Comparatives & Superlatives

Grammar: Stative Verbs
Grammar lesson: How do we construct adjectives in the comparative and superlative in English? It depends – on the number of syllables and spelling. The explanation is divided into 4 parts. 1) Adding '-er than' and 'the -est'; 2) Adding '-ier than' and 'the -iest'; 3) Adding 'more ...-er than' and 'the most ...' and 4) Irregular forms.

1) Add ‘-er than’ & ‘the -est’:
a) Most one-syllable adjectives i) Most one-syllable adjectives form comparatives and superlatives with: ‘-er than’ and ‘the -est’.

Examples: tall / taller than / the tallest old / older than / the oldest long / longer than / the longest ii) For one-syllable adjectives ending with ‘-e’, just add ‘-r’.
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add a double consonant. Examples: simple / simpler than / the simplest quiet / quieter than / the quietest clever / cleverer than / the cleverest Note these are adjectives with the emphasis on the first © Copyright 2012 2 . EnglishGrammarExpress.Examples: nice / nicer than / the nicest safe / safer than / the safest large / larger than / the largest iii) For one-syllable adjectives ending with vowel + consonant. Examples: big / bigger than / the biggest fat / fatter than / the fattest thin / thinner than / the thinnest b) Certain two-syllable adjectives Some two-syllable adjectives also form comparatives and superlatives with: ‘-er than’ and ‘the -est’.

than’ & ‘the most.’: a) Some two-syllable adjectives . Examples: happy / happier than / happiest easy / easier than / easiest friendly / friendlier than / friendliest Note These two-syllable adjectives can also take ‘more.optional Adjectives in sections 1b) and 2) above can also take ‘more. most other adjectives with 2 syllables.’... 2) Add ‘-ier than’ & ‘the -iest’: Two-syllables...syllable..... than’ & ‘the most. -ed.’. Examples: more simple than / the most simple more quiet than / the most quiet more friendly than / the most friendly b) Most other two-syllable adjectives However....’. © Copyright 2012 Hill. than’ & ‘the most.. ending with ‘-y’ For two-syllable adjectives ending with ‘-y’ add: ‘-ier than’ and ‘the -iest’. Note these two-syllable adjectives can also take ‘more.. See below 3) Add ‘more. than’ & ‘the most..’.... See 3) below. than’ & ‘the most.. and in particular those ending with -ing... 3 . -ful and -less must take ‘more.

Examples: important / more important than / the most important intelligent / more intelligent than / the most intelligent beautiful / more beautiful than / the most beautiful 4) Irregular forms The following adjectives are irregular. more gifted. the most [End of PDF] © Copyright 2012 Hill. more 4 . the most careful useless. the least many/much. Examples: good / better than / the best bad / worse than / the worst far / farther than / the farthest little / less than.. the most caring gifted. more useless. than’ and ‘the most... more caring. Learn them all by heart. EnglishGrammarExpress.Examples: caring. most useless c) Three (or more)-syllable adjectives For adjectives of three syllables or more add: ‘more.. . more than.. the most gifted careful.’..

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