University of the Philippines – Diliman Yakal Residence Hall Association

The Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project

A Proposal Presented to The Chancellor, University of the Philippines – Diliman Presented by The Yakal Residence Hall Association House Council



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Link Yakal is a pioneering initiative from dormitory residents, the Yakal House Council 2003 and the dormitory administrators that seek to provide free Internet access to dormitory residents. Link Yakal: The Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project aims to provide Yakal Residence Hall Residents with free and working Internet connection through provisions available in the University. The project includes: the design of an ideal system that is cost effective and can be easily upgraded to meet future demands formulation of Internet use guidelines sourcing of funds installation of network hubs and terminals training of Internet team that will facilitate computer software installation and trouble shooting during project operation. The project is envisioned to promote academic excellence to dormitory residents by providing residents with free internet access to spur academic fervor and to provide a suitable training ground for Internet team members in system maintenance and troubleshooting. Initial cost estimates place the financial requirement of the project at PhP 500,000.00. The proposed interconnection is through Wireless Access Technology. Wireless Access

Points will connect the Yakal Residence Hall Local Area Network to UP Computer Center. Network hubs and cables will connect the residents’ computers to the proposed Local Area Network of the dormitory. To manage the system, the Yakal Internet Team will be organized. The Yakal House Council members are the de facto members of the Internet team. A team head will be delegated to facilitate the technical training of the Internet team. The team will be responsible for the orientation of Internet users and the implementation of the guidelines regarding the appropriate use of the Internet system. Proponents of this project are composed of highly motivated individuals who are capable of project execution. The Yakal House Council has had a number of successful large scale projects. This semester has successfully launched a series of facilities management and


sanitation seminars participated by 347 residents, two marketing seminars open to all residents and participated by at least 60 residents, an event management seminar participated by around 30 residents. This is apart from the traditional activities of the house council like the inter-wing sportsfest, extemporaneous speech and singing contests, acquaintance party, poetry night, trivia quiz show, cine-yakal, open house variety show – all eagerly participated by residents. The realization of this project could move the Yakal Residence Hall residents and management one step further in all its endeavors and forwarding its legacy of making a meaningful difference: of improving dormitory life and making competent and informed would-be professionals who will take the lead in nation building.


The Yakal Residence Hall is a co-educational dormitory housing three hundred and YAKAL seventy-eight (378) upperclassmen from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, who in turn are members of the Yakal Residence Hall Association. Since its establishment in 1978, the Association has actively forwarded its objectives of promoting academic excellence, providing venues for the development of each members’ talents and potentials, enhancing social awareness and involvement, and fostering unity and camaraderie among its members through various activities. In the past decade, the Yakal House Council has kept a record of being increasingly more innovative in its projects and activities each year, increasing resident participation and producing more meaningful results from its activities. Since Mrs. Remedios Frianeza’s term as dorm manager to Mr. Rodolfo Robidillo’s currently, there are progressively more breakthroughs in the Association as well. The activities are not entirely House Council-dependent. Some are even initiated by residents as well. Realizing its potential, the House Council even assisted in the formation of various special interest organizations in the dormitory, encouraging even greater visibility of the Association, leading to an even more active participation of residents and making holistic development more and more a reality. In this way, the House Council does not merely motivate people to move. They make things happen, significantly and relevantly. The current House Council maintains that legacy of not only executing activities for the development of its constituents but also carrying out substantial and tangible projects, not only improving dormitory life but also making it more meaningful. Traditional activities in the dormitory include the Weekly CineYakal movie marathon, the ESTABLISHED Yakal Inter-Wing Sportsfest, Semestral Acquaintance Parties, Extemporaneous Speech Competitions, Singing Contests, Debate Trainings and Tournaments, and Annual Outreach Projects. The Yakal Week, which is the semestral open house week celebration, holds the wing-sponsored Wingdangan, the TrivYakal Quiz Show, Poetry Night, and the Open House Variety Show held in the first semester. Yakal is known for Faces, the widely anticipated and most respected cross-dressing pageant in the University, held in the second semester every year. Besides these, the Association has


also held a Formal Dinner at the Bahay ng Alumni and has also had a production of a Musicale. The Yakal Residence Hall Association is a very dynamic organization catering to the AUXILLIARY special needs as well as providing venues for the development of the strengths and potentials of its members. Besides holding various seminars and workshops for the benefit of the residents, such as marketing seminars; dormitory sanitation, maintenance and development seminar; and an events management seminarworkshop, the association also has in-house organizations supported by the Association, even featured in the Yakal Residence Hall segment of Jessica Soho Reports. Himig Yakal, the official choral group of the Association, is just three years old since it IN-HOUSE besides having performed in numerous occasions within and outside the University, has MENTS also won in various competitions, including Harana, and Awitan, the most prestigious choral competition in the University, which Himig Yakal is champion for two consecutive years. The twenty-person Company of Yakal Dancers has also performed in various occasions within and outside the University. The Company has just had its very successful launching concert during the night of the Yakal Open House, first semester of AY 2003-2004. Just as young as Himig Yakal, it has gained the respect and good reviews among peers and has gained a small following as well. Silent, but efficient, workers in the background are the Yakal Peer Counselors. Having been trained under the Peer Counselor Program of the Office of Counseling and Guidance, the four-person core group opens their doors and time to dorm mates who are in need of psycho-emotional assistance, as well as coordinates with other sources of support to help out their clients. Meanwhile, the Yakal Christian Fellowship and the Campus Ministry Volunteer Group – Yakal, both with active memberships of around thirty members each, are actively involved in aiding their co-Yakalites in their spiritual development. Under the

was officially launched in 2001. Worth noting is that this group of at least twenty-four, TIONS AND




guidance of The Church of the Risen Lord and The Parish of the Holy Sacrifice IN-HOUSE respectively, these groups are actively involved in promoting goodwill and spreading the TIONS AND Good News. Their activities include their sponsorship of regular Bible Study Sessions MENTS and Dormitory Masses. UP Diwata is the Yakal Residence Hall Association’s gender-sensitivity and gay rights awareness group. With a very active membership of over twenty dynamic and socially aware residents, this group has not only been a very enthusiastic support group in the special projects of the House Council but regularly organizes discussion groups and other activities on homosexuality and basic human rights at least once a month. Sagulapi, on the other hand, is Yakal’s “brotherhood of frat men”. Going on six years this year, the organization exists to promote a harmonious relationship, camaraderie, and brotherhood among all members of different fraternities residing in the dormitory. Activities include ACLE sponsorships, sports activities, and inter-frat group dynamics. These organizations exist in the interest of developing individual potentials and being living proofs of the fact that dormitories exist not only as residential institutions but as institutions that promote academic excellence and extra-curricular competences as well. The Association has even had graduates with high honors coming from these formations. As with “Revolutions”, the Association’s theme in this year’s Open House Week, the THE YAKAL meaningful activities, like Yakal One Page, a University-wide Short Essay Writing competition, the Association is especially furthering Link Yakal: The Yakal Internet Connection Project. This, besides being a very valuable resource for its members, may be a marker in the lasting legacy that is the Yakal Residence Hall Association. And that is the Yakal Residence Hall Association’s legacy of making a meaningful THE YAKAL


House Council aims to revolutionize dormitory life. Thus, besides carrying out even more 2003-2004

difference: of improving dormitory life and making better UP students out of its COUNCIL



Link Yakal is a pioneering initiative from dormitory residents, the Yakal House Council LINK YAKAL 2003 and the dormitory administrators. Link Yakal: The Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project aims to provide Yakal Residence Hall Residents with free and working Internet connection through provisions available in the University. This project is targeted to be implemented within seven weeks, starting from the first week of December until the second week of January. The Yakal Residence Hall is expected to benefit from the fast, easy, and convenient information acquisition and information exchange that only the Internet could offer. Currently, there are one hundred and one registered personal computer owners in the dormitory, significantly comprising over a quarter of the dormer population. That also averages to about one personal computer per room. This project shall be implemented in cooperation with the UP Computer Center and the Office of the Campus Architect.


The Internet is a powerful tool that allows brisk information transmission and acquisition. INTERNET The Academe has found an extensive use for this tool. Realizing the potential of Internet connection, we seek to provide residents with free Internet access to spur academic fervor among the residents. Although there are commercial establishments offering Internet service, many hindrances prevent effective use. Constraints like finance, low speed of interconnection which proves to be time consuming and in the long run costly, availability of computer slots, and the threat of data contamination because of computer viruses all contribute to the greater need to establish an Internet system for dormitory residents.

Specific benefits for the residents include the following: 1. The Internet is an efficient and essential tool in research, thus providing residents a significant supplement to their research endeavors. Among the resources are internet databases subscribed by the university which include:
Proquest Academic Research Library - a multidisciplinary online database covering the fields of humanities, social science, general sciences, economics, education and business. PsycINFO - a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of psychology, plus the behavioral aspects of education, management and other fields. AIDSearch - a combination of MEDLINE AIDS/HIV Subset, AIDSDRUGS & AIDSTRIALS Databases providing information about Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and related topics. Child Abuse, Child Welfare, Adoption - database indispensable for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and administrators working to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect, and to provide out-of-home placement and permanency planning services. medicine, sociology, law,



Cambridge Scientific Abstracts - provides abstracts and indexes to scientific and technical research literature. Content coverage includes the life sciences, environmental and aquatic sciences, computer sciences, materials science and engineering, aerospace, social sciences, and humanities. Westlaw Legal Database - provides legal materials, including laws, cases, law reviews and journals from the US, UK, EU, Canada, etc. CAIS - Communications of the Association for Information Systems JAIS - Journal of the Association for Information Systems

2. Usual dormers are those from the lower-income bracket and Internet access is usually limited to commercial Internet access providers. Thus, having free Internet access among co-dormers may assure that research information is not compromised. 3. An indirect benefit is the exposure of residents to Internet and network systems management. All interested residents, who will, in turn, become part of the Yakal Internet Team, will be trained in software installation, network maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. The project’s realization means benefits not just for individual residents: 1. Free Internet connection opens an even greater world of possibilities in the improvement of the Association’s activities as it becomes open to everyone with Internet access in the world. 2. The dormitory’s Internet connection greatly improves the publicity of the Association and its activities. 3. Having Internet access shall enable the creation of a website and its regular maintenance. This may help in keeping the Association in constant


contact with its alumni, among others, who, in turn, may be able to aid in dormitory developments. 4. Internet access is proven a very helpful tool in marketing the Association’s activities. In this way, the Association may also be capable of establishing self-sufficiency instead of being entirely dependent on University funding or Association fees for its activities.


Link Yakal envisions an Internet-connected Yakal Residence Hall, with residents maximizing the nearly infinite potential that lies in the Internet, especially for academics. It is in this light that the Yakal House Council is in pursuit of the realization of this project. The University has already subscribed to two Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This subscription allows academic institutions and students within the university to tap into UP’s internet system. After thorough research on possible means of establishing a good and working Internet connection for the dormitory, the Yakal Internet Team has found wireless access technology the most feasible means of connecting the dormitory to the university’s internet system. Computers can connect to the University’s internet system through UP Computer WHAT IS A

Center. This can be done through the use of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) with SUBSCRIBER

Bridge capability. These WAPs have the capability of connecting two wired networks which in this case will be that of UP Computer Center’s and the dormitory’s proposed network. Wireless Access Point connection speed can reach 11 Mbps (megabits-per second), which enables the residents to connect to the University’s network at a considerable speed. This is even above the University’s Internet connection speed of 8 Mbps. There shall be seven additional Internet ports which will be located at the lobby aside from the 202 ports connected to the network hubs. For easier maintenance and management, the dormitory’s Local Area Network will have a structured cabling system. In this set-up, all of the network hubs will be centrally located and all of the cables will terminate at this location.





Main Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub

Sub Network Hub





IMPLEMENTATION PHASES After designing a suitable framework and layout for the system, the Yakal Internet team has carefully drafted a scheme for the implementation of the project design. With the assistance of the UP Computer Center Personnel, Office of the Campus Architect, and the cooperation of the Yakal House Council and volunteers among the dormitory residents, the 4 phases of the project will be implemented as follows: Phase 1: • • • Planning the layout for the cabling/wiring system, and location of network hubs Cost estimation and canvassing of materials and equipment Securing of funds for Link Yakal


Phase 2: • • • Procurement of materials and equipment such as cables, cable connectors, crimping tools and wire testers Installation of the cabling system Testing connectivity between wire ends using LAN testers

Phase 3: • • • Connecting the cables to individual computers Assignment of IP addresses to each computer Installation of software for Internet use

Phase 4: • • Orientation of resident-Internet users on how to access the Internet and on the University’s available database resources Orientation of resident-Internet users on the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the university and campaigning for proper use of the network and the Internet


Phase 1 has already started and most of the data is contained in this proposal. Phase 2 can be finished in a period of three weeks, and will start once the funds are available. GANTT CHART Ideally, the project will span seven weeks. The project schedule is as follows:
December 2003 Week 3 Week 4
Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 PROJECT TIME FRAME

Week 1

Week 2 Phase 1

Week 5

January 2004 Week 1 Week 2

TASKING AND LABOR Phase 1: • • Planning the layout – Yakal Internet Team and the UP Computer Center Cost estimation and canvassing – Yakal Internet Team


Phase 2: • • • Procurement of materials and equipment – Yakal Internet Team or the designated contractor, whichever is cheaper. Installation – Yakal Internet Team, the designated contractor, or/and the Yakal Personnel, whichever is more efficient and cheaper. Testing connectivity – The Yakal Internet Team or the designated contractor, under the supervision of the UP Computer Center Personnel. Phase 3: • • • Connecting the cables – Yakal Internet Team or UP Computer Center Personnel. Assignment of IP addresses – UP Computer Center. Installation of software – Yakal Internet Team

Phase 4: • Orientation of resident-Internet users – Yakal Internet Team


Orientation of resident-Internet users on the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) – Yakal Internet Team

The implementation of the 4 phases will be under the supervision of the Dormitory Manager.


Link Yakal: The Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project shall be managed MANAGEMENT

by the Yakal Internet Team. There shall be a Team Head designated to lead the group and oversee the management of the entire project, together with the dormitory manager. This shall be determined by degree of interest, and background and experience in DSL Internet Connection and Network Systems Management. Under the head are members of the Yakal Internet Team. These shall be composed of all volunteer residents. The Yakal House Council shall also be de facto members of the Yakal Internet Team. In each of the four floors, there shall be around twenty-five residents accommodated for Internet connection. All beneficiaries of the Internet connection are required to attend an orientation on how to access the Internet and on the University’s available database resources, and another orientation on the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the University and the proper use of the network and the Internet. Furthermore, the Yakal House Council shall enforce Guidelines for the Residents’ GUIDELINES Internet Use. These are as follows: 1. All residents that will subscribe to the Internet service should first undergo a briefing and attend the required orientations with the Internet team regarding the use of the Internet connection. 2. For new resident subscribers and if there is no existing connection for Internet use, the resident shall shoulder the cost of connecting the PC to the hub. 3 The rules shall adhere to the stipulations under the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the university. 4. Network gaming is strictly prohibited. 5. Although unlimited, there will be a recommended time of use from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am to avoid clogging up the network. 6. Residents found guilty of violating the guidelines forfeit their privilege of Internet connection for a semester. It is also equivalent to one dormitory violation.


The financial proposal is for the establishment of the network for all the wings of the Yakal Residence Hall alone. The Summary of Estimated Costs of Link Yakal: The Yakal Internet Connection Project CURRENT SERVICE are as follows: POPULATION

No. of ports to be installed for the boys’ and girls’ wing: No. of extra connections for the lobby:* Total number of ports to be installed : be connected to the internet)

202 7 209

(note: 1 computer can be connected per port, to bring a total of 209 computers that can

Cost Breakdown: ITEM Installation Cost for 209 ports (@ 2,000 per port):** 2 units Linksys WAP11 Wireless Access Point (@ P9950 per unit): 9 units. Linksys 24-port Switch (@ P9950 per unit): Miscellaneous costs: Total: COST (in PhP) 418,000 19,900 89,550 12,550 540,000


*refer to the first floor plan **Aside from labor, the Installation Cost also includes the cost for cables, connectors and ceiling trays. *** prices are based on Oct. 14, 2003 price list of PC Express Katipunan

Based on our canvasses, these estimates reflect the cheapest, most practical, and most cost-effective in the market. The prices above are based on items bought in bulk.


Link Yakal: the Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project is very feasible. The project is timely, as Internet connection is very much in demand among the residents. Technical and administrative concerns have been considered. Costs are shown to be most practical, cost-effective and, more importantly, the University already has the technology to implement the project. Funding this project will definitely be money wellspent. Proponents:

Rogelio V. Soriano Project Head, Link Yakal Secretary, Yakal House Council Yakal Residence Hall Association Noted: Aaron Encinares Chairperson Yakal Residence Hall Association Reviewed By: Romel P. Feria Director UP Computer Center

Ryan Michael I. Gelig Associate Project Head, Link Yakal Head, Yakal Internet Team Vice Chairperson, Yakal House Council Yakal Residence Hall Association Recommending Approval: Rodolfo A. Robidillo Dormitory Manager IV Yakal Residence Hall


A. Yakal Residence Hall Floor Plan

Yakal Residence Hall Basic Layout (First Floor)


Yakal Residence Hall Basic Layout (Second Floor)


B. Selected Pictures from the Yakal Residence Hall Association Activities

JAMPACKED! These are the 378 residents that count – all active members of the Association, in the first General Assembly entitled MMDA pARTy: Masayang Masayang Dorm Acquaintance Party

STAMPEDE! Yakal Residents crowd into the TV area to watch their debut on Philippine television, in Jessica Soho Reports.


INSOMNYAKAL. A glance at this Night of Poetry and Music. With performers from all over UP like the UP Singing Ambassadors, UP Street Dance Club, and the UP Music Circle.

BOOKSALE! This in-house book sale got its sources from current residents old books and those from former residents left in the store room. This not only generated funds but also helped the residents find the books they needed – cheap!

SING FATÁLE and EXTEMPO BRUTÁLE. The Yakal singing contest and extemporaneous speech contest in one. Here, the emcee explains the guidelines of the contest.


TRIVYAKAL. The participants together with the organizing committee.

CYDs. The Company of Yakal Dancers, in their intro pose for their first performance this semester.

HIMIG YAKAL, rendering their pop versions of classic love songs in their first Yakal performance this semester.


YAKALITES REPORTING. While the Formal Dinner was being held, the Yakal Open House was being featured and reported live on-air in Campus Radio 97.1 DWLS fm.

A Glimpse of SFX. This semester’s variety show featured the Company of Yakal Dancers and live bands from inside and outside UP. The concert was followed by a dance party. In this photo is Kiko Machine, an alternative band from the College of Fine Arts.


Himig Yakal in Awitan 2001 and 2002, the most prestigious University-wide choral competition. In both competitions, they won First Place.

THE TEAM. The Yakal House Council for their first photo as a team, right after their oath-taking in the first General Assembly: harassed but happy.


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