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Causes of the war of 1812

Impressment -This is where American sailors were forcibly put into British service. As a result of strained relations from the Revolution, Britain, in an effort to weaken the American economy, attacked their ships and in the process stole their men. Non-Intercourse Act 1809 -This was passed by Congress in an effort to reestablish trade. When the American people began to grow restless under Jeffersons Embargo Act, Congress decided to repeal the Embargo and reopened every trade channel except Britain and France. Macons Bill no. 2 -This was another act passed by Congress after repealing the Embargo Act. When the Non-Intercourse Act proved to be ineffective, Congress, against Madisons wishes, passed Macons Bill no. 2, which offered to Britain and France a deal; if either one of them were to allow trade in America again, American would lift another embargo against the nation not cooperating. Although this screamed to the world that America was weak, it was still a necessary measure for economic rejuvenation. Orders in Council -This was a set of orders passed by Parliament which offered a repeal on trade restrictions on France if Napoleon took back his decrees. Because of the pressure from these orders, Napoleon agreed to Macons Bill no. 2, and Madison raised an embargo against Britain. War Hawks -These were the younger generation of congressmen who were named War Hawks by the Federalists. They desired war, and also wanted to get rid of another Indian threat to Western settlers. Tecumseh & The Prophet -They were two Shawnee Indian brothers who rallied the Indians back to their roots. After the Prophet failed to defeat General Harrison at the battle of Tippecanoe, Tecumseh allied with the British. Tecumseh later died in 1813 in battle. William Henry Harrison -He was the governor of the Indiana territory charged with taking care of the Shawnee threat. He defeated the Prophet at the Battle of Tippecanoe, which made him a hero as a result. Republicanism -This is the idea of having a Republican government. Madison and the Republicans

War Of 1812

wanted to emphasize rights and a democratic government, though their ideals brought upon themselves negative opinions and views. To prove its effectiveness, Madison declared war on Britain in 1812. Federalists in New England

-These were Federalists based in New England who sympathized with the British side. They did not approve of having an alliance with Napoleon, who they saw as evil, and did not want Canada to join the nation, as that would bolster Republican voting power.