Troy Helen was trapped in a loveless marriage with a man twice her age.

Paris, the beautiful prince of Troy suddenly shows up in her bedroom and convinces her to leave her husband and go to Troy with him. Helen went with Paris. Her husband, Menelaus then went to his brother, King Agamemnon, to ask him to go to battle with the Trojans so that Menelaus could win his wife back. King Agamemnon agrees. Agamemnon's motives are purely selfish. He does not want to fight this war to get Helen back for his brother; he wants the city of Troy for himself. Achilles does not want to fight the Trojans for Agamemnon. He feels that Agamemnon wants to fight this war for greed and not honor. Briseis is taken as a prisoner by the Spartans and given to Achilles for his enjoyment. Achilles does not want to use Briseis because he is falling in love with her. Later in the movie, Briseis kills Agamemnon. Prince Paris fights Menelaus for Helen. Helen was glad that Paris didn't finish the fight and that he chose love over honor. It was because of Patroclus that Achilles sought revenge against Hector. Achilles and Patroclus were cousins. Achilles did not know what Patroclus was planning to do in the movie. Patroclus decided to wear Achilles’ armor and pretend he was Achilles and goes on and fight the Trojans. Prince Hector, who thought it was Achilles, killed Patroclus in battle. Achilles decide to fight the Trojans for revenge, specifically, the mighty Prince Hector. After Hector is killed, Achilles ties him to his chariot and drags his body around Troy for everyone to see then leaves the body for the dogs. King Priam goes to Achilles, gets down on his knees and kisses Achilles’ hand. Priam then asks Achilles to let him have the body of his son, Hector so that he can have a proper burial. Achilles starts to realize the pain and suffering he has caused and agrees to let Priam take Hectors body. Achilles also agrees to stop the war for twelve days so that Hector can be mourned and buried. After the twelve-day mourning period, the Spartans trick the Trojans into thinking they were all dead from a disease. The Spartans left behind a gigantic wooden horse. The Trojans take the horse back to Troy and while everyone sleeps, the Spartans (who have been hiding inside the horse) open the gates of Troy to let in their army and burn Troy to the ground. In the

process, Prince Paris sees Achilles trying to get Briseis to safety and Paris kills Achilles. In the end, Achilles’ body was burned.

Reaction on Troy

I’d say the Troy is one of the best war movie I’ve ever seen. Most war movies, even the good ones makes you lose focus of individual characters and are just watching people die. Troy keeps it personal, but with magnificent cinematography and special effects, the scale of the battles aren’t understated. War is not just its theme, but love also. As I was watching this film, I said to myself that I was lucky I’m not alive by that time. I also feel like crying in the scenes where the women are crying when their loved ones are about to go for a fight. This film is really great (not to mention the oh-so handsome faces).

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