The News-Herald Election Questionnaire Political Party: Democratic Party Name: Laura J.

Gorshe Age: 49 years of age

Date Questionnaire Completed: 09-17-2013 Office Sought: Euclid Council Person ~ Ward 8

Home Address: 835 East 250th Street, Euclid, OH 44132 Length of Residence in that community: 18 Years Facebook: Gorshe for Council Campaign Web Site: Email: Occupation: Banking and Financial Services – Currently - Director of Member Services Employer: Century Federal Credit Union Business Address: Elected Office Experience – I have not held an elected position. This is my first campaign for elected office. Non-Elected Office Experience (Boards, etc.): Past Experience: City of Euclid, Recreation Department, Youth Flag Football Cheerleader Coach Euclid Development Corporation, Secretary, Board Member and Loan Committee Member City of Euclid Community Development Block Grant Fund Citizen’s Advisory Committee Downtown Euclid Redevelopment Advisory Committee Euclid Citizens Tax Advisory Committee Euclid Charter Review Commission Euclid Chamber of Commerce Euclid Police Athletic League Euclid Police Citizen’s Police Academy Euclid Weed & Seed Euclid Hospital Emergency Room Expansions Project Euclid YMCA St. Felicitas School (NKA St. John of the Cross) Chairperson School Development Board St. Felicitas Church (NKA St. John of the Cross) Hospitality Minister Mary Mavec Opportunity School of Euclid


Current: Euclid Planning & Zoning Commission – Commissioner Euclid Democratic Club Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s’ Caucus Education: – BS in Marketing from David N. Myers University Various Banking and Finance Courses offered by the Financial Industry Marital Status: Single Children: Dan Kava, Amanda Gorshe

Organizations Past Organizations:

Current Organizations: Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research and how specifically would you go about it? The three specific areas I would address are: 1. Long term financial planning. When I am elected I will work with my council colleagues to craft legislation that will immediately update the City’s Master Plan. The Master Plan has not been reviewed in decades. It is important that we strategically craft a roadmap and strategic vision for the redevelopment of the city. In addition to long-term financial planning we will look at long-term service objectives. 2. Attracting and Retaining Business Business advocacy is a crucial part of the City’s long term plan– With my strong financial background, business acumen and experience as a current Planning & Zoning Commissioner, I am well aware of what the business community requires for success. When I am Councilwoman for Ward 8, I will immediately begin to work with the Economic Development Division and The Euclid Chamber of Commerce to host a business symposium roundtable to listen to current business owners in an open forum. Taking the results of the


symposium to craft an action plan and provide solutions for long-term business growth and sustainability. 3. Enforce the housing codes. I will take a zero tolerance stand on the magnitude of abandoned, vacant and foreclosed properties in Euclid. The housing crisis is a huge problem for many communities in Northeast Ohio – however we can do better. I will work closely with the Building and Housing department to ensure that resident’s concerns are met with action. I will also work closely with Council and the Neighborhood Engagement Specialist to make sure that we are using every available resource to mitigate these situations. Strong neighboroods are key to the process. I will be a champion to create, maintain or reinvigorate strong neighborhood associations. Associations that engage the community will only ensure that we will take our city back – one neighborhood at a time!

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? I have resided in Euclid for the past 18 years and have raised 2 wonderful children. My background is in banking and finance. I have been involved in the City as a member of Euclid’s many Boards and Commissions. I am a current Planning & Zoning Commissioner and am a past Chairman of the Euclid Chamber of Commerce. As a private resident, I have been an active volunteer for many years. I am committed to this community and have a proven track record of not only offering ideas on how to improve Euclid, but by rolling up my sleeves and putting those ideas into action. I am eager to further my role in the community by seeking the Ward 8 Council Seat. I assure you that I will uphold the opinions and address the concerns of Ward 8 residents. I encourage every Ward 8 resident to challenge me in the areas of this City that we passionately share. Feel free to contact me via phone or email. It would be my pleasure to have a conversation where we discuss your concerns for Euclid further.


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