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Autism Spectrum Disorders/Sensory
(Including Sensorimotor, Movement & Self-Regulatory titles)
Autumn 2004
Amazing Babies Video: Moving in the First Year. Beverley Stokes, $29.95 – Essential
Movement Book, $22.95
Amazing Toddlers Video: Moving, Communicating, Learning. Beverley Stokes, $29.95
Answers to Questions Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration: Forms, Checklists and
Practical Tools. Carol Kranowitz et al, $19.95
Asperger Syndrome & Sensory Issues: Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the
World. Brenda Smith Myles, et al, $27.95
Autism: a Sensorimotor Approach to Management. Ruth Huebner, $108.50
Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning. Paul Dennison & Gail
Dennison, $12.50
Brain Gym, Teacher’s Edition, Revised. Paul Dennison & Gail Dennison, $27.95
Building Bridges through Sensory Integration: Occupational Therapy for Children with
Autism and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Ellen Yack, Shirley Sutton &
Paula Aquilla, $34.95
Callirobics for Beginners: Basic Shapes to Music for Developing Pre-Writing Skills.
Liora Laufer, with Audiotape, $28.95, with Audio CD, $35.95
Callirobics: Handwriting Exercises to Music –Ages 7-14. Liora Laufer, with Audiotape,

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$38.95, with Audio CD, $45.95

Callirobics: Pre-Writing Skills with Music –Ages 4-7, Liora Laufer, with Audiotape,
$28.95, with Audio CD, $35.95

Danceland Audiocassette. Kristen Fitz Taylor & Cheryl McDonald, $27.95, CD $29.95
Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Birth to Three. Donna Staisiunas Hurley,
Developmental Coordination Disorder. Sharon Cermak & Dawne Larkin, $96.95
Developmental Coordination Disorder: Hints and Tips for the Activities of Daily Living.
Morven Ball, $22.95
The Dominance Factor: How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Bain, Hand & Foot
Can Improve Your Learning. Carla Hannaford, $20.95
Dyspraxia: a Guide for Teachers and Parents. Kate Ripley et al, $38.95
Dyspraxia 5-11: a Practical Guide. Christine MacIntyre, $27.95
Getting Kids in Sync Video: Sensory-Motor Activities to Help Children Develop Body
Awareness and Integrate their Senses. Carol Kranowitz, $27.95 (29 minutes)
Handprints: Home Programs for Hand Skills. Valerie Pieranccini & Darla Vance, $74.95
Hands On: How to Use Brain Gym in the Classroom, a Practical Photo Manual for
Educators, Parents and Learners. Isabel Cohen & Marcelle Goldsmith, $41.95
Helping Children with Dyspraxia. Maureen Boon, $27.95
How Does Your Engine Run? A Leader’s Guide to the Alert Program for Self-
Regulation. Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenberger, $63.95 (booklets, $13.95)
How to Help a Clumsy Child: Strategies for Young Children with Developmental Motor
Concerns. Lisa Kurtz, $22.95

I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym with Children Who Have Special Needs. Cecilia
Freeman with Gail Dennison, $24.95
Inclusive Games: Movement Fun for Everyone! Susan Kasser, $23.95
Let’s Get Ready: a Developmental Motor Skills Program for Speech and OT. Fern
Silverman & Michelle Kolody-Cost, $57.95
Making Sense of Art: Sensory-Based Art Activities for Children with Autism, Asperger
Syndrome and Other PDDs. Sandra Davalos, $29.95
Marvelous Mouth Music Audiotape. Suzanne Evans Morris, $27.95, CD $29.95
Moving with a Purpose: Developing Programs for Preschoolers of All Abilities. Renee
McCDall & Diane Craft, $40.50
Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities and their Clinical Subtypes: Assessment, Diagnosis
and Management. Maggie Mamen, $10.95

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Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home: a Parent’s Guide. Pamela Tanguay, $29.95

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at School: Educating Students with NLD, Asperger
Syndrome, and Related Conditions. Pamela Tanguay, $38.95
Nourishing the Caregiver CD. Fred Hersch, with written reflections by Art Lnade & Beth
Kephart, $25.95
101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces. Carol Kranowitz, $14.50

An OT and SLP Team Approach: Sensory and Communication Strategies that Work.
Janet Mora & Nancy Kashman, $36.95
The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction.
Carol Kranowitz, $22.50; Videos (2), $69.95 (85 minutes)
The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Integration
Dysfunction. Carol Kranowitz, $22.50
Pathways to Play! Combining Sensory Integration and Integrated Play Groups. Glenda
Fuge & Rebecca Berry, $41.95
Physical Activities for Improving Children’s Learning and Behavior: A Guide to Sensory
Motor Development. Billye Ann Cheatum & Allison Hammond, $28.95
Ready, Set, Go! Building Readiness for Visual, Sensory and Motor Skills. Paige Settles
Strode & Cynthia Portner Rhodes, $55.95
Ready-to-Use Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Activities for Young Children:
Teaching, Remediation and Assessment. Joanne Landy & Keith Burridge, $55.95
Ready-to-Use Fundamental Motor Skills a& movement Activities for Young Children:
Teaching, Remediation and Assessment. Joanne Landy & Keith Burridge, $55.95
Seeing Clearly: Fun Activities for Improving Vision Skills. Lois Hickman & Rebecca
Hutchins, $13.95
Sensory Challenges & Answers Video. Dr. Temple Grandin, $43.95
Sensory Integration and Self-Regulation in Infants and Toddlers: Helping Very Young
Children Interact with Their Environment. G. Gordon Williamson & Marie Anzalone,

Sensory Integration and the Child. A. Jean Ayres, $41.95

Sensory Integration for Early Intervention: a Team Approach. Edited by Katherine
Newton Inamura, $99.95
Sensory Integration: Practical Strategies and Sensory Motor Activities for Use in the
Classroom. Michael Abraham, $19.95
Sensory Integration: Theory & Practice, 2nd Edition. Anita Bundy et al, $72.95

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Sensory Motor Activities for the Young Child. Donna Staisiunas Hurley, $79.95
Sensory Processing for Parents Video (28 minutes): From Roots to Wings. $29.95
Sensory Smarts: a Book for Kids with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders Struggling
with Sensory Integration Problems. Kathleen Chara et al, $16.95
The Sensory-Sensitive Child: Practical Solutions for Out-of-Bounds Behavior. Karen
Smith & Karen Gouze, $38.95
Small Steps Forward: Using Games and Activities to Help Your Pre-School Child with
Special Needs. Sarah Newman, $29.95
Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head. Carla Hannaford, $21.95
Songames for Sensory Integration: an 87-Minute Audiotape with 80-Page Booklet.
Aubrey Land, $35.95; with CD, $26.95

Stephen Harris in Trouble: a Dyspraxic Drama in Several Clumsy Acts. Tim Nichol,
$19.95 (age 10 and up)
Take Five! Staying ALERT at Home and School. Mary Sue Williams & Sherry
Shellenberger, $49.95
Teachers Ask about Sensory Integration. Stacey Szklut in conversation with Carol
Kranowitz, with Narration by David Silver, $29.95 (105 minutes)
Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are a Sensory Defensive
in an Overstimulating World. Sharon Heller, Ph.D., $21.95
Twos Experience Sensory Play. Liz & Dick Wilmes, $24.95
Unlocking the Mysteries of Sensory Dysfunction: a Resource for Anyone Who Works
With, or Lives With, a Child With Sensory Issues. Elizabeth Anderson & Pauline
Emmons, $27.95

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