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Obey God and the Messenger

After I verified that there is a God, and then I verified that this Quran is from God. Then, here's a
summary of what I currently understand from the Quran about this issue:

- “The Prophet” and “Messenger” are two different words - not the same meaning. The Messenger is
the state that the prophet is speaking God's message - perfectly - so God said Obey the Messenger.
Now, see 66:1 - why does God use the word prophet there? Because that's what the prophet did, not the

- Obeying God and obeying the Messenger is the same thing [Quran 4:80]. We can only know what
God says from the Messenger and the Messenger can only speak what God says ([Quran 69:40-46],
[Quran 4:150] ).

- God preserved His message [Quran 15:9]. Now, what does He say about "hadith"? See 77:50, 7:185,
31:6, 45:6, 39:23, 52:34, 68:44 - see the arabic word "Hadith" in these verses.

- The duty of the Messenger is ONLY to clearly deliver the Message [Quran 5:92], [Quran 16:81-82],
[Quran 29:18], [Quran 64:12], [Quran 24:54]. How to obey him? Obey what he ONLY does (only
delivers the Message). He warns with the Quran whomever it reaches (it reached us also) [Quran 6:19].
He reminds with the Quran to those who revere God’s promise [Quran 50:45].

- Therefore, the duty of explaining the Quran is NOT for the Messenger, it's for God. [Quran 75:19]

Some people might come to say "but the prophet said..." this and that - Can you sincerely verify that he
said it? This one said that one said... So it's true?

I want to worship God, not a man. I respect good men, but not worship/obey them.

Who do you want to Worship? God?

- Then you should obey Him.
How to Obey God?
- Obey what he tells you.
How does he tell you?
- Through his Messenger.
Therefore, 4:80 Whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed God; and whoever turns away, We have not
sent you as a guardian over them.

Therefore, "Obey God and obey the Messenger" = worship God.

NOT "Obey God and obey the hadith books about prophet Muhammad".

By the way, there's so much you can find in the hadith books, everything you might want, probably the
book referred here:

(See 6:114, also.)

68:36 What is wrong with you, how do you judge?

68:37 Or do you have another book which you study?
68:38 In it, you can find what you wish?

The Quran is complete/fully detailed. But for some (many), it doesn't have what they like to see in it, so
they go and see the Hadith books, they'll find just about anything they want - even though contradicting
- they choose what they wish. May God guide & forgive.

May God Guide.