Feedbacks : Queensland University of Technology ,Brisbane, Australia Name Centre at NIFT Department Semester Exchange/ Summer Programme/ Academic

session Registration process at host school Sharmila Suresh Shinde Bengaluru Fashion Design Semester Exchange Aanchal Jiwrajka Mumbai Fashion Design Semester Exchange Abhinav Kumar Patna Fashion Design Semester Exchange Namitha Achandira Udaya Kumar Bengaluru Fashion Design Semester Exchange Asad Siraj Patna Fashion Design Semester Exchange

January-June 2012 Facilities International linkages support from host institution Contents of Onsite Orientation How helpful was the orientation? Classes/ Labs/ facilities/ infrastructure Professors/facul ty Learning outcomes Courses selected Excellent Excellent

January-June 2012 Very Good Very Good

July-December 2012 Very Good Very Good

July-December 2012 Very Good Very Good

July-December 2012 Excellent Excellent

On-site Orientation & Campus facilities Academics

Excellent Excellent Satisfactory

Very Good Excellent Excellent

Excellent Good Very Good

Excellent Very Good Excellent

Very Good Very Good Very Good

Satisfactory Satisfactory Film and costume, Design Studio-3, Internship

Very Good Very Good Drawing for Fashion Unspeakable beauty 1, Design studio 3 Fashion and costume in film English Average

Excellent Very Good Fashion and Style Journalism, Design Studio-4, Contemporary Fashion, Sustainability English Medium

Excellent Very Good Fashion Design

Very Good Excellent Design Studio-4, Sustainability, Fashion and Style Journalism and Contemporary Fashion English 48 academic creditsquite a good load. Working mechanism is very different hence be prepare

Medium of Instruction Course load

Lectures and Tutorials 4 Units

English 48 academic credits (4 units of 12 credit each)

blanket and lots of homemade food and instant noodles 240$ per week for 2 people stationery and food items are extremely costly 150$ per week Making your own Making your own food would cost a little lesser. camera and medicines Muslin and other fabrics Extremely weird weather. sunscreen. jacket. food stuff for initial days House rent: 200 AUD per week Cost $150 per week $250 per week Food Cost & availability $ 70-80 per week Making your own VS eating out $100 Transportation & Travel Packing On-campus food Local transportation Must haves Very Good Excellent Take stationery. winter as well as Rainy ---Basic winter and summer wear would be sufficient Good like bengaluru. jacket. Master card. shades and umbrella Leave it at home Weather considerations Food stuff ---- Winter clothing Summer. winter and summer wear. Blanket 560$ for 2 people Excellent Basic essentials some utensils. colored photocopy of all documents . Medical cover Food available around the campus Cost: A subway sandwich is about $7 Making your own food is much cheaper as a meal out would cost an average of $10-20 Good Good Umbrella A jacket Bedsheet/Blanket 30-40$ per day This could vary . Fooding (little). Ample of money to support you for one month (until you get scholarship) Very Good Very Good Shades. sunscreen. Very hot in the not too extreme summer Slightly cold during winter with heavy showers . Universal adapter Make your own 60$ per week/vs eating out 140$ per week Good Very Good Winter garment. blanket some cash (200AUD). 5070AUD per week Very Good Very Good Umbrella. so carry everything. approximately 70-100 AUD per week for sudden workloads Good Bed sheet. Good cell phone (with google map navigation facilities).Housing Facilities Things to carry Good Own Luggage Good Linen Cooking utensils Good Summer and winter clothing. Pillow.

100 for Visa. Initially Rs 28. Any international version of phone with AUD SIM (I had lyca mobile) Wi-fi available in campus as well as in accommodation Things may get difficult but get the best out of it.960 for health insurance. yet it was a good insight on the growing fashion in Australia and its competitiveness in the world.000 Passport-4000/Lelts-17. any 3G OR 2 G phone Spend around 20 AUD for 2 weeks Indian independence day celebrated on 14th August horrible celebration worth avoiding Quite good with reasonable price Computer & internet availability Any other comments Very good Very good experience as a whole Excellent Wi-fi facilities in University and at home None Excellent both at home and in campus None . Generally living is expensive None Flight ticket-Rs.5 Lakh Communication Phones & phone cards Lyca mobile card.000 (including flight and rent) 5 Lakh Memorable moments of culture shock Beach culture.000 AUD 10. 15. then Flight tickets(to and fro0and overall expenditure depends on your style of living. People are too friendly so consult whenever in problem. 48000-52000/Visa-28. weekday and weekend culture Casual Australian Mixing with entirely culture different culture Common differences between eastern and western culture Cheap available phone cards Some have reasonable calls to India Expensive internet Mostly limited data It was a great experience as Australia doesn’t come across as one of the fashion capitals. Rs.000/Total net: 1.Finances How much you spent $10. kind and friendly people.

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