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commercial and infrastructure sectors. This not only results in reduced lead times. Unique In-house Fabrications Department Polypipe Civils is the only plastic pipe manufacturer in the UK with its own in-house fabrications department. This unique service enables Polypipe Civils to overcome the most difficult site constraints to create truly bespoke Polypipe is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers of piping and sanitary systems for the residential. Horncastle and Glasgow. allows us to work in partnership with our clients to provide bespoke. sewerage and water management systems. serving the utilities.Polypipe Civils unique solutions in fabrication The UK Market Leader Polypipe Civils is the UK’s leading manufacturer of cable protection.000 square foot facility. but also gives the fabrications department access to the extensive knowledge. solutions to meet the needs of customers. experience and resource of the wider Polypipe Civils team. Our in-house fabrications department. drainage. Supported by this established foundation. employing over 300 people. which includes a 30. With the fabrications department located within the Polypipe Civils business it provides direct access to the raw materials for the fabricated items. 2 3 . pre-fabricated solutions designed to reduce time and installation costs on-site. Polypipe Civils is able to make significant investment in its manufacturing processes and now operates over three sites in Loughborough. construction and civil engineering markets.

The strong. Our products can be designed and manufactured to suit any project timeline. including Civils Specialists. Seamless Integration Fabricated solutions from Polypipe Civils are designed to integrate into an overall drainage application. fully qualified design engineers work in partnership with our customers to create a bespoke solution to match individual specifications and site requirements. without the need for lengthy lead times that often limit more traditional materials. Our fabrications team does not only include a team of highly experienced welders. Design Engineers and technical support to ensure our customers receive the very best service. yet lightweight properties of plastic pipes also enables further reduction in the use of heavy plant on-site. storage and installation. but also calls upon the resource and capabilities of the wider Polypipe Civils team. This approach to modern methods of construction reduces time and installation costs on-site as well as minimising 45° health and safety risks in handling. Off-site Construction Polypipe Civils is unique in its position of being 90° able to offer pre-fabricated.Tailor made solutions from Polypipe Civils’ highly skilled in-house fabrications team Tailor Made Solutions As part of the unique fabrications service offered by Polypipe Civils. 400 400 1200 2180 0 90° 400 400 45° 400 4 5 . Polypipe Civils offers a valueengineered approach to bespoke fabrications and is supported by a technical department that provides sound advice and design experience. bespoke solutions constructed off-site. with the fabricated element designed specifically to meet the requirements of the scheme.

form part of a standard stable of fabricated products.90° 400 45° 400 The Range fabricated products from standard applications to one-off bespoke solutions Catchpits Manholes Flow Controls Filters Tanks Fittings The range Years of experience has enabled Polypipe Civils to produce a core range of products that although bespoke to each site. Accessories 6 7 .

They provide easily accessible maintenance points before the attenuation or soakaway structure. Full Range of Options Foul or Surface Water Manholes G Benefits • Lightweight chamber design • Tough and durable product • Pre-fabricated off-site and delivered ready to install 1050mm. 1500mm.Catchpits our structured wall catchpits are manufactured to exact customer requirements Our range of catchpits are designed to be used in conjunction with our attenuation and soakaway products. with orientation set to customer requirements • Inlets and outlets supplied with integral •  Provides easy access maintenance Specification Requirements what we need to know: Internal diameter of chamber (mm) Base required Step irons/ladder access required Number of inlets Orientation of inlets Depth to invert level of inlets Specification Requirements what we need to know: Internal diameter of chamber Base required Step irons/ladder access required Number of inlets Orientation of inlets Depth to invert level of inlets 8 9 . Ridgisewer is the largest range of integrally socketed pipes for use in gravity sewers. 1800mm and 2100mm Stormwater manhole Foul manhole • One piece shaft • Fully welded water tight solution • Depth of manhole bespoke to customer requirements • Fully bespoke option of inlets and outlets • Double step irons to BS 1247 as standard. 1800mm and 2100mm sockets as standard points for silt collection prior to the attenuation structure •  Catchpits are also available perforated for use as a lightweight soakaway chamber • Choice of chamber sizes from Benefits •  Designed to integrate with the extensive range of systems from Polypipe Civils • Choice of chamber sizes from 1050mm. 1200mm. Manholes surface water and sewer manholes manufactured to adoptable standards Associated Products Ridgidrain is the first structured wall surface water drainage system to achieve the HAPAS specification issued by the BBA. 1200mm. 1500mm.

• Integral sump for silt catchment with optional drain down system to ease maintenance and silt removal • Can sustain high water tables without the need for concrete surround •  Choice of depth up to maximum invert level of six metres • Factory-fitted pre-installed Vortex Control device saves time and expense on-site • Comes pre-assembled. with Polystorm and Polystorm Lite offering 40 and 20 tonne load bearing capability respectively. washing machine use and wash down areas.Flow Control Chambers Stormcheck Chambers The Stormcheck ‘Vortex Flow Control Chamber’ comprises of a pre-fabricated plastic chamber in a range of diameters. Ridgistorm-XL. Constructed from either structured-wall pipe for shallower burial depth or GRP for larger capacity requirements. the Eco-Vat rainwater harvesting solution can typically reduce Surface Water & Foul Water Tanks Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Associated Products Polypipe offers a range of modular attenuation and soakaway solutions. bypass and non-bypass system Specification Requirements what we need to know: Number of inlets Pipe diameter of inlets (mm) Design head of water (m) Available flow rate (litres/sec) Specification Requirements what we need to know: Roof area (m²) Pipe diameter of inlets and outlets (mm) Depth to invert of tank inlet (m) 10 11 . Polypipe Civils can also supply tanks for use in foul water or surface water applications. Polystorm Xtra has a installations can be built up to form a load bearing tank structure. Polypipe also offers a large diameter pipeline and attenuation system. Various tank sizes can be offered to suit specific sites. Stormcheck Vortex Flow Controls Stormcheck Vortex Flow Controls Tanks Eco-Vat Tanks Eco-Vat tanks are designed for both residential and commercial projects to collect rainwater from roof areas for re-use in non-potable applications. Benefits • Vortex Flow Control housed within sealed chamber for ‘plug and play’ installation load bearing of 80 tonnes. Each variety of Polystorm unit is light enough to carry and Associated Products Benefits • Designed specifically for the UK market • Robust as well as quick and easy to install To accompany our structured-wall or GRP tanks in rainwater harvesting applications. silt and other debris from entering and contaminating any run-off water in the tank. The unique design utilises no moving parts. ready for installation • Based on a proven and tested product •  Available as manual. meaning they are virtually maintenance free. such as toilet flushing. Vortex Flow Control devices are widely recognised as the most hydraulically efficient means of flow regulation. Supplied pre-installed with an integral Vortex Flow Control device which allows precise control of site discharge rates from an attenuation storage system. Polypipe Civils supplies a range of leaf filters which prevent the ingress of leaves. mains water demand by as much as 50%.

000 square metres •  Range of filters available for roof sizes • Designed specifically for project requirements • Compliant with Water Framework Directive Specification Requirements what we need to know: Roof area (m²)/Traffic flow Pipe diameter of inlets and outlets (mm) Depth to invert of tank inlet (m) Specification Requirements what we need to know: Roof area (m2) Pipe diameter of inlets and outlets (mm) Depth to invert of tank inlet (m) 12 13 . enabling connection to an existing drain run. Designed to exact customer specifications the low invert drop filters and chambers allow a minimum head loss of only 66mm. reducing installation time dramatically and providing an innovative solution to the issue of surface water quality. Benefits • Treated surface water run-off can be discharged directly to watercourse Benefits • All filters are fabricated within a sealed chamber. they are virtually maintenance free. Low Invert Drop Leaf Filters In situations where the existing drain run dictates the invert level. Storm X4 is delivered to site within a pre-fabricated chamber. Polypipe Civils is unique in its ability to offer bespoke low invert drop filters within a pre-fabricated chamber. easier and safer installation with off-site construction Storm X4 Utilising the latest four stage upward filtration technology. Filters within Chambers Polypipe Civils provides sediment and leaf filters pre-fabricated within chambers and delivered to site ready to install. Used in conjunction with the Eco-Vat Rainwater Harvesting system to eliminate siltation within the system. Utilising no moving parts. Storm X4 reduces surface water run-off contamination from road and roof areas to enable clean water to enter the watercourse or soakaway structure. built to exacting standards and customer specifications • Delivered to site within a chamber for quicker. low invert drop filters may need to be considered. Polypipe Civils is the only supplier of rainwater harvesting products with the capability to offer such a service. easier and safer installation • Low maintenance .Filters within Chambers quicker.filter lasts for 2 years on average • Low maintenance-filter • Lightweight chamber design • Tough and durable product • Designed specifically to meet project requirements up to 9.

Concrete cover slabs Step Irons or ladders Gravel surrounds are suitable for pedestrian or light field loading. light load and traffic applications Quick and easy installation Manhole cover & frame Loading Polypipe Civils chambers and manholes can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional concrete or brick construction with reduced health and safety risks.Fittings & Accessories to accompany our range of bespoke and fabricated products Fittings Accessories Installation quicker. These time Riser Pieces Gully Riser Pieces and cost savings are passed directly to the contractor on-site. Concrete surrounds Tank/Turret Riser Pieces Covers and Frames We offer a range of covers and frames in a variety of materials: • Steel Step irons or ladder should be used in carriageways or locations subject to heavy loads or frequent trafficking. Bespoke Gullies Non-standard Ts and Bends for Sewer • Plastic • Ductile Iron • Composite • Bespoke fabricated to suit site Benching Drain and Duct Split Duct Chamber Channel 14 15 . safer and robust installations for pedestrian. or where a high water table is present.

There is often a lot of work that goes into the jobs we undertake and we operate strict controls to ensure that we supply products that are the highest quality to our customers. Profile: Satnam Johal age 40 Position: Fabrications Manager at Polypipe Civils Qualifications: City & Guilds (Brickwork) and IOSH – Managing Safely Polypipe Civils Service: 19 years Achievements: As the only UK plastic pipe manufacturer to offer a dedicated fabrications service. Our technical department are able to take existing drawings and employ the principles of value-engineering to design a more cost effective solution. The technical services team includes fully qualified Design engineers who provide detailed specification right through to installation and guidance. Technical Department The calibre of people and technical expertise within Polypipe Civils provides an enviable standard of technical service and customer support.The Fabrications Team skill and commitment throughout the design and fabrication process Technical Expertise Our qualified Civils Specialists provide exceptional standards of customer service and operate as the link between the site and the technical office. Profile: Andy Cullum age 30 Position: Commercial Manager for Polypipe WMS Qualifications: BEng Civil Engineering from Nottingham University Polypipe Civils Service: 8 years Achievements: Being a Civil Engineer allows me to understand both the needs of the project and the technical data requirements for our technical team. We also work closely with our customers to design a specific element of an overall project plan as part of our design take-off service. we are very proud of the work carried out by the team. our customers can take advantage of our detailed knowledge to ensure the solution meets their exact requirements. We’ve recently completed work on over 40 bespoke manholes for the CJL project which I’m very proud to have been involved with. By working with a dedicated representative. As the link between the technical department and site this knowledge is invaluable. 16 17 . Profile: Pal Johal Qualifications: TWI certification Polypipe Civils Service: 15 years Achievements: The fabrications department is a rewarding place to work as I get to work on some of the most high profile projects within the business.

The Fabrications Process As part of our unique fabrications service.Fabrications process in-house fabrication for every site specific application Justifiably Proud Our team of highly experienced welders have all successfully completed The Welding Institutes Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel. our Technical Department work closely with the Fabrications Team to produce the desired product. our Fabrications Team ensure that we can respond efficiently to customers’ needs to design and provide solutions to pipeline problems. Polypipe Civils can fabricate a complete and bespoke solution to meet specific site requirements. our fabrications operatives undergo continued training and development to ensure the service we offer our customers is the very best available. which is then quality checked and tested to ensure a fit for purpose solution is delivered to site. As part of our continuous improvement plan. a tailored training course which is carried out in accordance with the British and European Standard. 18 19 . we undertake full problem analysis to identify the initial issue on-site and the most appropriate fabrication solution. Once a bespoke solution has been designed. In situations where standard products are not the preferred option. Working together with technical support.

For the past 15 years it has been our policy to use as much recycled material as possible. there are many elements to consider. As many of our products arrive on-site ready to be installed. This offers contractors and developers a significant step in improving their green credentials. Our commitment to the environment is inherent throughout the business and we take pride in our position as a responsible manufacturer. Reducing Waste The use of pre-fabricated solutions manufactured off-site reduces the amount of traffic to and from site. enabling us to maintain the exacting standards of quality and durability to help protect the environment. either from other industries or post consumer waste. whether it be through improved transport policies to reduce fuel consumption. Any waste which occurs during manufacture is under our control and is fed back into our manufacturing process to be recycled. whilst also dramatically reducing the amount of wastage. Environmental Commitments Polypipe Civils has made significant investment in its commitment to the environment throughout the business. One key element of this commitment is our use of recycled product.Our commitment to the environment Our Future Commitments Sustainability is not just about manufacturing products from recycled material or helping to reduce energy consumption. 1200 90° 400 45° 2180 400 400 400 20 21 . no excess work is required which reduces any waste occurring on-site. In the overall production of our plastic pipe we use over 45% recycled plastic. Polypipe Civils makes a conscious effort to ensure as much is being done to help the external environment as possible. machinery which uses less energy or recovering site waste.

All dimensions given are nominal and Polypipe Civils Limited may modify and change the information. Knowles Transport Polypipe Civils worked closely with groundworker DJE Construction to supply 17 pre-fabricated and bespoke catchpits at the redevelopment of a transport depot in Wisbech. To collect excess rainwater and surface water run-off from the large roof and hard standing car park areas. A concrete drainage solution was originally specified on the project. Each manhole was also installed with a concrete bed and surround to resist flotation caused by the high water table. We accept no liability whatsoever (to the extent permitted by law) if you place any reliance on this brochure and you must do so at your own risk. which were constructed off-site in prefabricated chambers. Polypipe Civils’ Fabrication Department played a key role in determining the specific catchpit design to meet the objectives of DJE on-site. enabling quicker and easier installation on-site. which significantly reduced the number of leakage points within the structure. Polypipe Civils’ installed its Stormcheck flow control products. All descriptions and illustrations in this publication are intended for guidance only and shall not constitute a “sale by description”. The information in this brochure is provided ‘as is’ on 1st September 2008. This was re-engineered to incorporate plastic chambers which offered quicker and more efficient installation. Updates will not be issued automatically. The project suffered from particularly challenging site constraints due to the high water table. without prior notice. whether by way of advice. 22 23 . representation or warranty (express or implied).000 sq feet depot and car park for Geo Post. To enable the surface water run-off to be discharged safely to the local drainage network. The unique design incorporates a pre-formed and pre-benched manhole with a complete shaft. Cambridgeshire. which resulted in Polypipe Civils designing and supplying a bespoke sealed manhole solution. Over 220 metres of pipe was installed in total. an international delivery company based in Warrington. CJL Sub-contractor CJL Construction required over 70 manholes for a foul water scheme on a new housing development in Weston-Super-Mare. as well as improved health and safety benefits on-site.Case studies our proven track record of providing tailored solutions for specific projects Geo Post Polypipe Civils were approached by Barnfield Construction to supply technical advice for the most appropriate drainage system during the construction of a new 30. This information is not intended to have any legal effect. The bespoke solution designed by Polypipe Civils included catchpits in 1500mm and 1800mm diameters alongside more than 100 metres of Ridgidrain structured wall pipe in varying sizes. Polypipe Civils supplied its large diameter Ridgidrain pipe in 900 and 1050mm diameters to attenuate excess stormwater. products and specifications from time to time for a variety of reasons.

Bespoke Fabrications Systems Polypipe Civils Head Office Charnwood Business Park North Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 1LE Tel: 01509 615100 Fax: 01509 610215 Email: enquiries@polypipecivils.uk www.uk .co.polypipecivils.co.

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