CA Blood-streaked sputum o Liver/ Pancreatic CA Jaundice Irradiated Area o Pat dry with soft cloth o Can use hand when cleaning area o (X) washcloth too irritating o (X) exposure of area to hot/ cold o (X) powders, ointments, etc. Breast Cancer High risk o age = 50s upward o Family history (mother/ sister) o (-) children ir 1st child after 30 y/o o No relationship with benign breast disease Hair loss temporary with chemo; grow 1 month after therapy; may be different in color/ texture IV site check every 2 hours for bleeding (X) Alka-Seltzer because it contains aspirin Advancing Age o Single, most significant risk factor; 50% of all CAs occur in people older than 65 y/o NGT @ stomach to prevent stress on anastomosis site o Sero-sanguineous fluid good o (X) colorless or bile-tinged problem @ anastomosis o Frank bleeding **notify doctor ASAP

Connected to low-suction; continuous Semi-fowler position relieves pressure on suture line If obstructed : Instill air to open drainage system If air doesnt open tube, gently insert 10-20 ml of normal saline Ondansetron HCl (Zofran) potent anti-emetic (30-40 mins. ONSET) o S.E constipation/ diarrhea Fever Lightheadedness Drowsiness Post-Chemo o Cold foods or foods @ room temperature o (X) salty o (X) offer food with empty kcal o (X) spicy o Increase CHON, kcal, nutrient dense foods @ breakfast Vinblastine o S. E. (ambulate carefully with broad-based gait) loss of reflex peripheral neuritis Radiation Implant o use of bedpans o Complete bedrest; even crafts not allowed o Catheter insertion o Low residue diet

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