Florante at Laura

Author: Francisco Balagtas y de la Cruz , also known as Francisco Baltazar, was a
prominent Filipino poet, and is widely considered as one of the greatest Filipino literary laureate for his impact on Filipino literature. The famous epic, Florante at Laura, is regarded as his defining work. The name "Baltazar", sometimes misconstrued as a pen name, was a legal surname Balagtas adopted after the 1849 edict of Governor-General Narciso Claveria y Zaldua, which mandated that the native population adopt standard Spanish surnames instead of native ones. His works also includes Orosmán at Zafira, Don Nuño at Selinda, Auredato at Astrome, Clara Belmore, Abdol at Misereanan, Bayaceto at Dorslica Alamansor at Rosalinda, La India elegante y el negrito amante, Nudo gordeano, Rodolfo at Rosemonda, Mahomet at Constanza and Claus.

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Florante – a duke of Albania and the main protagonist of the novel. Laura – Daughter of King Linceo of Albania. She is the love interest of Florante and is later married to him.

He was killed by Florante during a military expedition.             . Menandro. Count Adolfo – Rival of Florante and the antagonist of the novel. he and Duke Briseo were killed by Count Adolfo during the latter's takeover. He saved Florante from being eaten by lions in the forest. He sentenced his son to death because of cowardice in the battlefield. Flerida – Aladin's fiancée. She died while Florante was studying in Athens. He was killed by Flerida as he attempted to rape Laura in his escape against the forces loyal to the king. She asked Sultan Ali-Adab to spare Prince Aladin's life on the condition that she will be Ali-Adab's wife. the Sultan committed suicide. Later. He was also responsible for the imprisonment of Florante. Duke Briseo – Father of Florante and a nobleman of Albania. He saved Florante from vultures when they were younger. His jealousy and envy towards Florante sparked his rebellion against the king. Antenor – Professor of Florante. Once a good friend to Florante during their time at the academy. A good and wise teacher to Florante. Flerida promised to marry the Sultan. Count Sileno – Father of Count Adolfo. Princess Floresca – Mother of Florante and the Princess of Crotone. Menandro – Friend and confidant of Florante. King Linceo – King of Albania and the father of Princess Laura. along with King Linceo. Sultan Ali-Adab – Sultan of Persia and the father of Prince Aladin. They first met while they were studying in Athens and Menandro saved Florante from a young Adolfo's attempt to murder him. He nearly slew Laura for her refusal to love him but was defeated. He and Florante shared military expedition. He led the overthrow of Count Adolfo and restored peace in Albania. He was killed. and Adolfo in Athens. In exchange for Aladin's life. After her escape. by Count Adolfo during his usurpation of power. Prince Aladin – Son of Sultan Ali-Adab of Persia. He was a very good father to Florante. General Osmalik – A general of Persia. She later escaped and killed Count Adolfo as he attempted to rape Laura in the forest. A great ruler of Albania. He was responsible for the invasion of Albania to bring the kingdom under the imperial officers who sacked Albania together with Aladin during the ongoing campaign of Florante and Menandro in Crotone. General Miramolin – A general of the Ottoman Empire. Menalipo – Cousin of Florante. he marries his love interest Flerida.

He says that no one can stand in his way nor is there anyone who can take his love from him. With too much to bear. He mentions that he will thank Count Adolfo for all the hardship as long as he doesn't take Laura from him. the moans and anguished cries of a forsaken man filled the savage stillness of the air. and a face and body that is comparable to that of Narcissus and Adonis. He sits on a stump and professes his love for a woman named Flerida. dangerous. hyenas. He mentions that he would be pleased to see Laura crying over his dead body if Laura would betray him. In another part of the forest comes Aladin. the son of Duke Briseo and Princess Floresca. Deep in the heart of the depressing jungle where the tangled growth of vines and thickets intertwined. and the great canopy of heavy foliaged trees formed a roof over the dismal jungle clearing. the man cries in despair and faintes. Those who fought to save the kingdom have suffered grievously. not even his father. The man cries for Laura to save him. questions the heavens for the suffering of the people of Albania. Florante. The man tells the heavens that he can take whatever trial or challenge that may come his way as long as Laura will always remember him. Aside from all that is happening to Albania. he imagines Laura in the arms of Count Adolfo. With this. he takes refuge in the memories of the times he shared with Laura. the man thinks that Count Adolfo has finally stolen Laura from him. He mentions that Count Adolfo was said to be behind the treachery with his plot to steal the crown from King Linceo and the wealth of Duke Briseo. He talks about his overwhelming love for Flerida and vows to kill for the sake of love. . With this. This thought brings him to tears and devastation which made him tired and cause him to pass out. Here he describes the treachery and suffering that are happening inside and outside of the kingdom of Albania. and tigers. while tied to a tree. basilisks. that is inhabited by serpents. He has blonde hair. He is Florante. Gone are the days of peace and and justice. a Muslim soldier. Florante begs heaven to save the kingdom of Albania. but she does not come. deserted forest in the kingdom of Albania. Innocent people have become victims of those who are hungry for power and money. He also says that love can make a person blind to the truth and make him forget about reason and honor.Summary: The story begins with a description of a dark. The man is tied to a tree and is barely alive. fair smooth skin.

the god of war. This voice talks about the brutal death of his loving father. and he will always help us in unknown ways so we should not lose hope. It means love is the thing which gives meaning to life. whom he will forever love. It can be our source to succeed but it can also be the source of our failures. the Muslim soldier killed the two lions. Aladin set off to find the man. the story shows that love conquers all. the man says his farewell to Albania. Upon hearing the man's cries. and it can overcome great obstacles to accomplish its purpose. he was compared to Ares. No one attempted to bury his father's remains for fear of Count Adolfo's wrath. it teaches us that we will not be alone because God is always with us we just need to believe and worship Him.After professing his love for Flerida. Florante was approached by two lingering lions. A small or little hope can turn into a miracle. and to Laura. the man knew that the old man was thinking of him until the end of his life. It also tells that with Him we can surpass all triumphs and will always lead us to the right path. the Muslim soldier hears a voice in the forest. . His timing was impeccable because the lions were about to attack Florante. Moral Lesson: First and foremost. Even without seeing his father. Realizing the approach of death. thinking that the man might already be dead. The man talks about how his father was beheaded and had his body thrown somewhere else. But the lions did not seem to attack. While tied to a tree. Also. With his courage and precision in combat. the land he wished to serve since he was a child. With a swift motion of his weapon.

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