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7. A. CONTABLE / UNCONTABLE COUNTABLE An Apple Some apples A tomato Any tomatoes A tomato? Any tomatoes?

UNCONTABLE Some butter Some milk Any rice Any sugar Any rice? Any sugar?

(+) We need (-) we dont need (?) do we need

7.B. HOW MUCH / HOW MANY UNCONTABLE (SINGULAR) How much water do you drink? FULL ANSWERS I drink a lot of water I drink quite a lot of water I dont drink much water I dont drink any water I ate a lot of sweets I ate quite a lot of sweets I didnt eat many sweets I didnt eat any sweets SHORT ANSWERS A lot Quite a lot Not much None A lot Quite a lot Not much None

COUNTABLE (PLURAL) How many sweets did you eat?

7.C. BE GOING TO (PLANS) (?) Am i Are you Is he /she/it Are we Are you Are they (+) Yes, I am Yes, you are Yes, she is Yes, we are Yes, you are Yes, they are (-) Im not You arent She isnt We arent You arent They arent

Going to have a holiday next month?

Going to have a holiday next month

Going to have a holiday next month

7.D. BE GOING TO (PREDICTIONS) Theyre going to be very happy, its going to rain.

8.A. COMPARATIVE White cars are safer than yellow cars, mosquitoes are more dangerous than sharks, tiger are better swimmers than cats, 8.B. SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES Its the hottest country in the world, the most dangerous time is the spring, I am the tallest in my family, that house is the oldest in the street, this is the most famous building in the country. 8.C. WOULD LIKE TO (?) (+) Would I Like to fly Yes, I would Like to fly a Would you a plane? Yes, you would plane Would he Yes, he would Would she Yes, she would Would we Yes, we would Would they Yes, they would Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? 8.D. ADVERBS I drive slowly, they speak very quietly, people dress very well, I speak English very well. Adjective Slow Quick Bad Careful Healthy Easy Good Fast hard Adverb Slowly Quickly Badly Carefully Healthily Easily Well Fast hard (-) No, i No, you No, he No, she No, we No, they

Wouldnt like to fly a plane.

+ ly

+ily irregular

9.A, PRESENT PERFECT VERB BE (?) (+) (-) Have I Been to Yes, I have Been to No, I havent Been to Have you paris? Yes, You have paris No, you havent paris Has he/she/it Yes, He/she/it has No, he hasnt Have we Gone to Yes, We have Gone to No, We havent Gone to Have you paris? Yes, You have paris No, you havent paris Have they Yes, They have No, they havent She has not been to the usa, they have not been to china, he has been to an opera, you have not been to my house, I have not been there. 9.B. INFINITIVE PRESENT PERFECT Cry Have cried Kiss Have kissed (+ed) Queue Have queued IRREGULAR VERBS Buy Have bought Leave Have left See Have seen speak Have spoken Have you seen the film?, have you seen my car keys?, ive readed war and peace three times, I have never cried in the cinema. My wife has traveled all over the world, I have writed a lot of poems but I never show them to anybody. REGULAR VERBS