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WORK VOCABULARY B1/B2 Adjectives describing a job: Challenging boring Rewarding outdoor Well w paid/low paid Challenging Hard

work Words related with job: To set up a business To have a work-life balance/long hours To have a lot of benefits/perks To have a nice work atmosphere To have a nice work environment To have an oppressive atmosphere To fire/to sack To contract/hire/recruit/take on/employ Employment/job/vacancy/position Wage/salary/hourly rate/payday/pay roll Job/work tedious repetitive indoor/outdoor demanding rewarding exciting repetitive monotonous time-consuming motivating interesting fulfilling stressful demanding

(Work is what you do to earn money, it cant be plural) (Job is the particular type of work, it can be plural) Boss/manager/director/employer Staff/employees Workmate/colleague/crew/team Responsibilities/duties/task To work full-time/part-time Temporary work/self-employed To do a nine-to-five job To do flextime To do shiftwork To work overtime Paid leave/sick leave To resign/quit To be dismissed/be laid off/be made redundant To be unemployed To promote To sack/fire/lay off (temporary)/to be on the dole To be in charge of/to be responsible for To apply for a job

To go/be on strike To meet the target To run a business To take risks To deal with/handle difficult situation To deal with customers complaints Get a better job Get a promotion/ be promoted Be retired Adjectives related with people: Commuter Concerned Insecure Flexible Self-motivated Honest flexible efficient reliable energetic professional Secure Motivated Organized hard-working friendly Enthusiastic think outside the box organized experienced sociable creative work in a team Patient good leader confident

SKILLS: communicative skills, computer skills, organizational skills.

Job Application Job center/job vacancy/interview/applicant/apply for job/work experience/CV/rsum/qualifications/classified ads/to reply/job offer/cover letter ROLEPLAY Work in pairs: which are the best/worst jobs? Think about what make a good/bad job ASK YOUR CLASSMATE: What do you do? Where do you work? What qualifications do you have? What is your work timetable? Do you have to work overtime? Is your job well-paid? Do you like your job? Why (not)? Would you like to find another job? What skills does your job require?

WORK IN GROUP You are making a research about dangerous jobs and jobs nobody wants. Discuss with the group and choose 4 jobs and give reasons. EXPRESSING LIKE/DISLIKE Tell me about your job: -I like -I dont like -I hate -I cant stand -I really enjoy -I prefer What I like about my job is The part I dont like about my job is