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ASAP {AcceleroteJ

SAP) - Project
lmplementotion in

By Ruj Butnl - October 2008
ASA - ACCLLLkA1LD SA - kCILC1 IMLLMLN1A1ICN, 8y ka[ 8atn| age 2 of 3
SA ro[ecL lmplemenLaLlon ls made slmple by a meLhodology-package LhaL ls provlded named ASA
(Acce|erated SA). 1hls package conslsLs of Lhree componenLs: (1) ASA 8oadmap, (2) 1ools, (3) 8/3
Servlces & 1ralnlng.
LeL's furLher explore whaL Lhe Lhree componenLs conslsL of and how Lhey help expedlLe Lhe
lmplemenLaLlon process for each SA CllenL.
ro[ect reparat|on
8us|ness 8|uepr|nt
I|na| reparat|on
Go-||ve, support, and cont|nuous |mprovement

ro[ect reparat|on: AL Lhls polnL you are [usL geLLlng sLarLed. ln Lhls lnlLlal sLarLlng phase, you
wlll prepare Lhe lnlLlal scope, hlgh-level Llmellnes/plans, pro[ecL charLers, and ldenLlflcaLlon of
pro[ecL members. ?ou wlll have a pro[ecL klck-off meeLlng where you would dlscuss prlme &
subsldlary processes LhaL may enLall Lhe very sLarL of your pro[ecL.
8us|ness 8|uepr|nt: ln Lhls phase, you wlll ldenLlfy and documenL buslness requlremenLs and
goals Lo esLabllsh Lhe ground for fuLure sLages of Lhe pro[ecL. ?ou wlll meeL wlLh Lhe cllenLs and
documenL Lhelr 'as ls' sysLem verses Lhelr 'Lo be' requlremenLs. Cnce every aspecL ls dlscussed
and documenLed, a slgn-off" ls done aL Lhe end of Lhls phase Lo ensure LhaL an agreemenL has
been reached for Lhe compleLe scope of Lhe pro[ecL. Pere, lL ls lmporLanL Lo noLe LhaL whaLever
LhaL ls documenLed expllclLly wlLhln Lhe 8uslness 8lueprlnL uocumenL" ls Lhe only" scope. lL ls
also perLlnenL Lo undersLand LhaL no lmplled" scope wlll be consldered for your cllenL's sysLem
lmplemenLaLlon-conflguraLlon ln Lhe nexL phase. Pence, ln pro[ecL preparaLlon lLself, prlme &
subsldlary processes LhaL affecL your sysLem musL be dlscussed and now documenLed wlLhln Lhls
kea||zat|on: now, Lhe lmplemenLaLlon 1eam conflgures Lhe SA seLLlngs uslng Lhe 8lueprlnL
uocumenL ln deLall, breaklng down Lhe buslness processes ldenLlfled wlLhln. A 8asellne
ConflguraLlon" wlll be done flrsL, Lhen, LesLlng of lLs funcLlonallLy wlll be done wlLh all necessary
changes made Lo Lhe basellne conflguraLlon as a resulL of Lhe LesLlng. 1hls phase wlll be closed
wlLh a llnal ConflguraLlon" whlch wlll lndlcaLe LhaL all buslness processes ouLllned ln deLall
wlLhln Lhe 8uslness 8lueprlnL documenLaLlon have been capLured and conflgured lnLo Lhe new
SA SysLem.
I|na| reparat|on: 1hls ls Lhe flnal parL of Lhls phase (penulLlmaLe) - occurrlng [usL before
hase v (Co-Llve) ls commenced. All open cruclal lssues musL be resolved as parL of Lhls phase.
A go-llve check" ls done Lo ascerLaln LhaL Lhe new sysLem has been Lhoroughly & successfully
conflgured. 1hese acLlvlLles form an lnLegral parL of Lhls phase:
o Lnd-1o-1est|ng (of the conf|gured new system) |nc|us|ve of UA1 (User
Acceptance 1ests)
ASA - ACCLLLkA1LD SA - kCILC1 IMLLMLN1A1ICN, 8y ka[ 8atn| age 3 of 3
o 1ra|n|ng of the 1ra|n|ng-Staff or Lnd Users - as pre-des|gnated by the c||ent.
o System Management Act|v|t|es (create users, user prof||es, a||ocate ro|es to
o Cut-Cver (Data M|grat|on Act|v|t|es - as of a certa|n documented po|nt |n
o ne|p-Desk shou|d be estab||shed w|th c||ent's emp|oyees or contractors
cover|ng the ca||s]e-ma||s com|ng forth from the end-users e|ther regard|ng
ongo|ng act|v|t|es or prob|emat|c |ssues. rob|ems that are not reso|vab|e by
the |nterna|-he|p-desk may next be forwarded to SA v|a the SANet]CSS

Go-L|ve and Support: 1hls ls Lhe flnal phase of Lhe pro[ecL where Lhe newly lmplemenLed SA
SysLem ls declared as llve" for day-Lo-day" buslness usage. roducLlon uaLa wlll now be
lnpuLLed & processed by Lhe users as parL of Lhelr duLles & dally rouLlnes. All lssues LhaL arlse
wlll be documenLed, supporLed, resolved, and audlL-Lralled by a supporL Leam on an ongolng
lmmedlaLe basls. 8y AudlL-1ralled - l am referrlng Lo documenLaLlon of how someLhlng was
flxed - for fuLure reference ln case LhaL Lhe same problem recurs or a slmllar problem occurs.


ro[ect reparat|on hase 1oo|s:
ASA koadmap
know|edge Corner
ASA MS-ro[ect |an
C-Maps (Co||aborat|ve 8us|ness Maps)
re-Conf|gured So|ut|ons (Connect-and-Go, Smart Imp|ementat|ons, etc.)
SA Ser|vce Market |ace

8us|ness Case Deve|opment 1oo|s:
L-8us|ness Case 8u||der

ro[ect Management and Methodo|ogy 1oo|s:
So|ut|on Manager
SA Serv|ce Market |ace
ASA MS-ro[ect |an
ASA koadmap
ASA uest|on and Answer Database
ASA 8us|ness 8|uepr|nt
ASA 8 (8us|ness rocess and rocedures Document)
ASA 8ML (8us|ness rocess Master L|st)
ASA Issue Database
ASA Imp|ementat|on Ass|stant]know|edge Corner.