Group 8 Body and interior

Group 84 Glass and mirrors

Group 87 Air conditioning (A/C)

Tightening torque Model year 1975-1990 (R 12 refrigerant)

To A/C compressor From A/C compressor Pipe, expansion valve Toand from evaporator Toexpansion valve Toand from receiver/dryer From ETF valve To condenser From condenser Toand from silencer

Model year 1991-1992 (R 12 refrigerant)

Model year 1993 (R 134a refrigerant)

For symbols refer to previous page. From compressor To compressor Connection between compressor and condenser From condenser High pressure switch To condenser Connection between condenser and evaporator To and from receiver/dryer ETF valve Low-pressure switch (Pressostat) From evaporator To evaporator

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