My philosophy My name is Do Binh Minh, a sophomore student at USTH.

After one year studying in an international environment, I am devoted to USTH; hence, heard about senate election, I immediately want to contribute my talents and experiences to enhance our school. I have never been a leader at school and never experienced leadership. However, when I read the requirements and qualities needed for a Representative, I know it’s time for me to demonstrate myself and help build up USTH. In fact, I am always realizing that USTH is a newly-born university so many issues in qualities of students and faculty are controversial and need solutions. We need to improve and change a lot in order to reach perfection in educational standards. But how will we do? These tasks are not only in responsibility of the Rector Board and authorities. The students, in short, all of us have to act. In my opinion, we have to raise our voices and express our thoughts frankly so many alterations can make our campus life more qualitative day by day. However, one problem to students in Vietnam is that they rarely speak out their opinions because this results from traditional methods of teaching, making them passive and indecisive for so long time. Therefore, USTH with an innovative education system has to be distinctive and accomplished policies can only exist with the cooperation of students, teachers and authorities. I believe that I can step-by-step encourage my fellows to be brave to raise their voices instead of gossiping their dissatisfaction or posting them on Facebook. In addition, more discussions and meetings should be held for the purpose of feedback taking. Above is my recommendation in development methods and I desire to devote and work as a Senate. My knowledge and skills are appropriate for this position. First, about my educational background, I gained a 16.6 GPA in the first year at USTH and luckily achieved Odon Vallet scholarship. I am fluent in English by the evidence that I have worked as teaching assistant in IELTS class at Step Up English center and administrator of a popular IELTS fan page on Facebook. Actually, I am improving my English skills every day because nothing is excessive for language learning. Not only having a good result at school, as I mentioned above I had a part-time job. 2 months ago I ended my task in Step Up English center due to time limitation. However, teaching assistant is my first part-time job so I gained numerous experiences and skills that I could not learn at school. In that center, I met my big brother, the CEO that inspired me a lot by his startup stories. He advised me to focus more on transferable skills and pointed out unemployed graduates usually lack experiences, making them difficult to deal with real working environment. I learned from him million good ideas in only 2 months of work. They are about teamwork, personalities, advertisement, marketing and business mindset. At the moment, I tutor a foreign student IB Biology and Chemistry. With the income each month, I can help parents cut down my pocket budget and pay tuition fees. Hence, I think part-time jobs are critical for students that boost their knowledge and expand their insight on society. They will be wiser and think deeply before doing something. More than that, learning is consecutive process that we cannot stop until

I listed my job experiences to prove that I always keep honing my manners and skills. Minh Do. Yours sincerely. transferable skills and working environment by giving seminars on those aspects. which will build USTH’s own reputation. I also plan to help the students know more about careers. That is all about me: my desire to be a Senate is so enormous that I hope the committee will consider the applications carefully before deciding. Minh.our end of life. We need to be professional and experienced. .

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