Q. (1-25) carry one mark each.
R− 2 2 − 3V S W Q.1 The matrix M = S 2 1 − 6W has eigenvalues − 3, − 3, 5 . S S− 1 − 2 0 W W T X eigen value 5 is [1 2 − 1]T . One of the eigenvectors of An eigenvector corresponding to the 3 the matrix M is (A) 81 8 − 1BT (B) 81 2 − 1BT (C) 91

2 − 1C


(D) 81 1 − 1BT


The contour integral



dz with C as the counter-clockwise unit

circle in the z-plane is equal to (A) 0 (C) 2π − 1

(B) 2π (D) 3

Consider the signal

e−t, t $ 0 x (t) = * 0, t < 0 Let X (ω) denote the Fourier transform of this signal. The integral 1 2π (A) 0 (C) 1

# X (ω) dω is


(B) 1/2 (D) 3

The continuous-time signal x (t) = sin ω0 t is a periodic signal. However, for its discrete-time counterpart x [n] = sin ω0 n to be periodic, the necessary condition is

(A) 0 # ω0 2π (B) 2π/ω0 to be integer (C) 2π/ω0 to be a ratio of integers (D) none Consider a periodic signal x (t) as shown below




for k even integer and T = 6 (D) ak = 0 .gatehelp. for k odd integer and T = 3 (B) ak = 0 . for k even integer and T = 6 (C) ak = 0 .2011 www.com IN It has a Fourier series representation x (t) = /a e k k =− 3 3 j (2π/T) kt Which one of the following statement is TRUE ? (A) ak = 0 .7 Shown below is the pole-zero plot of a digital filter Which one of the following statements is TRUE ? (A) This is a low pass filter (B) This is a high pass filter (C) This is an IIR filter IN (D) This is an FIR filter 2/18 . for k odd integer and T = 6 3 Q.6 The integral 1 e−1/8 8 2π 1 e−1/2 2π 1 t 2 e−t /2 δ (1 − 2) dt is equal to 2π − 3 2 # (A) (C) (B) 1 e−1/8 4 2π (D) 1 Q.

an input resistance of 10 kΩ . Which one of the following statements is TRUE when the emitter resistance RE is doubled ? Q. T = sampling period s s s 3 The signal xs (t) is passed through an ideal low pass filter with cutoff frequency 100 Hz.9 (D) sin (100πt) Consider a system with input x (t) and output y (t) related as follows y (t) = d {e−t x (t)} dt Which one of the following statement is TRUE ? (A) The system is nonlinear (B) The system is time-invariant (C) The system is stable (C) The system has memory Q. and a lower 3-dB cut-off frequency of 20 Hz.gatehelp.8 www.10 The first two rows of Routh’s table of a third-order characteristic equation are 3 3 s3 2 4 4 s It can be inferred that the system has (A) one real pole in the right-half of s -plane (B) a pair of complex conjugate poles in the right-half of s -plane (C) a pair of real poles symmetrically placed around s = 0 (D) a pair of complex conjugate poles on the imaginary axis of the s -plane The amplifier shown below has a voltage gain of − 2.2011 Q.5 .11 IN 3/18 .com IN The continuous time signal x (t) = cos (100πt) + sin (300πt) is sampled at the rate 100 Hz to get the signal xs (t) = n =− 3 / x (nT ) δ (t − nT ). The output of the filter is proportional to (A) cos (100πt) (B) cos (100πt) + sin (100πt) (C) cos (100πt) − sin (100πt) Q.

13 (B) 0.14 (D) 2 − e−20t A The current I shown in the circuit given below is equal to IN 4/18 . Assume that b 0 represents LSB.gatehelp. below shows a circuit for implementing an 8-bit Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) using two identical 4-bit DACs with equal reference voltages.5 kΩ (D) 8 kΩ In the circuit shown below. the value of resistor R is Q.12 (A) 0.25 kΩ (C) 1 kΩ Q. initially at position 1 for a long time is changed to position 2 at t = 0 . To obtain correct analog values corresponding to an 8-bit DAC at the output Vo .com IN (A) Magnitude of voltage gain will decrease (B) Input resistance will decrease (C) Collector bias current will increase (D) Lower 3-dB cut-off frequency will increase Fig. b7 MSB and the opamp is ideal. The current i through the inductor for t $ 0 is (A) 1 − e−20t A (B) 1 + e−20t A (C) 1 + 2e−20t A Q.2011 www. the switch.

com IN (A) 3 A (C) 6 A (B) 3.67 A (D) 9 A Q.gatehelp.17 The base of the number system for the addition operation 24 + 14 = 41 to be true is (B) 7 (D) 5 (A) 8 (C) 6 Q.18 An 8K # 8 bit RAM is interfaced to an 8085 microprocessor.15 The signal flow graph of a system is given below.16 For the Boolean expression f = a b c + a bc + abc + abc . the minimized Product of Sum (PoS) expression is (B) f = (b + c) : (a + c) (D) f = c + abc (A) f = (b + c ) : (a + c ) (C) f = (b + c) : (a + c ) Q. the address of the first memory location of the RAM will be 5/18 IN . In a fully decoded scheme if the address of the last memory location of this RAM is 4FFFH.2011 www. The transfer function ^C/Rh of the system is (A) (G1 G2 + G1 G 3) / (1 + G1 G2 H2) (B) (G1 G2 + G1 G 3) / (1 − G1 H1 + G1 G2 H2) (C) (G1 G2 + G1 G 3) / (1 − G1 H1 + G1 G2 H2 + G1 G 3 H2) (D) (G1 G2 + G1 G 3) / (1 − G1 H1 + G1 G2 H2 + G1 G 3 H2 + G1 G2 G 3 H1) Q.

75 μV/cC (D) 0.01.gatehelp.2 # 10−6 θ4 + higher order terms.20 (A) 1 Hz 4π (C) 1 Hz (B) 1 Hz 2 (D) 2πHz For a copper-constantan (Type T ) thermocouple. both in cC . If the voltage measured across the resistance is 4 V.74θ + 3.19 The Treadmill Test is used to diagnose (A) the balancing style during walk of the patient (B) the auditory activity of the patient (C) the visual activity of the patient (D) the cardiac activity of the patient The characteristic of a thermometer measuring ambient temperature is 2 (dTi /dt) + Ti − Ta = 0 .06 μV/cC The temperature of a furnace is monitored at a distance of 50 m away. The temperature is determined form the voltage measured across a resistance of 500 Ω in the current loop. The − 3 dB cut-off frequency in the frequency response of the thermometer is Q. The refractive index of the material of the core is 1. respectively. The maximum angle of acceptance of the 6/18 IN . the temperature of the furnace is (A) 100cC (C) 150cC Q.5.23 (B) 125cC (D) 200cC The core/cladding index difference of a single-mode optical fiber cable is 0. and times is in seconds.34 μVcC (C) 38.3 # 10−2 θ2 + 2. where Ti and Ta are the indicated and ambient temperatures.21 (A) 45. The sensitivity of thermocouple at 100cC is approximately Q.com (B) 2000H (D) 4000H IN Q.22 (B) 42. The temperature transmitter has a range of 0-500cC and provides 4-20 mA current output.07 # 10−4 θ3 − 2. The measured temperature and the output current have a straight line relationship with positive slope.74 μV/cC Q.2011 (A) 1000H (C) 3000H www. the junction potential E (in μV) at θcC is given by E = 38. assuming the cold junction compensation.

one from each box. (26-55) carry two marks each.24 www.2011 fiber is approximately equal to (A) 17.26 The series m=0 / 41 (x − 1) m 3 2m converges for (B) − 1 < x < 3 (D) x < 3 (A) − 2 < x < 2 (C) − 3 < x < 1 Q. The number written on these chips are multiplied. 12 and 15. The box 2 contains chips numbered 6. 16.28 The box 1 contains chip numbered 3. The core of the LVDT remains static at 15 mm above the ideal null position.5c (C) 8. 21 and 26. 9.com IN (B) 12.gatehelp. y (1) = 0. 11.27 p + 2y o + y = 0 with boundary conditions Consider the differential equation y y (0) = 1.6c Q. The probability for the product to be an even number is (A) 6/25 (C) 3/5 (B) 2/5 (D) 19/25 7/18 IN . Two chips.25 The primary and secondary of an LVDT (stroke length ! 50 mm ) are connected to a 3 kHz sinusoidal source and ideal semiconductor diode bridge-based phase sensitive demodulator circuit. are drawn at random.0c The conventional way of expressing vibration is in term of (B) acceleration due to gravity (D) atmospheric pressure (A) Richter scale (C) speed of sound Q. Q.5 kHz (D) 6 kHz Q. 6. The frequency of the voltage observed at the input of the low-pass filter is (A) 1 kHz (C) 3 kHz (B) 1. The value of y (2) is (B) − e−1 (D) − e2 (A) − 1 (C) − e−2 Q.1c (D) 2.

= 0.gatehelp.4167 (B) 1.2 mm .4 # 102 kPa (gauge).0141 (C) 1.5000 Q. Based on the properties of the root loci. = 0 (gauge). y = 81 0B>x H is x2 2 2 (B) (D) 2s s2 + 5s + 1 4s s2 + 5s + 1 (A) (C) s s2 + 5s + 1 3s s 2 + 5s + 1 Consider the second-order system with the characteristic equation s (s + 3) + K (s + 5) = 0 .2011 Q.4 MPa/mm IN 8/18 .3 MPa/mm Diameter of the orifice Diameter of the nozzle Supply pressure Ambient pressure The maximum value of the (A) 4.29 www.31 The transfer function of the system described by the state-space equations o1 − 4 − 1 x1 1 x1 x > o H = >− 3 − 1H>x H + >1H u.4142 (D) 1.32 (A) − 5 ! 5 /2 (B) − 5 ! 5 (C) − 5 ! 10 Q.the values of the following parameters are given : = 0.30 The unit-step response of a negative unity feedback system with the open-loop transfer function G (s) = 6/s + 5 is (A) 1 − e−5t (B) 6 − 6e−5t (D) 6 − 6 e−11t 11 11 (C) 6 − 6 e−5t 5 5 Q.6 MPa/mm (D) 7.33 (D) − 5 ! 2 5 In a flapper-nozzle displacement transducer.8 mm . it can be shown that the complex portion of the root loci of the given system for 0 < K < 3 is described by a circle.0 MPa/mm (C) 6. The value of x after two iterations (x2) is (A) 0. sensitivity is (B) 5. Let f (x) = x3 − 6x and x 0 = 1 be the initial guess of x .com IN The extremum (minimum or maximum) point of a function f (x) is to be determined by solving df (x) /dx = 0 using the Newton-Raphson method. and the two breakaway points on the real axis are Q. = 1.

The flux Ψ linked to the nearby magnet and coil assembly is given by Ψ (θ) = 3 + cos (5θ) mWb .com IN A differential push-pull type capacitive displacement sensor (nominal capacitance C 0 = 0. the output voltage Vo in the ideal opamp circuit shown below is Q.05 mV/pF (D) 0.5 mV/pF Q.2 Hz (B) 30.34 www. respectively. The amplitude and frequency of the output voltage. are (A) 4 mV and 45.8 Hz (C) 30.37 IN 9/18 .35 A turbine flow-meter is rotating at 72 rpm.2011 Q. the voltage Vo in the circuit shown below is Q.8 Hz (D) 288 mV and 45. where θ is the angular position (in radian).2 mV and 4. The bridge sensitivity is (A) 0. Supply to the bridge is 1 V at 1 kHz.3 V (D) 2 V Assuming zener diode D1 has current-voltage characteristics as shown below of the right and forward voltage drop of diode D2 is 0.2 mV and 30.1 mV/pF (B) 0.7 V and β = 99 of transistor Q1 . and two equal resistance (R = 3.01 μF ) is connected in two adjacent arms of an ac bridge in such a way that the output voltage of the bridge is independent of the frequency of the supply voltage.36 (A) − 1 V (C) 0 V (B) − 1/3. signal.9 kΩ) are placed in the other two arms of the bridge.8 Hz Assuming base-emitter voltage of 0.7 V.gatehelp.001 mV/pF (C) 0.

38 Assuming that the opamp is ideal and the zener diodes have forward biased voltage drop of 0. and Vo is connected to the Y input with a setting of 2 V/div.7 V (C) 6.2011 www. respectively.7 V (C) 2.7 V (D) 0 V The transfer characteristics of the circuit drawn below is observed on an oscilloscope used in XY mode.707. (A) 3.7 V.3 V and 5. The power factor of the load is 0. The phase voltage and phase current are 230 V and 5 A.3 V and 3.com IN (A) 3. The display on the oscilloscope is shown on the right hand side.5 V/div. respectively.39 Power in a three phase star connected balanced inductive load is measured by two wattmeter method.7 V and 6. The beam is positioned at the origin when Vi is zero.3 V (B) 4.7 V (D) 5. Q. the values of reverse break-down voltages of Z1 and Z2 are.3 V Q.2 V (B) 2. Vi is connected to the X input with a setting of 0.gatehelp. The readings P1 and P 2 of the two wattmeters are (A) P1 = 298 W and P 2 = 1111 W (B) P1 = 517 W and P 2 = 1924 W (C) P1 = 1220 W and P 2 = 1220 W (D) P1 = 1111 W and P 2 =− 516 W IN 10/18 .7 V and 4.

2011 Q.42 The ideal opamp based circuit shown below acts as a (A) low-pass filter (C) band-pass filter IN (B) high-pass filter (D) band-reject filter 11/18 .5 μA Q.com IN In the Wheatstone bridge shown below.25 μA (B) 2.40 www.5 μA (C) 12.gatehelp. when the resistance R1 increases by 1 Ω . the current through the galvanometer is (consider the Thevenin equivalent resistance of the bridge in the calculations) (A) 1.41 (D) 25 μA The value of Vo of the series regulator shown below is (A) 24 V (C) 30 V (B) 28 V (D) 32 V Q.

43 www.gatehelp. The output bit b1 next to the LSB has a stuck-at-zero fault. The circuit reduces a logic high output as long as the object is in front of the window. The pair of input voltage that produces the same output code word is (A) 2 V and 4 V (C) 1 V and 2 V (B) 4 V and 6 V (D) 8 V and 9 V Q.5 (B) RST 6.5 (D) INTR Q. The process or takes 1 ms to process the input after an interrupt. Assuming that the initial value of counter output (Q2 Q1 Q 0) as zero. The objects are sensed by an optical sources and a detector with associated signal conditioning circuit.44 The number of objects crossing a window sequentially at variable speed is to be counted using an interrupt in the 8085 microprocessor.45 The circuit below shows an up/down counter working with a decoder and a flip-flop. The best choice of interrupt of an error free counting is (A) RST 5.com IN A 4-bit successive approximation type of A/D converter has an input range of 0 to 15 V.5 (C) RST 7. The duration of an object being in front of the window is in the range of 100 ms to 2 s. the counter output in decimal for 12 clock cycles are IN 12/18 . and this output is used to interrupt the processor.2011 Q. Preset and Clear of the flip-flop are asynchronous active-low inputs.

4. 0.49 The average total power delivered by the two sources is 13/18 IN .47 Consider the difference equation y (n) − 1/3y [n − 1] = x [n] and suppose that x [n] = (1/2) n u [n]. 2. 1. frequency 5 kHz. 3. 3. Assuming the condition of initial rest. 3. 0. 4 (B) 0. 3. 1. 3. 1.com IN A square wave (amplitude ! 10 mV. 5.48 The current i (t) through the capacitor is (B) cos (5t) A (D) 1 A (A) sin (5t) A (C) sin (5t − 45c) A Q. 4. 0. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. The PSD of the noise is assumed to be zero beyond 2 MHz. 3. Q. duty cycle 50%) is passed through an ideal low-pass filter with pass-band gain and cut-off frequency of 0 dB and 10 kHz respectively. 2. 3. the solution for y [n]. 1. 4. 4. 4. 2. 1 (D) 0. 5. 5.2011 (A) 0. 2. The filtered signal is subsequently “buried” additivity into a zero-mean noise process of one-sided power-spectral density (PSD) of 25 pW Hz−1 up to a frequency of 2 MHz. 1. 5.gatehelp. 3. 2 www. 1. 4. 5. The signal-to-noise ratio of the output is Q. 3. 2. n $ 0 is n n (B) − 2 b 1 l + 3 b 1 l 3 2 n n (D) 1 b 1 l + 2 b 1 l 3 3 3 2 n n (A) 3 b 1 l − 2 b 1 l 3 2 n n (C) 2 b 1 l + 1 b 1 l 3 3 3 2 Common Data for Questions 48 and 49 : Consider the circuit shown below. 4. 0 (C) 0. 4.46 (A) 0 dB (C) 1. 1.0 dB (B) 0.1 dB (D) 3 dB Q. 2. 1.

5. The initial level of water is 1 m. the level of water is 14/18 IN .125 m3 /s . stored in a truncated conical bath. corresponding to the dominant closed-loop complex conjugate pole pair is (A) 250 (C) 75 (B) 125 (D) 50 Statement for Linked Answer Questions 52 and 53 : The level of water.5 W (D) 4 W IN Common Data for Questions 50 and 51 : The open-loop transfer function of a unity negative feedback control system is given by G (s) = K/ (s + 5) 3 Q.gatehelp.2011 (A) 0 W (C) 2 W www.51 The value of K for the damping ratio ζ to be 0.com (B) 0.52 When the intensity of radiation received by the floating detector is half of the intensity detected initially. measured by a gamma-ray radiation sensor. and the level is increasing due to water inflow at the constant rate of 0. Assume mass absorption coefficient of water is 77 # 10−4 m2 /kg and density of water is 1000 kg/m3 Q.50 The value of K for the phase margin of the system to be 45c is (B) 250 2 (D) 125 2 (A) 250 5 (C) 125 5 Q.

23 s (D) 50.63 s (A) 4.7 V. (56-60) carry one mark each. Q.52.2 V (C) 0.7 V (A) 1. IN 15/18 . the time elapsed is (B) 5.53 When the floating detector is at the level calculated in Q. forward voltage drop of each diode is 0.7 V (D) − 0.1 s (C) 10.8 m www. M2 and M 3 in the circuit shown below are matched N-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs operating in saturation mode.5 mA (D) 2 mA (A) − 1 mA (C) 1 mA Q. reverse leakage current of each diode is negligible and the opamp is ideal.5 m (D) 1.54 The current Is in the circuit is (B) 0.55 For the computed value of current Is .gatehelp.com (B) 1.2011 (A) 1.9 m IN Q.52 s Statement for Linked Answer Questions 54 and 55 : M1 .09 m (C) 1. the output voltage Vo is (B) 0.2 V General Aptitude (GA) Questions Q.

and reset for Q.... (A) identified (B) ascertained (C) exacerbated (D) analysed IN 16/18 .60 Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence : It was her view that the country’s problems had been..gatehelp. human genes are to manipulated only to correct diseases for which .. on the day of election 15% of the voters went back on their promise to vote for P and instead voted for Q.58 Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence : Under the ethical guidelines recently adopted by the Indian Medical Association. However. (A) similar (B) most (C) uncommon (D) available Q..57 The question below consist of a pair of related words followed by four pairs of words.. During the campaign... then what was the total number of voters ? (A) 100 (C) 90 (B) 110 (D) 95 Q.2011 Q... so that to invite them to come back would be counter-productive......59 Choose the word from the options given below that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the given word : Frequency (A) periodicity (C) gradualness (B) rarity (D) persistency Q. Suppose.treatments are unsatisfactory... P lost by 2 votes..... 25% of the voters went back on their promise to vote for Q and instead voted for P. 40% of the voters promised to vote for P....56 www.. Select the pair that best expresses the relation in the original pair : Gladiator : Arena (A) dancer : stage (C) teacher : classroom (B) commuter : train (D) lawyer : courtroom Q.by foreign technocrats.com IN There are two candidates P and Q in an election.

. Then a serum was made from their blood.com IN Q.. (61-65) carry two marks each.. Q.61 The fuel consumed by a motorcycle during a journey while travelling at various speeds is indicated in the graph below...63 IN 17/18 . Serums to fight with diphtheria and tetanus were developed this way... we can conclude that the fuel consumed per kilometer was least during the lap (A) P (B) Q (C) R (D) S Q. is Q.. Horses were injected with toxins of disease until their blood built up immunities. that horses were (A) given immunity of diseases (B) generally quite immune to diseases (C) given medicines of fight toxins (D) given diphtheria and tetanus serums The sum of n terms of the series 4 + 44 + 444 + .2011 www.62 The horse has played a little known but very important role in the field of medicine. The distance covered during four laps of the journey are listed in the table below Distance Average speed Lap (kilometers) (kilometres per hour) P 15 15 Q 75 45 R 40 75 S 10 10 From the given data..gatehelp... It can be inferred from the passage.....

but returned four to the bowl. T took half of the remainder but returned two back into the bowl. how many toffees were originally there in the bowl ? Q.65 (A) 38 (C) 48 (B) 31 (D) 41 ********* IN 18/18 .2011 (A) (4/81) [10n + 1 − 9n − 1] (C) (4/81) [10n + 1 − 9n − 10] Q.com (B) (4/81) [10n − 1 − 9n − 1] (D) (4/81) [10n − 9n − 10] IN Given that f (y) = y /y . the value of f (q) − f (− q) (B) − 1 (D) 2 is (A) 0 (C) 1 Three friends R. If the bowl had 17 toffees left.gatehelp. S and T shared toffee from a bowl. R took 1/3 rd of the toffees. and q is any non-zero real number. S to 1/4 th of what was left but returned three toffees to the bowl.64 www.

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