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Students feedback about choosing M.S compared to M.


Durgesh Kumar: (2012 Batch Student) After completing 1 year of MS I realise that it was a good decision to not to choose earlier. My skills were all theoretical before but now I am exposed to standard industrial practices. MS is indeed a practical approach to education as compared to theoretical MS taught me to be a self learner which in my opinion is what is required in the industries these days. It taught me to work with the team.MS taught me to not to fear exams as even the exams here dont require memorized answers. Exams here are purely analytical and one can do well only if they know the concepts well. This is what I needed and I am glad that I went or MS. In my opinion MS makes a better engineer out of a person than does. The best part of it was that I got to do a quality MS program here in India with subsidised fees.

Divya U Sree (2012 Batch Student) I am glad that I have chosen a right path to do MS degree in JNTU. Unlike the conventional method of learning process which I have adapted till date, this course has emphasized more on self-driven learning. The lectures are delivered by industry an expert whose expertise not only make us industry ready by the time we graduate but also builds confidence. The accessibility to industry tools is the major difference which makes us stand-out from M.Tech students there by giving a chance to explore and experiment the subject knowledge. This course has helped me concentrate on self-learning, managing time and resources properly to prepare myself for the corporate world. MS has also helped me to put into practice whatever I have learnt in time to time by including projects into our curriculum. I am confident that in whole of my one year tenure I have strengthened my skills academically as well as personally.

Sridhar Nag S : (2011 Batch Student) I was fed up with the way my graduation went on and I really wanted to go to a place where i will get industry experts as teaching faculty with state of the art Labs with good hands on. I found it here in M.S at Seer Akademi. It is having industry experts as faculty with the Best VLSI lab in India with full access to Industry Grade Tools that too with 24 hours VPN access with a well designed 1 Lecture: 3 Lab hours curriculum. This is where it is different form M.Tech where theory is stressed more. Here i got enough hands on experience on tools and concepts of VLSI which made me fit to survive cut throat competition in the industry. Many companies were impressed with SEER and AMD took me as a co-op. As I was already having enough hands on experience, i kick started my work at AMD and this helped me achieve a performance award. Impressed with my Work, i was absorbed into the company. My Wonderful career started from here with Seer Akademi under the guidance of our professors Srikanth, Ramkumar & Param. Abhishek: (2011 batch Student) MS over M.Tech When I first was thinking of doing an M.Tech course, I had in my hands the curriculum and course structure of a regular M.Tech course and Masters Program from SEER. The difference was straight forward. Masters programme had more emphasis on the practical part along with theory and it had the tools to back the academic structure too. This was one of the main points that influenced my decision. Masters from SEER and JNTUH SEER AKADEMI has a unique program. The theory part is covered by Industry's leading experts, while the practical aspect is greatly covered by the tools. From my experience, the treasure of tools really helped me understand the industry practice on VLSI flow firsthand. This greatly boosts the confidence of a person while attending interviews/exams. Also the motivation and guidance provided by our professors is great. Srikanth sir always keeps reminding us we can become great engineers.