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Muhammad Salman Tahir Abdul Qadeer Khan Zubair Hussain Hasham Tariq

Mr. Faisal Qureshi

DATE: 01/10/2013

1. Do you think it is a good idea to apply scientific management theories to sports? A. Yes it is a good idea if you use an adequate theory to the game. Through the study of science and sport, researchers have developed a greater understanding on how the human body reacts to exercise, training, different environments and many other stimuli. 2. Why do you think the coaches and players resented the suggestions and findings of the research team? A. They were resented because the whole new procedure to train the players was too mechanical and far away from the originality of the game. Emotions drives us humans hence any particular game involves emotions, which influences individuals performance. Players performance should not be judged like a cog in the machinery. Players are not a part of some mechanical process. 3. What do you think about Jacquelines comment that such ideas will take away the beauty of the game? A. Such ideas if somehow successfully applied would on one hand, attack and seize the freewill of the player as he must make those movements within specified time and the whole thing would become too much stressful for the player that could result in panic. On the other hand it will make the game too predictable. The beauty of any game lies in its uncertainty, as anything could happen in a game anytime. Even your best player could sometimes fall at some critical stage of the game or your weakest player could sometimes rise out of nowhere. You could lose a winning game or win a losing game at the very last minute. Thats what makes games something entertaining for the players to play and for the spectators to watch. 4. According to Jacqueline, the team had been performing well even before these methods. Do you really think application of time and motion study was required for a high performing team? A. We cannot rule out the results put forward by time and motion study but we cannot use the same time and motion theory as a solution by allocating 0.37 seconds/ movement to the defenders, while 0.46 seconds/ movement to the midfielders. The game is not just played with body, but equally with mind also and

we cannot bind the mind. We should rather take up the result of the study and try to improve those areas through more training and exercise, making players quicker to react, but this should not be confined by any time frames as suggested by time and motion study. 5. Is McCain right in saying that ultimately everything is science, including sports? A. Science is man's way of explaining how or why things happen in this universe. Science is based on facts. McCain is right in a sense that everything is somehow connected to science. Science is a concept that can fit into any action be it sports or anything else. Science can be used to determine reason behind any pattern but that doesnt necessarily mean that the same scientific analogy can be used to bring about a change in that pattern as we discussed it above in answers to previous questions. 6. What could be the value and importance of Human Relations Model in a team game like hockey? A. Human relation model is of great value and importance for a sports team due to the need of coordination. Psychological and human factors directly influences the performance of a person and as a sportsman, factors like greater understanding between all the teammates, good relation with coach, open supportive communication and consistent feedback enhances team performance vis--vis coordination and overall satisfaction. 7. Do you think sports teams and clubs are also influenced by environments? Name some strategic constituencies that would be important for a sports team/club. A.