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october 7 - 13, 2013

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20 Year Youth Advocate and Partner Officially Opens Daycare Program
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2 | october 7 - 13 | 2013



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3 | october 7 - 13 | 2013


Alex Whites Education Plan Calls for Fully Funding Public Education in Rochester
By Delani Weaver Former public school teacher and mayoral candidate Alex White released his plan for a New Deal for Rochesters Students Tuesday. White said his plan is simple, practical and takes into account the needs of all Rochester students by fully funding public education. While there is a lot a Rochester mayor can say about education policy, there is really only one thing a Rochester mayor can do about education policy and that is to pay for it, said White. Anything else requires mayoral control. I have always been opposed to mayoral control because I see no benefit to parents, teachers or students by putting a mayor in charge of the public schools. White, running under the Green Party ticket, said under his plan there will be no mayoral control and no vouchers. He said he isnt giving up on the children of Rochester. When it comes to education, we need to change our priorities, not our governmental structure, said White. We have approached education backwards in Rochester. Instead of asking what the district needs and then providing it, we have told them what we will give them and then acted surprised with the results. I plan to change that way of thinking. White said he plans to use funds from property tax reassessments to provide the additional funds necessary to boost the Rochester City School District. White points to a handful of properties including the Capron Street Loft Apartments that are assessed at $98 million yet pay only $1,611 in taxes, instead of the $4.2 million they should as a revenue source. We can fully fund our public education system and turn around the lives of tens of thousands of students by ending the tax breaks and underassessment of a handful of properties in the city, said White. It is a matter of priorities and, as mayor, my priority will be providing the funding we need for education over tax breaks for wealthy landlords.

Alex White

NY attorney general launches gun buyback program

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) The New York attorney generals office is sponsoring a statewide gun buyback program where people can turn in weapons for debit cards. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Saturday the program aims to remove deadly firearms from places where the guns can be stolen or misused. Officials will begin accepting unloaded working and broken guns in Binghamton, Poughkeepsie, Utica, Yonkers, and the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga in the coming weeks. The attorney generals office said the weapons must be placed in a plastic or paper bag or box. There is no limit on the number of firearms an individual can return. Those who turn in guns will receive a debit card no questions asked; $25 or $50 for rifles and shotguns, $75 for handguns and $100 for assault weapons.

Local Resident Speaks to Public about Creating Sustainable Food System

School Without Walls, a local Rochester high school, will be hosting an educational event featuring a public talk with local sustainable food systems expert Chris Hartman on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The event, titled Building a Sustainable Food System in Rochester, will be sponsored by Abundance Cooperative Market. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the local food system and how food choices people make affect the health of communities and the ecosystem. The event is free and the talk will focus on current trends and possibilities in our city to create a more sustainable food system. Hartman is founder and director of Headwater Foods, an organization working to create a sustainable food system in our local region by creating connections between local farmers and consumers. Abundance Cooperative Market is Rochesters first and only cooperativelyowned natural products retail grocer that is committed to buying and providing local, organic, sustainable, and/or socially responsible products.

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4 | october 7 - 13 | 2013


Local Officials Make Changes to RTS System to Keep Downtown Safe

By Delani Weaver If you are downtown waiting for an RTS bus and you see less and less students hanging out, dont be alarmed. Friday, several new changes will go into effect that will restrict the amount of time students have to catch their bus and also shorten their amount of transfers. Rochester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas joined Mayor Thomas Richards, Board of Education President Malik Evans, and Regional Transit Service executives in announcing the changes. Vargas stated in a letter sent to parents and guardians of Rochester City School District students, First, I want to emphasize that the majority of our students behave properly. They demonstrate respect for themselves, their classmates, and adults at school and in the community. Unfortunately, some students are engaging in conduct that is unacceptable. They are misusing the bus system to hang out after school at the Liberty Pole or along Main St. Some have engaged in fighting and unruly behavior, actions that threaten the safety and wellbeing of other students, along with the people who work or visit downtown. This reflects poorly on our district and unfairly tarnishes the image of the large majority of students who are well-behaved. The plan is to limit travel on RTS buses for students to go directly to and from school. Students who ride RTS buses will now take express routes that travel directly from city neighborhoods to district schools. Students on routes that transfer downtown will receive a timed connection pass that requires them to catch the next bus in minutes. Previously, students could make transfers on later buses if they chose, and could use express bus passes to travel downtown. With the new changes, students with express passes can use them only on their assigned bus routes in the morning or at school dismissal. The orange express passes will not be valid at other bus stops or other times. Students on bus routes requiring a transfer can only use their gray passes in the morning and until 5 p.m. To transfer, students must request a connection pass when they board their first bus, which will expire after 60 minutes. Any student who needs transportation for after-school activities must obtain a special pass from their school. Board of Education President Malik Evans said he agrees with the changes, however, he also says that with the transportation changes, there needs to be behavioral changes as well; a responsibility of the parents. Policy changes will not alter the fact that young people must be held accountable for their actions, Evans said. To fully address this issue, parents must realize that at the end of the day they are ultimately responsible for their children. District transportation officials said they are reviewing route assignments and working with schools to adjust some student arrival and departure times without affecting instruction time. Assigning more police officers and school safety personnel to downtown should not be necessary, and its not a sustainable solution, Mayor Richards said. The district and RTS have responded quickly to address the problems city students have been creating downtown, and we should allow time to see if these transportation changes work. Approximately 1,500 city school students and 1,000 charter or private school students had passes for nonexpress routes that required a bus transfer before the changes took place. The district said that several hundred of the transferring students will be shifted this week to express routes, and that it will continue to review pass and route assignments with RTS to reduce the number of students who need to transfer buses. Bill Carpenter, CEO of the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, said RTS is educating its bus operators, road supervisors, and customer service employees so they are well-equipped to assist students and parents with understanding and using the bus passes. Our goal is to provide affordable, efficient transportation for all our customers, including students and their families, Carpenter said. My team will continue working closely with the school district to provide a high-quality service for students that serves them well and meets the needs of the entire community. I want all of our students to have access to the same opportunities that middle-class families take for granted, the letter from Vargas said. That includes the opportunity to travel easily, taking advantage of extracurricular activities and community resources. With regret, I am forced take these steps until our students, as a group, earn more privileges through improved behavior.

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5 | october 7 - 13 | 2013

13 WHAM to Hold Town Hall Meeting Thursday to Discuss Validity of Citys Red Light Cameras
Red lights have been the topic of discussion for months now. People have been questioning whether the cameras actually reduce accidents, or whether they may have been installed purely as a means to raise revenue for the city. In addition, many have wondered, do the cameras violate due process? Residents of the city will be welcomed to ask any question they have and finally get an answer at a town hall meeting 7pm Thursday inside the theater of the Strong National Museum of Play, 1 Manhattan Square Dr, Rochester. Nationally-known commentator Mark Hyman will be moderating the event while community residents, neighborhood leaders and activists come face to face with Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard, former U.S. Attorney Terrance Flynn, WHAM 1180 talk show host Bob Lonsberry, and Larry Krieger, a citizen who is currently pursuing legal action against Rochester because of a red light ticket. Rochester is a part of a continuing series around the country, Hyman said. This is the 40th town hall meeting done around the country for 2013 in different cities. The issues are picked locally based on whatever issues are a concern for the local viewers. Sponsored by 13WHAM, this will be the first town hall event of its kind in Rochester. Hyman said based on the letters and comments of the TV Stations viewers, the event is sorely needed so that the community has a chance to speak out. The larger issue of privacy and security is a concern of their viewers, which means questions will range from red light cameras to the police force photographing license plates, to larger issues of the NSA collecting data on people, those sorts of things, he stated. Hyman said he has traveled to several different cities around the country to moderate town hall meetings and found that people are angered by their feelings of being ignored by local, state and federal government. The government, federal, state and local, just doesnt listen to the people anymore. Its not political issues. Its not a left or right issue, Hyman said. The people feel a sense of frustration that they dont have a voice in their government, and I think polling certainly underscores that. When it comes to red light cameras, Rochester isnt the only city that carries them. Miami, Baltimore, New Mexico and several other cities have also been using them. I can tell you anecdotally, there were a lot of concerns, in no particular order, he said. When there were earlier discussions about red light cameras, the topic was always public safety. But more often than not, we see evidence that red light cameras and speed cameras are included, not in the police department or the public safety aspect of state and local governments, but in the revenue side. The governments start looking at these purely to collect more revenue. And, while the purpose of the cameras was publically acknowledged as a way to reduce the amount of accidents at intersections such as Lyell Ave. and Mt. Read in Rochester, Hyman said they may have been doing the exact opposite. I cant say specifically off the top of my head, Hyman said. But a lot of studies have shown that red light cameras often dont reduce the amount of accidents, but in some cases increase accidents. People get to that position where they say, Should I break or should I go for it? and some people are stopping short because theyre saying, I dont know how long that yellow light is. And the person behind may be trying to enter an intersection, and they end up rearending the person in front of them. Local resident Larry Krieger is currently suing the city after he received a red light ticket. The case is being heard by the New York State Supreme Court. Hyman said the issue goes beyond just paying a ticket How do you confront your accuser? Someone says, I didnt go through that red light, or There were extenuating circumstances. Well they dont have an individual they can confront. You have to either pay the ticket or thats it. Its kind of a due process issue, and I think the case thats going on in Rochester is surrounding that. On the revenue end of the issue, some say this is just another way to build funds for the city, through tickets that are mailed to the accused violator. Hyman said this generates millions of dollars for cities. I can offer a personal observation, he said. Washington, D.C. has more


red light cameras per capita than any other jurisdiction in the entire country. When they started that process, it all went into the revenue projections, never the public safety regulations. So, clearly, it was all about revenue. I dont know the numbers off the top of my head, but it was significant. Its usually eight figures. It was in the tens of millions. Again, I dont know the numbers specifically, but lets take the city of Rochester and say five million. Thats a pretty significant boost of revenue for the city of Rochester. And I think the last time I saw Washington D.C., it was well over $25 million. Hyman said he hasnt seen any statistics or evidence that the cameras have reduced accidents around these cities. However, he said the recurring comment is that they dont actually reduce accidents, but in some cases, they increase them. What weve seen in jurisdiction after jurisdiction around the country is people are frustrated with this thing you call the real reason why theyre in place, and do they really achieve what the reason was planned to be, which was to reduce accidents, he stated. Hyman said he hopes that the town hall event will help the city. We want to inform and empower the viewers, he said. Give them an opportunity to question their community leaders. And I underscore

community leaders. Some are elected officials, some are politicians, bureaucrats, and sometimes theyre advocacy groups. It can be anyone who influences process. We hope to perhaps reveal information, proposals or thoughts that can be further examined and investigated; and possibly adopted if they make sense. Hyman said that the red light cameras shouldve been discussed in a public hearing before they were installed. I cant tell you specifically what happened in Rochester, but Im willing to bet that there was no public hearing ahead of time to discuss whether the city should adopt red light cameras, he stated. If there was, you would think there might have been a hearing where they said Ok, some jurisdictions have done this. What do you think public, come on in, like many regulators would do. What happens is local officials say what theyre going to do, and dont. This may be the first real opportunity for the public to ask questions about this decision. There will be another town hall on a different topic in Rochester in 2014. Im really pleased because the public is pleased, said Hyman. I get a lot of compliments that thankfully someone brought this or that up. Were pleased with how they come across.

6 | october 7 - 13 | 2013

NY Republicans receive subpoenas

MICHAEL GORMLEY ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New Yorks anticorruption commission has issued subpoenas demanding information from Republicans, but the panel established by Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not apparently made such demands of Cuomos fellow Democrats in a recent flurry of subpoenas aimed at political organizations, according to an official familiar with the case. The official told The Associated Press on Thursday that the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption issued subpoenas to the state Senate Republican Campaign Committee and the state Independence Party seeking information on housekeeping accounts, which have few limitations on donations they accept or how they spend the cash. The official wasnt authorized to comment on the action and spoke on the condition of anonymity. State Republican Committee spokesman David Laska initially said he couldnt comment on what was demanded in these subpoenas. But later Thursday he called that a miscommunication and said he couldnt confirm subpoenas were received. Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif refused to confirm or deny the conference received a subpoena. The Independence Party, an influential minor party that works closely with Republicans in the state dominated nearly 2:1 by Democratic votes, also confirmed its subpoena, but refused to comment further. The Assemblys Democratic majority hasnt received a subpoena, said spokesman Michael Whyland. He said the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committees housekeeping follows all the rules as is publicly posted. A spokesman for the state Democratic Committee, headed by Cuomo, didnt respond to requests for comment. Spokesmen for the Democratic Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said they have received no requests for information from the commission. Commission spokeswoman Michelle Duffy declined comment. We dont comment on potential or ongoing investigations, she said. The Independent Democratic Conference which shares majority control of the Senate with Republicans has no housekeeping account, said spokesman Eric Soufer. He said the IDC hasnt received any subpoenas. Michael Murphy, spokesman for the Senate Democrats who are the chambers minority party, wouldnt comment on whether it received any subpoenas. The Senates Republican majority also refused to comment. On Friday, Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay told the AP the party is in full compliance with campaign law. Real estate interests had been subpoenaed by the Moreland Commission, but these recent subpoenas are the first to be used on campaign committees and political organizations. A week ago, the Legislature refused a request by the commission for information about lawmakers outside jobs, which drew a sharp rebuke from the commission, calling the decision legally indefensible, ethically repugnant. The commission isnt technically authorized to investigate the legislative branch. But through a novel approach, Cuomo directed the commission to examine campaign records. The commission is trying to investigate the connection between campaign contributions and the influencing of legislation.


NY paper sues Putnam Co. for pistol permit records

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - A suburban New York newspaper has sued Putnam County to compel it to release its pistol permit records. The Journal News says it sued Thursday after the county denied two Freedom of Information requests and a subsequent appeal. The newspaper first requested information from Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties following the Newtown, Conn., shooting massacre. It made another request after the state passed a gun control law allowing permit holders to apply to keep their names and addresses private. Putnam County officials declined to comment on the lawsuit because they had not yet been served with the papers. But County Executive MaryEllen Odell told the newspaper shes confident the county will prevail. Westchester and Rockland counties provided the information to the newspaper, which published a clickable map on its website identifying residents there with handgun permits.

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8 | october 7 - 13 | 2013

20 Year Youth Advocate and Partner Officially Opens Daycare Program
By Delani Weaver The Kinderiffic Park Place Daycare had its grand opening Saturday morning. Tens of parents, family, friends and potential customers were ushered into the building, served refreshments and given a personalized tour with the new owners. Located on Park Ave, local residents Michelle Ruth and Roxie Smith bought the two story daycare and filled it with child-friendly toys, furniture and activities. The original owners of the building named it Kinderiffic and every owner after that has carried the name over, Ruth said. We are the fourth owners and will carry on the tradition of keeping the name Kinderiffic. Ruth has had a career of working with youth of all ages for over 20 years including running a daycare out of her home for two years, helping teen and homeless mothers and their children for 3 years with Mercy Residential Services. She was a youth advocate at Hillside Work Scholarship Program for eight years and the leader of a youth group at her church for several years. The center currently serves children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years old. The first floor of the building will hold toddlers, equipped with colorful puzzle floor maps, books, toys and eating area. The second floor is for preschoolers. We have circle time where they learn days of weeks, months of the year, shapes and ABCs. They have projects to do and activities such as calendars. They have a room where they can act and put on little plays and dramas. There is a separate curriculum that spans across a year for preschoolers and toddlers where the children learn and develop intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. We teach them manners and how to communicate their feelings properly throughout the daily curriculum, Ruth said. They can express themselves through play and educational activities. Ruth and Smith plan to expand the daycare within six months to an empty building next door. We plan to hold infants, before and after school care and school-age program, Smith said. We will also have a second shift from 3pm to 11pm for parents who work nights. We provide a home away from home. Its a feeling that the parents feel too, Ruth said. When they bring their kids here, they get a sense of feeling at home. They come in, take their shoes off, and they put on their bedroom shoes and can wear them all day if they like. They just have a family feel. We are a family here. Smith said the best part for her is to see the fathers bring in their children. One thing that really shocked me was the fathers. They dont just drop them off at the door or bring them in and then run out. Every father leaves their child with words of affirmation. They come in with their children and spend a few minutes with them before they leave. They say, daddy loves you, daddy will miss you, have a good day, they hug them, they kiss them. And it happens every day, Ive never seen that before. Kinderiffic currently accepts private payers, grants and government assistance payers.

9 | october 7 - 13 | 2013

Empowering Women
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 | Rochester Riverside Convention Center
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A Better Way of Living: Creating Balance, Meaning and Joy. As the soul of Essence magazine for over three decades, Taylor was the driving force behind one of the most celebrated African American owned business success stories. A fourth generation entrepreneur, she flourished in her leadership role, building the brand and guiding it through a period of phenomenal growth to a readership of over eight million. Her success is all the more remarkable when one considers that Taylor was once down-and-out and barely scraping by, alone with her daughter. When she was 24, she found herself separated, with rent due, car broken, and three dollars to her name. Today, she continues to inspire hope and encourages us to reclaim our lives and create sustainable communities. Genuine, energetic, and spiritual, Susan Taylors passion is to help people realize their strengths and take charge of their lives. Her gift of inspiration helps her audience find fulfillment and success in life.

Susan L. Taylor

Editor & Vice President / News, Democrat and Chronicle Media Group

Karen Magnuson

Honorary Chair

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Wegmans | Bausch & Lomb | Citizens Bank | Harris RF Communications Rochester Area Community Foundation | WXXI

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NY mom who killed 3 kids wants cut of their estate

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) A mentally disturbed woman who drowned her three young children in a bathtub is going to court to ask a judge for a cut of their $350,000 estate. Leatrice Brewer will be taken from an upstate psychiatric facility to testify about her request next month, Nassau County Surrogates Court Judge Edward McCarty ruled Thursday. Brewer, 33, was found not guilty because of mental disease or defect in the deaths of her children, ages 1, 5 and 6, so her attorneys say she shouldnt be subject to laws that bar convicts from profiting from their crimes. Brewer admitted she drowned the children in the bathtub of her apartment in New Cassel, on Long Island about 20 miles east of New York City, in February 2008. She later placed the childrens bodies on a bed and tried to kill herself by swallowing a concoction of household cleaning chemicals. When that suicide bid failed, she jumped out her secondstory window but again survived. Instead of facing trial on three murder counts in the childrens deaths, Brewer pleaded not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect. Psychiatrists had determined she suffered a major depressive disorder and believed she killed the children to save them from the potentially fatal effects of voodoo. Brewer is being kept at a state psychiatric hospital until psychiatrists determine shes no longer mentally ill. Although the case would establish a precedent in New York if Brewer succeeds, shes not expected to see any money because of a $1.2 million lien against her for psychiatric counseling and other services she has received since her arrest, attorneys said. New Yorks Son of Sam Law, named for the 1970s serial killer and amended in 2001, was designed to prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes, such as by selling their stories to book publishers or moviemakers. The judge in Brewers case, though, has noted the unique aspect that Brewer wasnt convicted. The case drew attention to Nassau Countys social services agency, whose caseworkers visited Brewers apartment two days before the killings and found no one home but neglected to schedule an immediate follow-up visit. Two social workers were later suspended. Lawsuits against the county filed by the father of Brewers 1-year-old son, Innocent Demesyeux, and 5-year-old son, Michael Demesyeux, were settled for $250,000. A lawsuit filed by the father of Brewers 6-year-old daughter, Jewell Ward, was recently settled for $100,000. The judge has scheduled a Nov. 6 hearing on the matter.

Woman killed in DC chase was delusional

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) The Connecticut woman who was shot to death outside the U.S. Capitol after trying to ram her car through a White House barrier had been deteriorating mentally for months and believed the president was communicating with her, a federal law enforcement official said Friday. Miriam Careys killing at the hands of police Thursday was Washingtons second major spasm of deadly violence involving an apparently unstable person in 2 weeks. Interviews with some of those who knew the 34-year-old woman suggested she was coming apart well before she loaded her 1-year-old daughter into the car for the drive to Washington. Carey had suffered a head injury in a fall and had been fired as a dental hygienist, according to her former employer. And her mother said she was suffering from postpartum depression. The federal official, who had been briefed about the investigation but was not authorized to discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, said investigators have been interviewing Careys family about her mental state and reviewing writings found in her Stamford condominium. We are seeing serious degradation in her mental health, certainly within the last 10 months, since December, ups and downs, the official said. Our working theory is her mental health was a significant driver in her unexpected presence in D.C. yesterday. The woman had made delusional expressions about the president in the past and believed President Barack Obama was communicating to her, the official said. Those communications were, of course, in her head, the official said, adding that concerns about her mental health were reported in the last year to Stamford police. The official said investigators believe that she drove straight to the nations capital and that the violence unfolded immediately upon her arrival. After ramming the barricades at the White House, the apparently unarmed Carey led police on a chase down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol, where she was shot in a harrowing chain of events that led to a brief lockdown of Congress. Careys daughter escaped serious injury and was taken into protective custody. Careys neighbors in Stamford were shocked to learn the drivers identity and see her gleaming black Infiniti wrecked outside the Capitol in TV footage. Erin Jackson, her next-door neighbor on the buildings ground floor, said Carey doted on her daughter, Erica, often taking the girl on picnics. She was pleasant. She was very happy with her daughter, very proud of her daughter, she said. I just never would have anticipated this in a million years. But Careys mother, Idella Carey, told ABC that her daughter began suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth in August 2012. She was depressed. ... She was hospitalized, said Idella Carey, who said her daughter had no history of violence. Dr. Brian Evans, a periodontist in Hamden, Conn., said Carey was fired from her job at his office about a year ago. He would not say why. He said Carey had been away from the job for a period after falling down a staircase and suffering a head injury, and it was a few weeks after she returned to work that she was fired.


11 | october 7 - 13 | 2013

White House supports back pay for federal workers
WASHINGTON (AP) The Obama administration says it supports House legislation to give back pay to federal workers furloughed during the current partial government shutdown. The White House Office of Management and Budget issued a statement commending Congress for moving quickly on the bill, which has bipartisan support. The White House has opposed other piecemeal efforts by House Republicans to restore money to some functions of government during the partial shutdown. White House officials have said the House should reopen the entire government and not pick agencies and programs over others. The budget office statement says the back-pay bill, quote, will not address the serious consequences of the funding lapse, nor will a piecemeal approach to appropriations bills. In the 1995-96 government shutdowns, furloughed workers were retroactively given full pay.

U.S. Federal Government Shuts Down, First Time in Over 17 Years

By Delani Weaver While business will continue as usual and paychecks will still be given to all 533 members of Congress, the economy and the American people will suffer the brunt of the first government shutdown in 17 years. Out of all the issues going on within the nation, its disturbing to think that feasible and proper healthcare would cause a standoff between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. But thats exactly whats happening. Democrats and Republicans have been battling over a spending plan for the governments fiscal year, which began Tuesday. The Obamacare health plan option, which opened for enrollment today, is at the center of the argument. Republicans want a spending plan that will eventually disintegrate Obamacare, while Democrats want a spending plan that doesnt. This is the first shutdown since 1995 when, during the Clinton administration, the standstill lasted 21 days and cost approximately $2 billion. Research is showing that if this shutdown lasts three to four weeks it could cost the economy approximately $55 billion. This shutdown has affected average individuals and families as well. Military paychecks will be delayed, employees will be furloughed, national parks and visitor centers are closed, new disability applications will be delayed and programs such as WIC and head start could be shut down. Congress, however, will not be affected even though millions of citizens say this is their fault. Congress will continue to receive their salary as mandated by the 27th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Several congressmen have said they will donate their salary to charities or will refuse to accept their salary until the shutdown ends.

Woman killed in DC chase was delusional... from previous page

Were shocked to know this happened and we feel saddened for her family and all those involved, he said. On Sept. 16, a mentally disturbed man killed 12 people in a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard before dying in a gun battle with police. Aaron Alexis, a defense-industry employee and former Navy Reservist, had complained of hearing voices and said in writings left behind that he was driven to kill by months of bombardment with electromagnetic waves. Carey had been sued by her condominium association for failure to pay fees, court records show. A lawsuit settled in February alleged that she owed the association $1,759 plus collection costs. ___ Tucker reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Bradley Klapper, Laurie Kellman, Adam Goldman, Mark Sherman, Philip Elliott, Jesse Holland, David Espo, Alan Fram, Brett Zongker, Donna Cassata and Henry C. Jackson in Washington, Michael Melia in Hartford, Conn., and Jessica Hill in Hamden, Conn., contributed to this report, along with AP researcher Barbara Sambriski in New York.

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Health Care Sign Ups Begin Amidst Government Shutdown White House Outlines Health Benefits for African-Americans
By Hazel Trice Edney ( - The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) came fully into the law this week amidst desperate political acts to stop it from happening including a Republican-led government shutdown which could last for days, weeks or even longer. In a nutshell, the closure of certain government offices and services has taken place as of midnight Monday after a divided Congress failed to reach an agreement to fund federal agencies. Amidst bitter disagreements over the ACA, the Republican-led Congress has allowed the closure of non-essential services of the U. S. Government in attempt to force the President to delay the effects of the health care law. But the President has refused. Some parts of the ACA are already in effect, but this week, Americans can begin shopping for and signing up for full benefits by going to a recently created website, HeathCare. gov, to review the Health Insurance Marketplace. This website offers competing insurance agencies and help guide people to the best insurance choices for them. Republicans in the House of Representatives, who argue that the ACA is too expensive for small businesses, continued their attempts to defund what they call Obamacare this week, but none of the political moves would pass the Democraticallyled Senate. Even if it did, President Obama has promised to veto it. The ACA sign up, which started Tuesday, Oct. 1, is encouraged by President Obama despite government closures. The Affordable Care Act is moving forward. That funding is already in place. You cant shut it down, he told reporters in a briefing Monday. This is a law that passed both houses of Congress; a law that bears my signature; a law that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional; a law that voters chose not to repeal last November. The White House recently released a detailed report listing the benefits of the ACA to African-Americans. Those benefits include: Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will provide 6.8 million uninsured African-Americans an opportunity to get affordable health insurance coverage. Already, an estimated 7.3 million African-Americans with private insurance now have access to expanded preventive services with no cost sharing. These services include well-child visits, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, Pap tests and mammograms for women, and flu shots for children and adults. The 4.5 million elderly and disabled African-Americans who receive health coverage from Medicare also have access to many preventive services with no cost-sharing, including annual wellness visits with personalized prevention plans, diabetes and colorectal cancer screening, bone mass measurement and mammograms More than 500,000 young AfricanAmerican adults between ages 19 and 25 who would otherwise have been uninsured now have coverage under their parents employer-sponsored or individually purchased health plan. Major federal investments to improve quality of care are improving management of chronic diseases more prevalent among African-Americans. The health care workforce will be more diverse due to a near tripling of the National Health Service Corps. African-American physicians make up about 17 percent of Corps physicians, a percentage that greatly exceeds their 6 percent share of the national physician workforce. Investments in data collection and research will help establish greater clarity on the causes of health care disparities and develop effective programs to eliminate them. Targeted interventions, such as community transformation grants, will promote healthy lifestyles, lower health care costs, and reduce health disparities. Increased funding available to more than 1,100 community health centers will increase the number of patients served. One of every five patients at a health center is African American. States have new opportunities to expand Medicaid coverage to include Americans with family incomes at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level (generally $31,322 for a family of four in 2013). This expansion includes adults without dependent children living at home, who have not previously been eligible in most states. As the ACA takes effect, factions of Congress continued to wrangle over budgetary matters with hopes to reopen the government as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the President has made it clear the ACA is nonnegotiable as he outlined the effects of the government shutdown. If the United States Congress does not fulfill its responsibility to pass a budget today, much of the United States government will be forced to shut down tomorrow, President Obama said Monday. And I want to be very clear about what that shutdown would mean - what will remain open and what will not. He first ticked off the services that will continue: If youre on Social Security, you will keep receiving your checks. If youre on Medicare, your doctor will still see you. Everyones mail will still be delivered. Government operations related to national security or public safety will go on. Military troops will continue to serve and will be paid. Air traffic controllers, prison guards, those who are with border control will remain on their posts, but their paychecks will be delayed until the government reopens. Then, he listed the shutdowns. NASA will shut down almost entirely, but Mission Control will remain open to support the astronauts serving on the Space Station. Office buildings would close. Paychecks would be delayed. Several hundred thousand workers will be immediately and indefinitely furloughed without pay. Some vital services that seniors and veterans, women and children, businesses and the economy depend on would be hamstrung, the President said. Those services include some programs that provide health meals to 2.5 million seniors; compensation, pension and education benefits for veterans and nutrition assistance to mothers with young children. An estimated $10 could be lost if the shutdown lasts a week. Business owners would see delays in raising capital, seeking infrastructure permits, or rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Veterans support centers will go unstaffed. Federal tourist destinations, such as national parks, monuments, including the Smithsonian and the Statue of Liberty, will be closed. Cleanup crews and concession workers will also be laid off. These closures will affect communities and small businesses that rely on these national treasures for their livelihoods will be out of customers, said Obama. He appeared especially concerned about how the shutdown will affect furloughed people already fighting a struggling economy. What, of course, will not be furloughed are the bills that they have to pay - their mortgages, their tuition payments, their car notes, the President said. These Americans are our neighbors. Their kids go to our schools. They worship where we do. They serve their country with pride. They are the customers of every business in this country. And they would be hurt greatly, and as a consequence, all of us will be hurt greatly, should Congress choose to shut the peoples government down.

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A Bright Spot!
This week I want to highlight a bright spot in our community. That is Rochesters newly-renovated School No. 17. I was afforded the opportunity to be at the opening of the school this C. MICHAEL VAUGHN school year, and was very impressed with what I saw. While there were many, many people that had to come together in order to make this school what it is, the visionary was Dr. Ralph Spezio, the principal of the school. It is this visionary outlook that the Rochester City School District needs. With the dismal rate of graduation that the school district delivers, having School 17 as part of the district is a step in the right direction. While I am in favor of parents parenting their children and not leaving it up to the government to parent them, I am also in favor of ensuring that the children of the district are given all of the opportunities they need in order to succeed. Education is directly related to one rising above the poverty line and establishing a better life for themselves and future generations. We need to make sure that the adults who want to use the schools, and teaching, as a place to advance their personal, liberal agendas are pushed aside and the needs of the children are brought to center stage. I applaud the teachers and staff that I met during the opening of the school for their dedication to seeing these students succeed. Depending on the student and their desires, one could spend from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the school. During that time, the student would be fed three meals a day and be cared for while they also learn and grow. Society is faced with a few choices in this regard. We could ignore the problems that some students are faced with based on the senseless and selfish choices of their parents, and have them barely make it to school. In the meantime, we could also forget about them doing well in school. However, the ultimate end would probably be the student being placed in the penal system or on public assistance for extended periods of time. The other option is to pay forward. In other words, the money taxpayers would pay to incarcerate someone, use that to ensure that these at-risk young people are given the proper tools to get a good education. I choose to pay forward. I believe it is less costly for society as a whole, and we stand to reap generational benefits. How different the life of a young person that gets a good education and the impact on their children and grand-children is than a young person that gets in trouble with the law and the impact on their children and grand-children. Society is better-off with producing educated young people! Dr. Spezio and his team have a great vision for their young people, one that includes a safe environment where they can focus on learning. It is also an environment that will allow the students to feel special because the school is not run down but looks very nice. The school presents a look that the students will come to expect they can have and operate within. It helps to speak vision and possibility into their lives. The visionary of this school leads by example in that he has done some heroics for making this school a success. It is this type of selflessness and caring that will permeate the situations that some of the young people attending School 17 have to face on a daily basis. What I see is good people working hard to present opportunities to young people that they believe in. This is the model that we need to have in our society. We need to believe in our children and present the possibilities to them, then lead by example so that they have something to pull up on when times get hard. God bless the principal, Dr. Spezio, and his team for the tremendous amount of effort already expended to get this school where it is today, and the great effort it will take to see the success they know the young people will have as a result of their efforts. This indeed is a worthwhile investment, and I thank the leadership of School 17 for making it! If you would like to contact me, please email me at mvaughn.seniorpastor@


Bad Behavior stems from the House not the Home

The bad behavior our young people are demonstrating stems from their houses. Children who are being raised in homes dont act the way some of the young animals GLORIA WINSTON AL-SARAG we have turned loose in our streets do; those with a total disregard for whom they may hurt. Some children, unfortunately, are out of control and need to be locked up in institutions to fix their behavior since their so-called parents have failed to do so. Oh please, dont cry to me about what it is you do as a parent to make sure Lakisha and JoJo become solid citizens. Most of you calling yourselves parents are more than to blame. You and your false values, and focusing on nothing but what your child wears, contributes greatly to their behavioral problems. And you surely cant teach what you dont know. Many of you sit there on your lazy behinds waiting for the first of the month and dont recognize how your mentality and thinking is trickling down to your children. I have no study to verify that I believe children from two- parent homes, with parents who are gainfully employed, are not the ones participating in the misbehavior our society has fallen victim to. And, oh yeah, I know I will get lots of letters, but I m just saying out loud what many say in private. The welfare mentality that exists in many houses in this community, often held by those who are young and healthy and not working, is as bad an influence on young minds as drugs. Welfare is a drug, a habit that needs to be broken. Welfare is a system that was not designed to be a career move. Go get a job first, and take some parenting classes second, and we might see a change in some of those childrens behavior. Stop sitting around being so wide open in front of your children, smoking whatever it is in front of your children, thinking they dont know it is dope. IJS. Parents should be focused on what their child has in his head and they should be less worried about whether he or she is wearing the latest Jordans. This is a topic I have written about to the point of exhaustion, but we still have professionals, parents and others in the community pointing fingers in the wrong direction when it comes to solution oriented discussions taking place. Many do recognize the problem with our childrens behavior is rooted in their homes, or should I say houses. Children from real homes usually leave them grounded spiritually, emotionally, with respect and love for themselves and others. It helps if the home they come from has two parents who play roles such as mother and father. I could care less about this new way of thinking, and I understand many of our children are from single-parent homes. All I am saying is children stand a better chance of being taught behaviors conducive to society if there are two parents in the home. This is not to say that it is impossible to gain moral fiber and being grounded is not possible if there is only one parent in the home. But what I have seen work is the way family life has been structured since the beginning of time. There is nothing natural about single-parent homes, in my opinion. Single-parent homes have become the norm because of poor choices that were made in the beginning. In such cases, most likely a child was conceived accidentally, because most parents who plan to be parents stay with the commitment to raise their child unless circumstances become unbearable or the childs safety is not something they can

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Affordable Health Care Arrives October 1
(TriceEdneyWire. com) - Nearly 6 in 10 uninsured Americans will be able to get coverage for $100 or less. President Barack Obama We fought and won a battle three years ago to improve access to affordable health care for every American and finally its here. On Tuesday of this week a key component of the Affordable Care Act was set to take effect when the new Health Insurance Marketplace opens for business, allowing millions of Americans to shop for a variety of quality, affordable health plans that best meet their needs.
marc morial

The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of Minority Reporter.

Here is how it works. First, if you are among the vast majority of Americans

who already have health insurance that you like, you can keep it and you dont have to change a thing. The only changes you will see are new benefits, better protections from insurance company abuses and more value for every dollar you spend on health care. For example, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition and you cant be canceled because you get sick. Young people can be covered by their parents up to age 26. Most people will now be eligible for free preventive screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol tests, mammograms, and colonoscopies. Insurance companies will no longer be able to set a lifetime dollar limit on what they spend for your essential health services. In addition, 47 million women will gain access to preventive health services. The law makes it illegal to charge women different rates than men. And seniors on Medicare will have access to cheaper drugs, and free preventive

care. For the millions of Americans who currently have no health insurance, the new law offers a long-awaited lifeline of protection. Beginning October 1, with a visit to the Health Insurance Marketplace at, you can learn if you can get lower costs based on your income, compare your coverage options side-by-side, and enroll. When you use the Marketplace, or health insurance exchange, as it is also called, youll fill out an application and see all the health plans available in your area. Youll provide some information about your household size and income to find out if you can get lower costs on your monthly premiums for private insurance plans. Youll learn if you qualify for lower outof-pocket costs. The Marketplace will also tell you if you

qualify for free or low-cost coverage available through Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The open enrollment period runs from Tuesday, October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. Coverage begins on January 1, 2014. You can also get help by phone, 24/7, by calling 1-800-318-2596. And local help can be found by visiting LocalHelp.HealthCare.Gov. President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010. It was upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28, 2012. This week the law begins to take effect. While there will inevitably be some start-up wrinkles to iron out, this law is good for the health of the American people and good for the Nation. Congressional extremists bent on stopping its implementation are fighting a losing battle and only putting their own political futures at risk. Obamacare is here to stay.

Bad Behavior stems from the House not the Home...from previous page
assure. All parents love their children. There is no question in my mind about that. I have never met a parent who does not love their child. But I have met lots of parents who were not raised by parents themselves and therefore have nothing of value or substance to instill in the child. The Head Start motto, one of my favorites, says it all. You are your childs first teacher. Some parents really dont get that. They dont get the fact that their child learns from them first. Every lesson they learn in the home is what follows them into the community. Parents know when they have a child that is out of control. Parents know when they have a child that has behavior issues. They know when their child has anger issues. They know every emotion their child possesses. They know if they are a danger to society and they know when their child has developed an attitude of disrespect. When a parent loses control of a child, then society is faced with the dilemma of what to do next. The first finger pointed is usually at teachers. From where I sit, teachers are hired to teach. I am not trying to defend those who are there solely to collect paychecks but I am saying that a teacher should not have to constantly battle behavioral problems that should have been corrected at home. In addition, the superintendent of schools often gets blamed, as well as the school principal. Some are so much in denial they actually take the time to blame the teachers union for the misbehavior we experience. Some go as far as to blame the police for the monsters they know they are raising. There is no doubt the PPP of transportation that causes children from various sides of town to converge on downtown Rochester every day is a problem, but not the root cause. Personally, I have yet to understand the so-called wisdom behind busing and integration when every quadrant of this city has schools in them. Why is it our children are not walking to and from school and learning to love, value and invest their energies in the neighborhood they live in? Our children spend more time leaving their neighborhoods than participating in them. Who fixed what was not broken? Obviously the same people who are failing to get into homes and help solve the learned behavior we are forced to deal with. Children who live in houses where violence and arguments are the norm, grow up to believe this is the way they conduct themselves in the street. Many are doing no less than emulating their parents behavior. I have said it once and I will say it again. Any person who has total disregard for their friends, colleagues, peers, strangers and their community as a whole has not been trained to respect themselves or the rights of others. Our community is in crisis, and the finger pointing needs to stop. So do the media-driven attempts to solve truancy problems, as well as blaming teachers, and blaming the ignorance of those who are the masterminds behind all students who are bused changing buses downtown at the same time. Not only are these children coming from houses that have no spiritual foundation, you would be hard pressed to even find a newspaper or book inside of those walls also. The only real teaching going on in many of the homes contributing to bad behavior is what would make most cringe. How do you sit up and smoke weed with your child? How do you not question how your child leaves home in new clothes you know you did not buy? How do you sit in front of the flat screen TV you know you did not buy? We have parents in this community guilty of the aforementioned and more, then they turn their monsters loose on society and claim they dont understand why their children act the way they do. They are acting out because of you and what you failed to teach them at home. Some actually rely on getting lifes lessons in the street, because the adults in their houses have failed them. Bad behavior stems from the house a child lives in. Lets help those raising these monsters discover what a home is.


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That a broken arm doesnt have to break the bank.

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2013 NY State of Health

2013 NY State of Health

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