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Dual 900MHz 32dB Mast Head Amplifier

Dual 900 MHA comprises two identical amplifiers in one compact integrated package which is easy to transport and install. Amplifier design provides a nominal 32dB of gain, compensating feeder loss and improving coverage. MHA has by-pass functionality to mitigate the effect of MHA failure on cell coverage. Dual 900 MHA has been designed to operate with Nokia Ultrasite & Flexi GSM/EDGE, Flexi WCDMA BTS and Siemens BTS with MFDUAMCO. MHA complies with AISG2.0 specification.

RECEIVE PATH SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range Rx gain Gain variation 880-915 MHz 32 dB +/- 0.8 dB max. at room temperature +/- 1.0 dB max. over entire operating temperature range

Noise Figure

1.9 dB max. at room temperature 2.2 dB max.over entire operating temperature range

TRANSMIT PATH SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range Tx insertion loss Return loss Intermodulation 925-960 MHz 0.8 dB max. 18.0 dB -115 dBm ( Rx band 3rd order; 2 x Tx carrier at 43dBm )


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MHA POWER HANDLING Input power on ANT port: RX band Interferers in GSM1800 Interferers in WCDMA2100 +5 dBm min. +16 dBm min. +16 dBm min.

Power handling capability on BTS port:

+52 dBm continuous RMS power

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (H x W x D) 350 x 250 x 100 Volume Weight RF connector type RET connector Grounding Stud 8 litre approx 9 kg approx. 7-16 female IEC 60130-9 as in AISG M8

ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating temperature Enclosure protection Lightning protection MTBF -40 - +55C IP67 In accordance with IEC 801-5 and IEC 61312 400 000 hours


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INSTALLATION Wall Mounting Pole Mounting Using 4 x M8 bolts or screws Pole diameter 40 110mm, using hose band clamps

Orientation Powering

Can be installed in multiple orientations - in current window mode via BTS1 and BTS2 - in AISG mode via BTS1 (WCDMA Flexi and Siemens BTS)

OTHERS Compatibility Nokia UltraSite GSM/EDGE BTS, Nokia Flexi GSM/EDGE and WCDMA, Siemens BTS with MFDUAMCO

Spurious emissions, Blocking, etc AISG

According to GSM 11.21 with Nokia Siemens Networks BTS AISG2.0

CS7299111 L50026-A-A127 MGTA S30861-U2571-X MDGA900V1 Dual MHA 900 Dual MHA 900