So who’s running the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office? That’s the question the media should be asking.

Sure, Lew Evangelidis is the elected Sheriff. However, his trusty data management sidekick, also known as Chief Deputy Sheriff David Tuttle, certainly appears to be calling his own shots. As this community as already reported shortly after being hired as a temporary program and management analyst (an ambiguous title to go along with his 2 yr. appointment), Tuttle would quietly become Chief Deputy Sheriff overseeing the Civil Process Division of Big Lew’s domain. • •

Tuttle not only took over the CPD, he apparently made the unilateral decision to transform it into a 501(c)3.

Why the sudden need to create a nonprofit? Who knows? But what is known is that of the Commonwealths thirteen (13) other County Sheriff’s Offices, not a one has attempted this intriguing play to hide off-line money even more – all in the name of public charity! Wasn’t the CPD already serving summons, warrants, subpoenas and the like across Worcester County? Yes. And wasn’t the CPD collecting fees for the service of civil process? Hell ya! And wasn’t the CPD serving as a supporting organization for the House of Correction? Why sure. Just take a look at what the CPD’s other nonprofit, the Worcester County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, has been doing since 1987.

They increase awareness regarding law enforcement and corrections. No doubt this Association creates, sponsors, and promotes the very same thing Tuttle’s nonprofit supposedly is doing. So why duplicate efforts when both not only serve the same master – Lew - but also share the same mailing address, 240 Main Street, Worcester, MA. Just a different P.O. Box. What a shocker! (Think 2-0-1 West Street, Wonderland 1005)

Oh but this tale gets even better, Outsiders. Recall how the Chief Deputy Sheriff also runs a voter data base management company, The Barre Group (aka Capital Connections). Big Lew is a not only a big public cheerleader for this company but also a big-time customer!

Doesn’t it strike any of You as a tad bit conflicting that the head of the CPD can be overseeing a legal process while also operating a private venture that assists elected officials – including many in Worcester County?! I certainly do – especially in light of Wonderland’s secretive criminal investigation stemming from a forensic audit last June, 16-months and counting… But apparently Big Lew sees things differently. Much differently. I recently submitted to him a records request concerning Tuttle’s conflict of interest.

Well, four days later I got this email from Assistant Superintendent (aka Chief of Staff according to the Worcester T&G) Jason W. Rives Esq. (freshly minted juris in ’11).

Attorney Rives would write how Mr. Tuttle is an employee of Worcester County Civil Process, Inc. located at 240 Main St, PO Box 1066, Worcester, MA 01613. Mr. Tuttle is not paid a salary from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Okay. But my records request had nothing to do with any of the above.

Rives, like a good attorney trying to protect his boss, attempted a cute misdirection – in debate lexicon it’s better known as the red herring.

“Any request for information about Mr. Tuttle must be sent to that office”. That office!? Such laughable logic would mean that Chief Deputy Tuttle, who runs the CPD, must have filed a § 23(b)(3) disclosure to himself. I can only imagine the discussion which took place! So I would kindly respond to attorney Rives.

“I understand Mr. Tuttle’s unique position.

However, it was Sheriff Evangelidis who appointed him Chief Deputy Sheriff and as such the Sheriff is/was his appointing authority. Given this fact the records request was directed to the appropriate individual. If it is your contention that the Sheriff did not appoint Mr. Tuttle then please direct me to the appropriate party. Otherwise the Sheriff, not Mr. Tuttle, needs to provide the § 23(b)(3) disclosure as stipulated by law within 10 days of the request”. Two minutes later I received this terse reply:

Ah, the Truth – minus the obfuscation and misdirection. In layman’s terms - no bullshit. So dear Outsiders this admission raises many (legal) questions – for both the Sheriff and his Chief Deputy Sheriff. Even a freshly minted attorney would know this fact. I just wonder if the Assistant Superintendent knows he’s making less than the Director of Administration & Finance. That would be Wonderland’s former part-time treasurer and Tuttle’s chosen One before the red flags – Rebecca Pellegrino.

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