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Epoxy zinc rich primer

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CERA ZINC - ZR is a two-pack polyamide cured air-drying compound having excellent resistance to corrosion, ideally suitable for repairing exposed reinforced concrete with CeraChem concrete repair products and as a primer for subsequent coatings in steel structures. ADVANTAGES: Excellent protection for steel from corrosion Recommended for use in natural (coastal) as well as artificial (industrial) corroding environments Excellent adhesion and bond strength in Cementitious repair systems Two-component, ready to use system

FUNCTION: Cera Zinc - ZR, supplied as a twocomponent system, when mixed and applied on the reinforcement or steel structures, forms an impervious strongly adhering film, which inhibits the corrosion process in the structure. USES: Cera Zinc - ZR is used as a coating for protection of reinforcement in concrete, structural steel, M.S. Liners, equipments, conveyors, storage tanks etc., from chemical and saline environments as in Fertilizer plants Refineries & petrochemical complexes Hydroelectric projects Pulp, paper, rayon units Sugar industries Port ( off-shore installations) Bridges, Culverts, flyovers etc. METHOD OF APPLICATIONS: The adhesion of Cera Zinc - ZR is greatly impaired if the substrate is not prepared properly. Removal of rust, mill scales, etc. forms an essential part of surface preparation. Thorough scrubbing with wire brushes, grinding, etc are the means of exposing the sound substrate. Sandblasting shall be carried out in larger areas. Application of Cera Zinc ZR should be carried out immediately after surface preparation, preferably within three hours. Mix Cera Zinc - ZR base and curing agent in prescribed proportion by volume and allow it to remain for 10 minutes. Remix the compound and apply on the prepared surface with brush. Allow Cera Zinc ZR to cure completely before subsequent coating, such as CERA CORROSEAL in case of exposed structural steels in off shore installation or application of repair systems CERA FIBRE CRETE.

PROPERTIES: Epoxy Resin Grey Liquid suspension Mixed Density 1.3 Kg/litre Volume Solids, % 55-60 Mixing ratio 4 : 1 Base: Curing agent (by weight) Pot Life 45 minutes at 25oC Tack Free time 60 minutes at 25oC Recoat Time 7 Hours at 25oC Total Zinc 1014% by Content in dry weight film Dry film 90 100 microns thickness per coat per coat Application 10oC - 40oC temperature Chemical Excellent, as Resistance determined by salt spray test Base Supply form COVERAGE: Cera Zinc ZR covers 5-6 m2 per kg / coat. The Coverage may vary depending upon porosity of the substrate. PACKAGING: 1 and 6kg. Bulk packing available on request. HEALTH & SAFETY: Avoid contact with skin for prolonged period. In case of any contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Please consult Cera - Chem. technical cell for further details.

Cera-Chem Pvt Ltd also manufactures and markets a wide range of products including: Concrete Admixtures Water Proofing Systems Tile Adhesives & Joint Grouts Polymer Modified Structural Repair Products Epoxies & Bonding Agents Industrial Flooring Elastomeric Sealants Anti-Corrosive Treatments Non shrink Cementitious Grouts Epoxy Grout Polyester Grouts Curing compounds Mould Releasing Oil Whilst any information and / or specification contained herein is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate, no warranty is given or implied in connection with any recommendation or suggestions made by us, our Representatives, Agents or Distributors, as the conditions of use of any labour involved are beyond our control.

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