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Parke County Indiana


Covered Bridge Festival

Circleville Pumpkin Fest Fall Decorating Tips & Much More




Birthday Trivia
1. I was born on born on October 1, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa. I am an actor best known for playing Eric Camden on the TV series 7th Heaven. I also played the role of Captain Will Decker in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Who am I? 2. I was born October 10, 1946 in North Carolina. I am an actor/dancer/singer. I am best known for my work on Broadway in Pippin. In my careers early days I was understudy for Sammy Davis Junior in Golden Boy. I also played the role of Chicken George in Alex Haleys TV miniseries Roots, for which I received an Emmy nomination in 1977. Who am I? 3. I was born on October 14, 1927 in England. I replaced Sean Connery as James Bond in 1973 and continued as Bond in 7 more films. Who am I? 4. I was born October 18, 1926 in Missouri, I became one of the pioneers of rock and roll, releasing influential songs such as Maybellene and Johnny B. Goode. Who am I? 5. I was born October 25, 1941 in Australia. I am a pop singer-songwriter of the feminist anthem, I Am Woman. I am often referred to as the Queen of 70s Pop. Who am I?

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1. Stephen Collins 2. Ben Vareen 3. Roger Moore

Birthday trivia answers

4. Chuck Berry 5. Helen Reddy


Bicycle MuseuM of AMericA

Check Out Our Gem Stone & For information and for group arrangements Presidential Medal Collection , Plus Our call Civil War Flag or visit our web site at Display! FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK!
(corner of 66 And 274)

We have more than 350 bikes on display.

2 GOOD TIMES October 2013

7 WesT Monroe sTreeT neW BreMen, ohio


Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-7 PM. Sat. 10 AM-2 PM

In his wifes shadow

Author Percy Shelleys place in history is in his wifes shadow
by Paul Niemann

The poet Percy Shelley lived a strange life. Born in 1792 in Sussex, England, he eloped with not one, but two, teenage girls. He was an atheist, and he made so many political enemies that not one, not two, but three, attempts were made on his life all before the age of 30. In fact, he never reached the age of 30 because he drowned in a boating accident when he was just 29. Foul play was suggested but never proven; perhaps that is because members of the British government were responsible for at least two attempts on his life. Most Americans have never heard of Percy Shelley, but youve definitely heard of his wife, or his wifes famous novel, or

both. He was friends with fellow atheist Lord Byron, which seems to be an ironic title for an atheist. Lord Byron is another foreign poet who many Americans have never heard of, yet is well-known among the British. Percy Shelley, like many writers, used a pen name, and his was Victor. Why is that relevant to this story? Youll find out in a minute, and then it will all make perfect sense as usual. Percy attended the famed Eton College, the boys school founded in 1440 near London, whose graduates include the Duke of Wellington (who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo), George Orwell, Princes William and Harry, as well as fictional superspy James Bond. Oh, and dont forget about the

19 British prime ministers who also called Eton their alma mater. Percy published his novel when he was just 18. His future second wife also published her first novel when she was just 18. Strangely enough, the year was 1818. During the summer of 1811 he married his first wife, 16-year-old Harriet Westbrook. Soon after, he would often socialize with a political novelist named William Godwin. Percy and Harriet had two children together, but by the time Harriet was pregnant with their second child, Percy had left her to elope with William Godwins 17-year-old daughter, Mary. She would become wife # 2. So what was the lasting significance of Percy Shelleys career? Lets start with his second wife, Mary (Godwin) Shelly. Even if her name doesnt ring a bell, and even if you didnt recognize the names of Percy Shelley or Lord Byron, youll undoubtedly recognize the name of her one and only famous novel, which she wrote when she was just 18 years old: Frankenstein. Earlier I mentioned that Victor was Percys pen name. In another case of art imitat-

ing (or copying) life, Percy had performed experiments with electricity, similar to what Dr. Frankenstein did on his monster. For the record, Frankenstein was the name of the doctor, not the monster, in the original version of the story that Mary Shelley wrote. Many people incorrectly assume that the monster was named Frankenstein because of the movies and stage productions that followed the book, but the fictional monster actually had no name in her book. And what was Dr. Frankensteins first name? The same name as Percys pen name: Victor. That was no coincidence. Percys biggest contribution to literature, despite the success of his book The Spirit of Solitude, was providing the name of a fictional character in his wifes most important novel. After Percy drowned in a boating accident in 1822, his body was cremated. Edward Trelawny, a friend of Percy and Mary, snatched Percys heart from the fire and gave it to Mary. She carried it with her until the day she died. Sometimes truth really is more interesting than fiction.

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October 2013 GOOD TIMES 3

Crossword puzzle fun!

ACROSS 1. The final frontier? 6. Its between generations 9. Seconds, as in food 13. Man-made stone pile 14. A try 15. Locomotive hair 16. Assistants 17. Big Island necklace 18. Twig of a willow tree 19. *Oh, the places youll go! 21. *A house divided against itself cannot stand. 23. Pod dweller 24. Continental currency 25. Male child 28. Bohemian, e.g. 30. Knapsack for a soldier 35. Extraterrestrials rides 37. Show horse type 39. Downton Abbey, e.g. 40. Capital of Latvia 41. Interior designers focus 43. Newton, e.g. 44. *Life was a funny thing that happened to me on the way to the grave. 46. Sign of a saint 47. U2 guitarist 48. TV variety show classic 50. Shining armor 52. Morse code signal 53. A car usually has one to spare 55. Type of dance 57. Dont dwell on it 61. *And yet it moves


65. Muse of love poetry 66. Bubble source? 68. Eye opener 69. Colorado skiing destination 70. American chant 71. Viking, in the kitchen 72. Regard 73. Even, to a poet 74. Klondike river

DOWN 1. A large number or amount 2. Batman and Robin, e.g. 3. Gives a hand 4. Do like ivy 5. Comes next 6. Buffalo ____, wont you come out tonight... 7. To go gray? 8. WWI French soldier 9. Catchall abbr. 10. Assortment 11. Cambodian money 12. ____ your keep 15. Cone shape 20. Tossed starter 22. Rub the wrong way 24. One moved from a dangerous place 25. *You rang? 26. Flamb 27. Motherless calf in a herd 29. Equal to side squared for a square 31. T on some tests 32. Wedding _____, pl. 33. Spanish friend 34. *Be nice to nerds. Chances are youll end up working for one. 36. Around a window 38. *I wanted to win, even in practice. 42. Indian restaurant yogurt staple 45. *America loves a winner and will not tolerate a loser. 49. Head cover 51. Pay or earnings 54. Scoundrel 56. Pilaff, to some 57. Old paint hazard 58. Gaelic 59. VHS, e.g. 60. A distinct part 61. F.B.I. operative 62. Long and thin 63. Cogito ___ sum 64. A sign 67. Consume Answer on page 10

4 GOOD TIMES October 2013

Six costly beneficiary mistakes to avoid

If youve ever spent time working through your estate plan with a professional, you know how important it is to update your beneficiaries. Failing to do so can result in costly mistakes for you and your loved ones. Here are six big mistakes that can easily be avoided with a bit of proactive planning: subtracted. Also consider consulting with a qualified legal professional, as these circumstances can become complex. Mistake #4 Failing to Keep Designations Up To Date Beneficiary designations override your will, so its crucial to keep them up to Mistake #1 Not naming date. You may need to upa beneficiary date your beneficiary desEnsure you have listed ignations every few years beneficiary designations on By JoAn Smith, CFP due to life changes or if all of your retirement acbeneficiaries have died or counts. If you dont name a your relationship with them beneficiary and your estate becomes your has changed. This is particularly applibeneficiary rather than a relative or loved cable if youve gone through a divorce or one, your relative can lose their ability to remarried. If your ex-spouse inadvertently use stretch payouts based on their life remains the designated beneficiary of an expectancy. This means that the ability to account, he or she may have the upper hand retain tax-advantaged status for the assets if the case winds up in court. is lost and the probate process cannot be avoided. Mistake #5 Failing to Keep Beneficiary Designation Forms on File Mistake #2 Not listing contingent Keep copies of updated beneficiary beneficiaries or contemplating designation forms on file. In this age of disclaimers mergers-and-acquisitions, the records of Your spouse or partner is likely your an acquired custodial company can potenprimary beneficiary for most accounts, but tially be lost or destroyed when a new firm if he or she passes away first and no con- assumes ownership. Without a verifiable tingent beneficiaries are listed, its compa- form to prove beneficiary status, the derable to having no beneficiary designation. fault provision of the plan applies, which If you both die at the same time, funds typically may be phrased as spouse first, if go into probate a process most families living; if not, then the estate. want to avoid. Naming contingent beneficiaries also gives the primary beneficiary Mistake #6 Not considering the option to execute a qualified disclaimer the financial or emotional readiness so some assets can pass to next-in-line of beneficiaries beneficiaries. For example, a primary benThe money that designated beneficiaries eficiary may not wish to claim the assets receive from IRAs or qualified plans is unbecause of tax implications, and prefer in- restricted in most cases. You cant control stead they pass on to another beneficiary. who gets what amount of money or when, nor limit how money is used unless restricMistake #3 Lacking specifics in tions are put in place in advance. One rebeneficiary designations striction is naming a trust as the beneficiary You may list children as your benefi- and drafting terms which stipulate when ciaries, but including specific names may specific individuals receive their share of be more appropriate especially if youre the accounts. Trusts are often used in cases part of a blended family. Many states wont where a beneficiary is unable to manage his include or recognize stepchildren when the or her own financial affairs, lacks financial word children is listed. Another risk of responsibility or in complex family situavagueness is that a family member youve tions. lost contact with may enter the picture and try to claim a piece of your remaining asEstate planning isnt the most enjoyable sets. Note that listing specific names makes part of planning for your financial future, it even more critical that beneficiary desig- but it is crucial to helping ensure that your nations are updated when major life events assets are handled the way you desire afhappen that require names be added or ter you no longer have control. Beneficiary

designations can be complex and differ depending on your situation. Consider working with a financial advisor who can help you update your beneficiaries on financial accounts and provide financial guidance through major life events.
### JoAn M. Smith, CFP, is a Financial Advisor with

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Delphos, Ohio. She specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice 26 years. To contact her, call 419-695-7010 or visit 227 North Main Street, Delphos, OH 45833. Ameriprise Financial does not provide tax or legal advice. Consult your tax advisor or attorney. Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC.

October 2013 GOOD TIMES 5

Parke County, Indiana

Chances are, not may folks stopped in the middle of a covered bridge to comment on its beauty or ingenious construction 100 years ago. They simply used it to cross a body of water. Yet what was built with an ordinary purpose has become for many a source of extraordinary beauty; a muse for lovers, artists and writers; a focal point for wedding planners; and a curiosity for engineers and tourists. Unfortunately they are also fragile, often falling prey to vandalism and arson. Parke County, Indiana is often lauded as the Covered Bridge Capital. Its no wonder, since they have more covered bridges than any other county in Indiana. In fact, thirty-one of Indianas ninety-two covered bridges can be found in Parke County, the oldest dating back to 1856 and the newest to 2006.

Covered Bridge Festival

have been here since the festival began. Free entertainment is scheduled on the south side of the courthouse throughout each day. Antique stores and shops around the brick lined streets of Rockville invite you stop by for a visit. You never know where you might find that one of a kind item you have been looking for, or something no one else has. The Covered Bridge Art Gallery on the north side of the square is open daily for your viewing of local artists display. The Historic Ritz Theater is home to the Parke Players. It is located block west of the square, they provide entertainment, including the traditional melodrama, for the entire family during the festival. Tickets are $7.00 for all seats and the doors open 1 hour prior to curtain time. Bridgeton offers a wide array of crafters and vendors, a gristmill, the 1878 House, and Case Log Cabin. The Historic Mansfield Roller Mill, Mansfield Bridge, Mansfield Civic Center and hundreds of vendors and crafters are open daily in Mansfield Village. Montezuma is home to the Hog Roast with many activities scheduled daily. Mecca has a large tent of handmade items for your purchasing. The tent is located at the Mecca Bridge alongside the One Room Schoolhouse. The Florida Civic Center in Rosedale provides items for your browsing and purchasing. This is a great location to find the treasure you might not find anywhere else. Tangier Community serves that world famous buried beef that is a delicacy of the festival. Sugar Creek Flea Market is located nearby on US Hwy 41. Bloomingdale, a Quaker Community, prepares Homemade Apple Butter at the Friends Church. Many other roads throughout the county will take you to places that have crafters, vendors and activities during these 10 days. The Old Railroad Depot at 401 East Ohio is home to Parke Countys tourist information center. For all of your Parke County information contact Parke County Incorporated at P.O. Box 165, Rockville, IN 47872 or email for a map of the county with marked covered bridge routes, lodging listings, and schedule of events so that you may plan your visit during the Festival or at another time throughout the year.

This countywide festival, Indianas largest festival, always starts on the 2nd Friday in October is nationally known as one of the largest. Enjoy visiting communities throughout the county with a wide array of shopping and a variety of food that is sure to please everyone. Headquartered on the courthouse lawn in Rockville, Indiana, since 1957, you will find food served by many of the non-profit organizations of the county that use funds from the Festival to promote their organizations throughout the year. A large tent and streets around the courthouse filled with crafters and vendors for your shopping delight are open daily from 9 am to 6pm. Some

Covered Bridge Festival Oct. 11-20

With one exception, all of Parke Countys remaining covered bridges are of the Burr Arch Construction.

The inscription CROSS THIS BRIDGE AT A WALK dates back to about 1880. A team of horses at a trot will coordinate their pace with one another. It was believed this cadence vibration could do damage to the bridge. So, the driver would have to slow his team to a walk to avoid this. Also, a lot of Civil War troops trained on and around the bridges. Their marching could do similar damage so they had to obey the same law. The writing remains on some of the bridges for traditional purposes only. It does not mean you have to dismount your vehicle to cross the bridge!

6 GOOD TIMES October 2013

And other bits of bridge trivia

Why did they cover the bridges?

Why does Parke County have so many covered bridges? There are several reasons for this. First, the major builders of the bridges were from this area or close by. Second, Parke County is rich in the natural resources used to build bridges in those days. Thirdly, Parke County has countless meandering streams and creeks, seemingly more than other counties, and needed many bridges. Most bridges were built around small villages and communities and were usually associated with a mill. Fourth, the trade was so well known that the bridges were built to last. It takes arsonists, an act of God, or deliberate demolition to destroy a covered bridge. It took anywhere from 6 months to a year to build a covered bridge. This was because most of the materials had to be brought to the site by horses. The arches were bent using steam which also took considerable time. The sandstone foundations were extracted from local quarries and brought it with horses as well.

Bridgeton Bridge and Mill

Weight limits placed on covered bridges are determined for the smaller floor boards. But since the weight is not concentrated there, the wooden giants are virtually limitless in strength. horse go right through the bridge with no problems. Another secondary benefit of a bridge being covered was for the gentlemen. During horse-and-buggy days, it was proper to court your lady in your carriage. What better place to do this outside of the watchful eyes of the public than inside a covered bridge? This gained them the title of Kissing Bridges for a short time. If the bridge is still in use the county highway department, takes care of them. If it has been bypassed, Parke County Incorporated and the Adopt-A-Bridge program oversee the upkeep. Some bridges are on state properties which are cared for by the State of Indiana. No. In fact, not until later years. If a bridge was painted at all it was painted white. One bridge, named The Red Bridge, was traditionally painted white with red ends. Today, the white ends on the remaining bridges improve visibility. Parke County has three bridges, the Jackson Bridge, State Sanatorium Bridge and Portland Mills Bridge, which remain white. The Nevins Bridge is unpainted. All others are the traditional red with white ends.

How long did it take to build a covered bridge?

With one exception, all of Parke Countys remaining covered bridges are of the Burr Arch Construction. The Phillips Bridge on the Brown Route has a King Post construction (no arches). A few of the larger bridges are double-arched bridges meaning there are four arches from abutment to abutment. If a bridge is a double-span bridge, there will be a middle foundation called a pier. When a covered bridge was built on a curve, this usually called for windows in the ends to allow visibility of oncoming horse and buggy traffic. Some bridges are painted white on the inside about 1/3 of the way to the ceiling. This improved headlight visibility at night. Parke County had two major builders of the covered bridges. J.J. Danielss bridges are trademarked with the rounded opening or portal. J.A. Brittons bridges are denoted by a squared portal with angled corners. Two other builders have squared openings and they are William Hendricks and Henry Wolf. Early attempts at wooden bridge building were at the expense of an uncovered bridge called a plank bridge. With no means to treat the wood such as pressure treated creosote as we have today, they quickly rotted and fell in. Soon they figured that they needed to cover them. A good example was the two uncovered bridges at Bridgeton which collapsed throwing people and animals into the creek below. So they did, in fact, build a covered bridge that lasted 138 years before being lost to arson. A secondary benefit of covering the bridges also aided the horses, some horses are leery of crossing a bridge especially when they can see or hear the running water beneath. By placing the floor boards close together and painting the bridge red (If one looks closely at a Parke County covered bridge. It looks much like a long barn would). It helped the

Why do the covered bridges look different from one another?

Who takes care of the bridges now?

Why did they put windows in them?

Have they always been painted red?

Who were the builders of the bridges?

Whats the shortest bridge in Parke County? This would be the Phillips Bridge. Its only 43 feet long. The Catlin Bridge runs a close second at only 54 feet long. What kind of wood was used to build the bridges? Most of the bridges In Parke County are made of Poplar. The reasons for this wood selection were because it was, and still is very abundant in the area, its strong and its naturally resistant to termites. We do have one bridge, however, that is made mostly of white pine. Thats the Conleys Ford Bridge in the southern part of the county. The interior of the bridges are made mostly of oak, obviously for its strength. This includes the arches, larger support beams, floor boards and upright trusses. By design, the entire weight of the bridge is supported by the arches. Similar to the curve of an egg shell laid lengthwise in ones hand, when compressed their strength is directly proportional to the load placed on the arch.

Why did they cover the bridges?

It cost anywhere from $800 to $20,000 to build a bridge. Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder which often brought on fierce competition and low prices!

How much did it cost to build a covered bridge?

Whats the longest bridge in Parke County? The longest would most definitely be the West Union Bridge which is 315 feet long.

How strong are they?

October 2013 GOOD TIMES 7

Cruise through Fall

Great Lakes, Ohio River or the Mighty Mississippi offer spectacular fall colors along their shores!
Just because Summer is over doesnt mean we stop cruising. The leaves will be changing colors and there is no better place to see the foliage than from a cruise or riverboat. Toledo Out of Toledo, the Sandpiper offers a popular fall cruise. Enjoy a 2 hour cruise and hot cider & donut holes while experiencing the quiet vistas and stately homes and the beauty of the river in its fall glory! Saturdays & Sundays Oct 5 & 6, 12 & 13 and 19 & 20 Departures at 1 & 4 PM Adults $19 Under 12 $9 Location: Sandpiper Boat Jefferson Avenue Docks Jefferson Ave. & Summit St. Toledo, OH 43604 Zanesville The Lorena Sternwheeler is moored at Zanes Landing Park at the west end of Market Street in downtown Zanesville and offers excursions on the Muskingum River. She can carry 75 passengers and is 104 feet long, 17 feet wide. The hull is 68.5 feet and draws 2.5 feet of water. This Muskingum County treasure travels up the Historic Muskingum River Water Trail and offers a relaxed and pleasant ride through wide waters, passing scenic woodlands just the way our ancestors did. She has carried governors, Miss Americas, Pat Boone, and the Imperials. Newspapers throughout the world write about the Lorena and radio and TV coverage is ex-

tensive. Worldwide coverage came when the Lorena survived the Blizzard of 78. The riverboat was within a quarter-inch of capsizing. The Lorena offers scenic fall cruises on Saturdays through October. Call call to check on schedule and reservations. at 800.743.2303 or 740.455.8282 Cincinnati Fall Color Sightseeing Cruise aboard the BB Riverboat cruises October 6, 13, 20, 27 Because of our climate in the Midwest, the leaves on our trees change color as the weather begins to head to winter. One of the most beautiful places to view this natural process is cruising along the Ohio River. View the lush foliage as you cruise past some of Cincinnatis beautiful tree-covered hillsides during this 1 1/2 hour sightseeing cruise. They will have some Autumn treats including apples where you can make your own gourmet candy apples with an assortment of toppings. Warm up at the bar with a cup or warm apple cider or hot chocolate as you enjoy the scenery. Are your kids looking for something to do? There will also be some kid-specific activities available on board.

For more info and reservations call 859261-8500 or toll Free: 800-261-8586. Mississippi River Try a fall passage up the mighty Mississippi during the height of Autumn colors aboard the legendary Steamboat American Queen, the largest steamboat ever built. Reentering service in 2012 after a complete refurbishment, they are extremely pleased to bring back this legendary holiday cruise. With stops in such American icons as Hannibal, Missouri and LaCrosse, Wisconsin this is the most comfortable and enjoyable way to see Americas Heartland aboard a steamboat offering a Front Porch view of Americas most important waterway. They have combined this Fall cruise upriver (through multiple locks) with two nights in Chicago at the start of the trip, travel aboard the Texas Eagle to St. Louis, and then a visit to Minneapolis/ St. Paul after the cruise, before traveling back to Chicago aboard the Empire Builder. With a leisurely pace, nice hotels, historic and interesting stops along the way, and, last but not least, the joy of traveling through America aboard the American Queen, these departures are offered only twice and are certain to be popular.

8 GOOD TIMES October 2013

Those Were the Days...

Trick or Treat
The bakery in town handed out fresh baked cookies and the local grocery gave you a bag of penny candies. Many of the treats we got along the way were homemade Rice Krispie treats, brownies, and someone always made popcorn balls. Some people gave us nickels or pennies. Someone in the neighborhood always invited us in for cider and doughnuts. There was no need to X-ray our candy. We could eat it as we walked down the street to the next house. We didnt have to wait until we got home to have our parents inspect it and throw away anything that wasnt sealed or wrapped tightly. As for the star of the show, the candy! Remember the Satellite Wafers Flying Saucers? Mary Janes are a delicious nostalgic candy. Tasty bite size chewy peanut butter and molasses candies. UMMMMM! Fizzies? (Fizzies were pulled from the market because they contained saccharin and the company could not find another sweetener to get the fizzing to work.) What about rock candy, Sen Sen, Sky Bar, cinnamon hot dog gum, wax lips or pop rocks? Some of these candies are very hard to find but a few are still available today at specialty stores. So this Halloween, whatever your memories are, grab your witchs broom, your super hero cape or bed sheet ghost, slap in your wax fangs and have fun!

We mask our faces, and wear strange hats, and moan like witches, and screech like cats, and jump like goblins, and thump like elves, and almost manage, to scare ourselves!

As a child, one of the biggest thrills of the year was trick-or-treating! Picking out a costume and going door to door for a bucket or sack full of candy of all varieties was positively out of this world! Remember thinking All I have to do is ring the doorbell of a complete stranger and they give us candy? Why not make the rounds three times with three different costumes? Weeks and weeks went into costume planning and the route you would take that night. Remember all the cool Halloween costumes you had back during your Trick or Treating days? Some were store bought, some were made up. At the store, the cheaper characters were ghosts or witches, the most expensive for the girls was the bridal dress with all the white lace. The masks that came with the costumes made our noses run and our faces itch. Back then, Trick or Treat was actually on Halloween night. Three to four hours of you and your friends running the streets. You knew whos house to make sure to visit, and whos to stay away from.

Happy Halloween!

October 2013 GOOD TIMES 9

Five tips for haunting your house this Halloween!

(StatePoint) Americans spent close to $8 billion on Halloween last year, according to the National Retail Federation. With scary celebrations getting bigger every year, becoming the best-decorated house on the block may seem difficult -but its easy if you have insider tips and tricks. Giving your home a spooky look for Halloween can make or break your trickor-treaters night, says Larry Kirchner, publisher of and owner and operator of the worlds number-one rated haunted house, The Darkness. Kirchner, who has been building and operating Halloween amusement attractions for 25 years, has some tips for turning your home into a spooky haunted house: Create a cemetery: Haunting your yard sets the tone for your whole haunted house. One of the easiest, most fun, yet eeriest things you can do is turn the space into a graveyard. Let your grass grow long, add a gothic fence and a zombie or two popping up through the ground and make your own tombstone or coffin to complete the look. Start by getting pink or blue foam from the hardware store. Cut the foam into the shape of a tombstone and then coat it with light plaster, thin concrete or other textured material found at the hardware or art supply store. Finally, paint it gray, and use a hotwire knife to carve in RIP and a name. To make a coffin, use 1x6 pine boards and 2x2s nailed together into a box. Paint the outside and then get creative with your theme. For a Victorian vampire style coffin, line the interior with velvet curtains. For a deserted Old West theme, use jute or burlap on the inside. Spin cobwebs: Achieve that old, abandoned, dusty look inside, or create creepiness outside, by spinning your own cobwebs. Most haunted house supply websites sell cobweb glue guns that use air to spray thin strands of glue. You can create any size cobweb over fake birds, china cabinets or even trees. Creepify your windows: Add a red light to the bottom of the windows, and hang torn black curtains to make the windows look creepy when they`re lit. Hang boards across the outside to give the house an abandoned look. Add eerie effects: Play spooky sounds on a stereo outside or through open windows. You can find great Halloween

soundtracks online. For a dramatic effect, use a fog machine to make the house look otherworldly. You can rent or purchase fog machines at most party stores. Break out some black birds: Dollar stores often sell black birds, which you can make frightening by gluing scraps of

gray fabric to their feathers and buttons over their eyes. Hang them in the yard or throughout the house with black gauze or spider webs from the party store. This Halloween, get spookily creative. Go beyond a simple Jack-O-Lantern and haunt your whole house.

(StatePoint) During the school year, the family schedule can be jam packed. The morning schedule may not always accommodate homemade breakfasts or a leisurely read of the days headlines, and you may not find the time to stop by your favorite coffee shop for that delicious cup of Joe. Those who have mastered the art of brewed coffee at home are on the right path toward self-sufficiency. But what if you are one of the millions of Americans who are supplementing their love of brewed coffee with cool, refreshing frozen coffee drinks from their favorite barista? The popularity of frozen blended coffee drinks is at an all-time high with U.S. sales surging to $4.3 billion in 2012, according to Study Logic data. However, very few of us believe we have the barista skills to make a perfect frozen blended coffee at home. Luckily, coffee companies are paying attention to the blended coffee trend and making it easier to recreate the caf experience from the comfort of your kitchen. For example, Seattles Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends arrived in gro-

How to make your favorite caf coffee drinks at home

Answer to Crossword Puzzle from page 4

cery store freezers last month and are simple kits that take the guesswork out of making a perfect blended coffee drink at home. Consumers simply add milk and blend to create a caf-worthy treat on the go. It may seem like magic, but making a delicious frozen coffee drink at home is within reach for anyone, says Sue McCown, a classically train chef and R&D manager for Seattles Best Coffee. If you have a blender and a little imagination, you can create your own blended masterpiece at home. McCown suggests adding milk, peanut butter or even frozen fruit to give your drink some sweet pizzazz. Its all about striking the perfect balance between rich coffee flavor and chocolate or other sweet flavors, says McCown. With that in mind, here are some fun ideas for topping off your frozen coffee: Add a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate syrup squiggles and raspberries. Top with iced cream, slices of strawberry and chocolate covered coffee beans. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, whipped cream and cocoa powder.

10 GOOD TIMES October 2013

Sauder Village Fall happenings

Friday & Saturday October 18 & 19 6:00 8:00 each evening Registration fee: Adults: $12.00/$7.00 members Children: ages 3 and up: $10.00/$6.00 members Pre-registration is required. There is something magical about being in the Village after hours! Register now to take part in our third annual Fall Family Fun Night! New this year, well be focusing on the 1910 Homestead, Museum and Village Green. Help Mrs. Grime with her cooking in the 1910 Homestead, take a hay ride in our tractor driven trolley, learn about Native American Life and make a cordage bracelet and a fall themed craft to take home. In our museum building, enjoy pumpkin and cookie decorating, take an evening train ride, warm up with hot cocoa and visit selected retail areas. Space is limited so register early! Please be sure to note the date on your registration form. By Reservation Only . . . Call Sauder Village at 419/446-2541 today! Woodcarvers Show & Sale and Butchering Day Saturday, October 26 & Sunday, October 27 Saturday 10:00 am 5:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am 4:00 pm The annual Woodcarvers Show & Sale is a special weekend filled with unique artistry and family fun. Founders Hall will feature skilled carvers showcas-

Its all about the giant pumpkins in Circleville! October 16th - 19th, 2013
Nothing symbolizes the 1st Place 2012 - 1,315 lbs. arrival of autumn more than Bob Liggett Giant Pumpkins. If youre looking for pumpkins with a flair of homespun Americana, theres no better place to go than to one of the nations largest pumpkin festivals. Visitors from all 50 states and many foreign countries come to see giant pumpkins, parades, entertainment, contests and sample pumpkin-flavored delicacies. Reportedly Ohios oldest and largest festival, this show has been called The Greatest Free Show on Earth. The Circleville Pumpkin Show kicks off with area pumpkin growers vying for the coveted Giant Pumpkin Trophy. The current Giant Pumpkin record at the Circleville Pumpkin Show holder was grown by Circlevilles Robert Liggett. Pumpkin fans hope this years winning pumpkin will break a record yet again. Bakers at Lindseys Bakery in Circleville will continue their 59 year tradition of making one of the worlds largest pumpkin pies during the Pumpkin Show.

ing handcrafted wildlife, fish, caricatures, pins and pens. Special guest carver Rick Jensen of Minnesota will be demonstrating and teaching a workshop. There will be vendor tables with carving supplies, woodcarving demonstrations and lively music by the Wes Linenkugal group. Details about the Woodcarvers Show & Sale and workshops. On Saturday only in the Historic Village they will be demonstrating how the early settlers prepared for winter with hog butchering and other food preservation demonstrations.

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If your evaluation shows hearing improvement with new instruments, you may choose to reta in them and receive $500 OFF one instrument or $1000 OFF Ashows COMPLETE SET. If your evaluation hearing improvement with new instruments, you may choose to retain them and receive You will also receive a FREE Lifetime $500 OFF one instrument or -Office Maintenance for the life of the hearing aids $1000.00 OFF A COMPLETE SET. and a year supply of Batteries. You will also receive a FREE Lifetime In-Office Maintenance for the life of the Please ca ll immediately. hearing aids and a FREE $50 Visa Card*.
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Indy Northeast
6115 Allisonville Rd.

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HEARING Technology in Hearing Aids TESTS REWARD! OFFERED

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If your evaluation shows hearing improvement with new instruments, you may choose to reta in them and receive $500 OFF one instrument or IndyOFF Northwest Indy South $1000 COMPLETE SET. 2250 WA 86th St. 7007 S. Hwy. 31 (across from receive St. Vincent (corner of Southport & Hwy 31) You will also a Hospital) FREE Lifetime (317) 334-4444 (317) 885-4444 In-Office Maintenance for the life of the hearing aids and a year supply of Batteries. Indy West Noblesville
1451 S. Green St. Brownsburg (St. Rd. 267 S. of Brown Med Ctr) 247 Sheridan Rd. (Western Plaza)


Please call immediately. 3 Days Only! Greeneld Appointments are limited! Please ca ll immediately.
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Benets of hearing instruments vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper t. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. Participation may vary by location. 2011 Beltone

Many convenient locations throughout Indiana for additional locations near you call 1-800-371-HEAR

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(317) 462-9999 Appointments are Limited ! 1541 Allentown Road, Suite C

Open Ear Comfort Virtually Invisible Automatically Adjusts Same Day Fit

True Technology Lima

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Tues. & Fri. only 9-5 MOVING in August to Sears in Northwood Mall

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Shes wearing new open ear technology!

Many convenient locations throughout Indiana for additional locations near you call 1-800-371-HEAR

(317) 858-8444

(317) 770-9999

Benets of hearing instruments vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper t. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. Participation may vary by location. 2011 Beltone

*Hearing aids must be purchased for 30-day Trial. (317) 462-9999 Patient may return aids within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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