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Countdown Clock by Mr MI Noorgat



If you want to have the countdown clock visible at the same time as another Excel document there are a few things you ne know: 1. If you want to have the countdown clock visible at the same time as another Excel document there are a few things you need to know:

If you open another Excel document, whilst it is selected, the timer will seem to have frozen. The timer can only update when it has the focus, so when you re-click on the timer from working on your new documen the timer will jump to whatever time it should be on (i.e. The timer was on 4:27 when you opened a new Excel docume this caused the focus to be lost from the timer, after 10 seconds the timer window is selected (or made active), it will no update by jumping to 4:17 and then counting down as normal). s1. To overcome the above limitation, one should open a new instance of Microsoft Excel. To do this, do not open a new document using file open in Excel, or by double clicking on an existing Excel file. Open Excel again using the Start menu or any shortcuts (maybe on your desktop) you may have (i.e. use the Excel link in Start, Programs, "Microsoft Excel"), and then open your document using this new instance of Excel. 2. If it seems like the Start/Stop button is not working, you are probably editing a cell. Press Enter, or try single clicking into another cell (try top-left most cell) 3. Use the zoom function to change the size of the Countdown Timer, to that which you prefer. 4. Limitations for counting down: Hours can be any value from 0 - 23 Minutes can be any value from 0 - 59 Seconds can be any value from 0 - 59 5. The keyboard shortcut for starting or stopping the Countdown Timer is CTRL+D 6. You can change the format of the Countdown Timer display. Default (as in how I've given it to you) is h:mm:ss (= hours:minutes:seconds, which looks like 0:00:00). You may want to remove the hours aspect completely and use: mm:ss (= minutes:seconds, 00:00). You can change the format by right clicking on the cell which counts down, and selecting "Format Cells", click on the "Numbers" tab at the top of the new window which appears, the Category should be set to "Custom", changing the value of the "Type" box determines the format (default is h:mm:ss). 8. Same password as usual is required to edit the VBA code.