Elizabeth Mouser Information Literacy Lesson Plan Title: Human Statue Biography Project Grades: 3 Information Literacy Objectives

- TLW: - create a question to explore. -identify appropriate resources. -locate information using a variety of print and electronic resources. -understand the importance of information skills. -experience increased confidence in research ability. -understand the value of information skills. Social Studies Objectives- TLW: -be able to identify how one famous person improved their community. -create a human statue representing a famous person. -locate the community their person lived in on a map of the United States. -conduct research on a famous person by using at least three sources. Materials: - Resource List - Famous Person Note-taking Sheet - Human Statue Planning Sheets - United States Map Overhead Transparency - Construction Paper - Evaluation Rubric Procedures: *This is a collaborative lesson between the classroom teacher and the library media specialist. Responsibilities will be determined at a collaborative planning meeting. Big6 TM Skills 1. Task Definition Activities Day 1- Introduce the unit and read aloud I am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks. The students participate in a class discussion about what has been read. Be sure to discuss how Rosa Park’s actions helped people in her community and in other communities. -Discuss the idea that there have been many people throughout history that have taken action to improve the lives of others. Ask the students to share names of anyone they can think of and briefly discuss them. Day 2- Write down the names Judy Heumann, Ruby Bridges, Lois Marie Gibbs, Cesar Chavez and the question “How did he/she make a difference in his/ her community? Guide the students to brainstorm a list of questions that would be important to answer about these famous people. Explain to the students that they will be selecting and researching one of the people listed.

2. Information Seeking 3. Locate & Access Info.

Days 3/ 4- In the library media center, guide the students to brainstorm a list of resources that could be used to locate information about their famous person. The library media specialist will model how to locate the print resources. Give the students time to locate print resources about the famous person they selected. *The students will be given a handout with questions to begin taking notes about the famous person they selected. Day 5 - Students are given time in the library media center to locate information using NetTrekker and bookmarked Web Sites to locate information and take notes.

4. Use of Info. 5. Synthesis 6. Evaluation

Days 6/ 7- The students will work in groups of 3-4 to plan their human statue. Day 8- Student groups will present their human statues to the class. Day 8- The students complete a self-assessment checklist.

Evaluation: -Upon completion of the unit, the student will be evaluated using the Human Statue Biography Project Rubric.

Human Statue Biography Project Process Rubric Finding Information in Sources Previewing and Evaluating Sources (matrix) Notetaking (organizer) You Did It! Found at least 3 different types of sources. Sources included useful information. Skimmed more than 3 sources for information. Chose sources that had best information. Completed magnet organizer with specific key word for each guiding question. All bibliographic information is correct. Self-assessment complete and turned in on time. Almost There A Good Start Found 2 types of sources. Found 1 source. -orSources included a mix of useful and unimportant information. Skimmed 2 or 3 sources for information. Chose sources that had good information. Completed magnet organizer. Difficult to understand connection between key word and guiding question. 2-3 minor format errors. Self-assessment more than halfway complete and turned in on time. Contains 4 of the requirements. Chose source(s) without skimming.

Incomplete magnet organizer.

Citing Sources (on plaque) Self-evaluation (reflection & checklist)

4 or more format errors. Self-assessment not turned in on time. Contains 3 or fewer of the requirements.

Product Rubric Plaque Contains all of the following:  Date of birth/death  Place of birth  Location of statue  One sentence summary of achievement  Bibliographic information on back Statue Costume, position, and props show a clear connection to person’s life and achievement. Presentation Presentation includes:  Explanation of the problem this person had to solve  Character traits that helped this person solve the problem  How this person helped the community

Two of required elements show a clear connection to person’s life and achievement. Presentation included 2 of required elements

Only one element shows a connection to person’s life and achievement. Presentation included 1 element

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