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Mickey K.

Thompson 1908 13th Street Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania 18020 September 30, 2013 The Alicea Family 3947 Washington St Bethlehem, PA 18020-4543 Dear Neighbor, My name is Mickey Thompson and I am running for Bethlehem Township Commissioner for the Second Ward in this year's election. I grew up in rural Maryland, raised by a single father who taught me the value of hard work, determination and kindness. When he wasn't working a double-shift on a General Motors' assembly line, or baling hay on the back of a farmer's wagon (where I would often join him), he was coaching me on the baseball or football field. He sacrificed all of his free time to make certain that I was heading down the right path, including pushing me to excel academically, because he wanted me to have the opportunities that he as a farmer's son never had. I came to the Lehigh Valley twenty years ago to attend and graduate with honors from Moravian College where I majored in political science and history. Immediately when I first came to the Valley, I felt that I was home. After graduating law school from Syracuse University in New York, I decided to establish my roots, my law practice and eventually my family right here in the Lehigh Valley. I have practiced law in the Lehigh Valley for the past fourteen years. I continue to serve as the solicitor to the City of Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board and have served a few other local boards as an assistant or conflict solicitor. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Pennsylvania Venture Capital, Inc. where my company has taken unused and dilapidated buildings and repurposed them for public uses. We have helped to establish public charter schools for children from difficult socioeconomic situations to give them hope and purpose for a better life. I am also the Chief Operating Officer for Saucon Valley Manor and Whitehall Manor, managing nearly 300 employees and assisting the Lehigh Valley's aging residents to live their lives in peace and with dignity. Now that I have made a home for my two wonderful little boys in Bethlehem Township, it is time to devote myself and my time to lead the community from where their childhood memories will be formed. Bethlehem Township faces several challenges today. I believe that my extensive legal background in the affairs of municipal government and business experience can help in these extremely difficult times. But more than any of this, I believe that a Bethlehem Township Commissioner is first and foremost a public servant. I pledge that I will always be available to address your concerns, with courtesy and respect, and that I am here to serve you, my neighbors, in any way that I possibly can. It would be the highest honor to serve as your Commissioner in the Second Ward. I ask you now for your vote in the upcoming election. Yours in service,

Mickey K. Thompson, Esq.

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