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Bara - Kannada Film by M.S.Satyu Age 83, parked his car infront of Suchitra Film Academy in Bangalore.

When he stepped down he was having a film DVD and some brochures in his hand. Sat in front row of theater, waited for 20 minutes. After people assembled it seemed like a regular motivation when he started giving the brochures of the film to be screened Bara(Drought), directed by himself, M.S.Satyu(Garm Hawa fame). Then he took-out the DVD he brought and volunteered the whole show procedure himself .

The film was released in 1980 , dealt with the internal conflict in a political party which leads to polarisation of sub-parties in the same. The plot revolves around a drought-heavened district located at the top(only in map) of Karnataka. The district is badly suffering from shortage of water and daily deaths due to dehydration has become an only routine in it. The state homeminister is from the same district and want it to be declared as a droughtaffected district considering it can gain him a political favour. But chief minister is against it as he dont want his political rival to gain that.

A commissioner who was deputed to that district with high moral values thinks he can change the things . But when he understands the power-politics over it, he decides this ordeal will never find a solution. As he feels helpless, his wife comes with a solution to bore a hole to fetch underground water. It was just a temporary solution as the whole district is in famine.

The people becomes lawless and their humiliation turns into a riot. As the place have shared population among two communities, it gets the publicity for wrong reasons as a Communal Riot. It results in a police shoot-out and gains a publicity for Riots over-shadowing the famine. As it has been treated as security-lapse, the home minister was forced to step-down. Finally chief minister declares the village as drought-affected. The film ends with the message of the unjust way of achieving a moralistic result.

The show was followed by an intimate discussion with the director. The notable points of the discussion are following.

The film was a practical attempt without any BGM. The most impressive span of the film is ,when the protagonist gets depressed as he cannot do any favour for people as political consequences have turned inattentive, he confronts his morally strong wife. She questions his grit by asking how can one be successful,when he just react for the obstacle instead of responding to it? and tells him to stop looking at sky and think of underground water(It is

depicted symbolically to tell one must not accept the fate, but they have to question it back). He feels it is worth a try, and marks some points suggested by geological survey. But none of them will spray a fountain of hope(water). Then a blind man comes forward to detect the water point with traditional indian arrangement. The protagonist asks him,how can a blind man do that. The answer given by blind is very well scripted, he replies back telling Normal eyes lack the ability to find underground water. People who can see also marked the inaccurate points, but i trust my own instincts. That blind marks the right point to bore and water sprays out when had a try.

Director was questioned about this instance whether he wanted to show the traditional ways are some what more accurate than scientific ways. He told I am not backing any means here, but i wanted to show if you keep on trying for something worthy, the nature itself gives you a best answer . He continued, we dugged hole which was marked by Geological survey of India. Even today that village is supplied with that water. The film have some good examples to showcase how people interpret their beliefs when an incident happens.

The DC office in film is shot inside Bidar fort, in order to metaphorise that he has been made idle by political consequences. He appreciated the actor Anant Nag and said he deserved the national awards for many of his performances. The discussion turned towards current attitude of film fraternity when he told Anant Nag is an actor who has accepted his age and doing the roles suitable for it. It is so ridiculous an actor like Sharukh khan dances with young girl and critics are playing safe by cheering it as a good flick. The audience have to reject such attempts, because good films are created only when good audience watch them .

His question stared at me, because the previous day i watched the Chennai Express spending around 1000 Rs(It was more like a hangout). I was made to rethink my attitude in choosing that film to spend that much money.