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1. It has been estimated that ________ one hundred thousand men participated in the gold rush of
(A) approximate (B) until (C) as many as (D) more
2. A seventeen-year-old is not ________ to vote in an election.
(A) old enough (B) as old enough (C) enough old (D) enough as old
3. As soon as ________ with an acid, salt, and sometimes water, is formed.
(A) a base will react (B) a base reacts (C) a base is reacting (D) the reaction of a
4. The Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot ________.
(A) must restore (B) must be restoring
(C) must have been restored (D) must restored
5. The skiers would rather________ through the mountains than go by bus.
(A) to travel on train (B) traveled by train (C) travel by train (D) traveling by the
6. He has received several scholarships ________
(A) not only because of his artistic but his academic ability
(B) for both his academic ability as well as his artistic
(C) because of his academic and the artistic ability
(D) as a resulting of his ability in the art and the academy
7. The doctor insisted that his patient ________.
(A) that he not work too hard for three months (B) take it easy for three months
(C) taking it easy inside of three months (D) to take some vacations for three months
8. Legumes take nitrogen into their roots ________ the air.
(A) except (B) however (C) but (D) from
9. So little ________ that he failed the examination.
(A) did the student know (B) the student knew
(C) the student had known (D) knew the student
10. The belief in life after death is prevalent in both primitive societies ________ advanced
(A) and (B) and in (C) and also (D) also
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11. Copper is the favored metal for electricians wire because of ________.
(A) it is an excellent conductor (B) its excellent conductivity
(C) excellent conductivity of it (D) so conductive is it
12. Before the Angles and the Saxons ________ to England, the Iberians had lived there.
(A) coming (B) come (C) came (D) did come
13. A college bookstore that sells used textbooks stocks ________ along with the new ones on the
shelf under the course title.
(A) its (B) their (C) a (D) them
14. ________ discovery of insulin, it was not possible to treat diabetes.
(A) Prior to the (B) Prior (C) The prior (D) To prior
15. Out of John Kenneth Galbraiths The Affluent Society ________ for an increase in public goods,
potentially at the expense of private goods.
(A) came the argument (B) his argument
(C) argued (D) the economist is arguing
16. The human body has four jugular veins, ________ each side of the neck.
(A) there are two on (B) it has two on (C) two are on (D) two on
17. When ________ of impulses from many of the neurons in one part of the brain, an epileptic
seizure occurs.
(A) the simultaneous bursts (B) simultaneously burst
(C) there are simultaneous bursts (D) simultaneously bursting
18. Aspirin is used ________ a constriction of the blood vessels.
(A) the counteraction (B) to counteract (C) counteract (D) counteracting
19. ________ gene in the human genome were more completely understood, many human
diseases could be cured or prevented.
(A) Each (B) Since each (C) If each (D) Were each
20. Only after food has been dried or canned ________.
(A) that it should be stored for later consumption (B) should be stored for later consumption
(C) should it be stored for later consumption (D) it should be stored for later consumption