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Student Objective & General Education Component

Name Brock Mills


Date 10-8-13 the

Section B Component

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Student Objective
Student Objective Questions:
1. Reflect: What are your short/long term goals (academic, career, & personal)? You may include your ideal career in engineering or your preferred working environment. 2. As you choose your General Education courses (to satisfy your degree requirements), please describe how the courses will help you to develop as a professional engineer. You may highlight skills and knowledge as listed in the University Catalog course descriptions.

In reflection, I have created several goals for myself. In the short term my clear goal is to graduate. The number one goal right now it graduating. After graduation, is employment, where I work for a company that deals with embedded systems. Working for this company will build my technical skills as well as my experience as a whole. Long term goals would be to learn as much as I can, where ever I work. Then possibly return to academia as an instructor. In the selection of my General Education courses, I tried to select course that would diversify as well as broaden my skills with its course material. I took classes in Economics, Phycology, as well as History. These types of courses are all well rounded courses with very applicable material to an Engineering major. Basic economics is always good to know when heading out into the real world. The understanding of market trends as well and the ideal of consumer verses producer are always very important for engineers. Phycology is a very good, very basic class that allows the student to step away from the technical classes and solve problems not with numbers, but with reasoning. History courses are always important to any major, because if you dont understand history, you are doomed to repeat it.

General Education Component


Requirements are:

1) 2) 3) 4)

3 cr. of U.S. Diversity, 3 cr. of International Perspective 6 cr. of 300/400 level courses At least 15 credits total.

You may NOT have: Any Engineering, Computer Science, Math, or physical sciences courses or courses with substantial applied science Check the Not Allowable GEC Course Listing in your course packet for a complete list of non-allowable General Education courses

International Students defined as those students whose citizenship status is coded N (for nonimmigrant) or R (for refugee or asylee) on their official university record are exempted from the International Perspectives course requirement but must still have 15 credits of General Education Electives.

If you have General Education transfer courses .. Transfer courses (minimum grade=C) can be used to meet your General Education requirement of fifteen credits. Please list on the appropriate lines below both ISU and transfer courses that can be applied toward meeting your General Education requirement. Check your degree audit on AccessPlus in the "General Education Electives" category to see which courses have already been applied toward your General Education requirements.

General Education Courses Information

Dept & Course Number

Course Title


Transfer Credit?

U.S. Diversity: International Perspective: 300/400 level: 300/400 level: Other: Other: Other:

Econ 321 Hist 202

Economics of Discrimination European History

Econ 101 Psych 101 Sp CM 212

Microeconomics Introduction to Psychology

3 Cr. 3 Cr. Cr. Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr.

No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes

Must total (15) credits





NOTE: Please sign this form when you submit it. An ECPE Academic Adviser must approve
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