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George Carey

The Incredibles: (American computer-animated superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, released by Walt Disney Pictures 2004) Title sequence deconstruction.

Titles: The title Sequence opens as animation with an old style interview of Mr. Incredible as his name is displayed underneath him. After this short segment it cuts to a slide of Walt Disney pictures presents rather like an old film reel. We then cut to an interview with Elastigirl and again her name is displayed underneath. Because we are shown these two superheroes at the start of the film we are led to believe that they are the protagonists. And then like before it cuts to a slide which says A Pixar animations studios film. This tells us that the whole film is going to be CGI. It also instantly implies to the audience that the film is an action adventure, superhero film; reinforcing the conventions of this genre. Frozone then appears in an interview again with his name underneath him as he is interviewed. After these interview reels switch between each character it ends on Elastigirl and starts to fade out. The interviews as a whole are very comical as the superheroes talk about everyday life situations, which is ironic as they are superheroes and should be saving the world. Then from the darkness a ball of light circles the screen and then fixates its position into the dot of the I linking this film to the likes of Superman and his iconic emblem. This emblem then starts to rotate and as it passes the camera it changes into the words The Incredibles as it settles center screen again like a burst of pulsating light. All of the typography holds the same font and is bold, reinforcing that it is a superhero film. Finally, the text starts to expand into the audience as we pass through the letter R. There is then a flash of light as it transitions into the red siren of a police car.

George Carey

Sound: As the PIXAR credit rolls the Incredibles instrumental music is there slightly in the background, reminiscent of 007, a secret agent. After this it cuts to a film reel with diegetic, static noise. As the empty reel runs out Mr. Incredibles interview starts. We are led to believe they are amateur in their response to an interview situation because firstly we are greeted with the sound of him banging in the microphone repeatedly saying Is this thing on? He then goes on to struggle to pin said microphone onto his chest. Along with this there is a sound of frantically fumbling fingers. When he finally manages to attach the microphone he clears his throat and proceeds with the interview. The entire interviews, sound vintage in their recording as there is plenty of background hiss and the crackle of film on the odd occasion. Also when the characters speak louder the sound tends to flare and just leaves a nasty vibrating sound instead like an old movie. When the slides of credits are shown there is complete silence to helps focus the audience on the producers of the film. Towards the end of the interviews Elastigirl says I dont think so. At this point it fades out and then cuts to the ball of light swirling and then resting on the I. As soon as this transition is made the music also cuts in and gradually builds in correlation to the source of light. As the emblem starts to rotate past the camera we hear a deep rumbling whoosh. It sounds almost like a superhero flying by. As the text appears the music flares up again and continues to do so until the title zooms towards the audience. When it cuts out we see and hear the siren of a police car.

Editing: As the PIXAR credit fades we are greeted with a small box of a screen where empty film reel is rolling until the picture flickers in along with the sound from a small clip on microphone. The image is so small in comparison to a screen to help give the effect that it is an old movie and it is not supposed to run on modern technology. The image itself is very bad quality. Constantly there are black anomalies scattered over the film reel. This also implies to the viewer that it is old because the film reel itself has been weathered and damaged over time. As he gains his composure and starts to speak, his name Mr. Incredible is shown in bold white font beneath him. After a short while his name fades. The reel then cuts to a slide of Walt Disney pictures presents and then to the same style interview but this time with a different superhero. Like before her name

George Carey Elastigirl is shown in bold with font beneath her. It then cuts to a side of: A Pixar animations studios film. Then a new hero is introduced with his name shown below him. Finally as the interviews fade out we hear a lively upbeat soundtrack which is accompanied by a bright light source, circling the screen and finally settling at the top of the letter I, which by this point has lit up the whole screen. Whilst at the top of the screen, the light pulsates whilst the emblem itself starts to rotate past the camera. As it passes we hear a Whooshing sound and the emblem transforms into the words The Incredibles which is in a bold black font. Then the light source behind the text glows to give a superhuman feel to the font. Then the camera proceeds to zoom through the centre of the letter R in time to the light like flashing. It then moves to a flashing red siren on top of a in pursuit police car, which is animated. Camerawork: Throughout the interviews the camera is in a static state focused on a mid-shot of each superhero. This is done to help focus the audience on the character being interviewed and makes it quite intimate with the viewer as their heroes are taking directly to the camera. The slides in between the interviews almost look like flashcards because they are so simplistic and they say inform the audience of the makers of the film. The interviews look as if they were shot on an old cine camera. The quality is so poor we expect the shots to be in black and white and not colour. As the interviews then fade CGI footage takes over and then cuts back to the red siren on top of the police car. Mise-en-scene: Throughout the interviews it seems like they have been shot in a studio or a controlled environment because there is nothing but a wash of colour ion the background. Also because the backdrop is so brought it adds to the vintage quality making the shot more interesting. During the CGI of the emblem the same colour scheme of red, yellow and black is used. It suggests that the film is going to be action packed and very much like the generic superhero films. Conclusion: Overall the interview scenes were successful in the fact that they introduce the audience to the main characters whilst making it look like a 50s style, retro movie. The target audience of family is met well because it is comical and bright but not lacking in sophistication and intrigue. One thing to include in my own production would be to try and incorporate the old style effect to help set the time period.

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