1st Cavalry Division Round-Up Newsletter

January 3,2006
A big CAV Welcome to Wendy Fil, The new First Lady of the 1st CAV Division. We are really glad to have you back here in Ft. Hood. 1st CAV GIFT SHOP/MUSEUM Crossed Sabers Souvenir Shop.. Phone 532-2075 Website: . www.crossedsaberschapter-giftshop.com The Gift Shop is operated by the Cav Association. Your support is appreciated. All profits go to scholarships and direct support of 1st Cav activities NEW HOURS Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm Sat & Tng Holidays: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Sun & Fed Holiday: Closed The CAV Gift Shop still needs volunteers Monday thru Thursday. The work is easy and you get a 10% discount on all non-consignment items. Childcare will be paid for. Call Rebecca Nethercutt (5322075) for details. 1st Cav Museum Phone: 287-3626 Baby birth statistics are now located in the 1st Cavalry Museum, and new moms are encouraged to stop by and enter our newest Trooper’s information. The museum also needs volunteers to help with archives, research and tours. Call Carrie Kutchens (Collections Specialist) at 287-4198 ext 6 AAFES/COMMISSARY Website: www.aafes.com www.commissaries.com The Virtual Commissary allows authorized users of the commissary benefit to purchase grocery and snack gift packs for delivery to the recipient of their choice. Don’t forget that the PX can also broadcast announcements about FRG Fundraising events over their intercom system. Submit an announcement (max 4 lines) at least 10 days ahead of time and it will can be broadcast for up to 20 days. Take advantage of this free advertising if you are doing a fundraiser. You can host a kids party at the Mega Food Court or even host a Hail and Farewell there. A good place to keep in mind for FRG meetings or any other gathering. The movie theater is also available for larger FRG functions. Contact alfuentes@aafes.com for more info on the Movie Theater. Clear Creek Main Exchange, 532-7200, Hours: 7 days a week 0800-2200 Warrior Way PX, 532-8100 Hours: 7 days a week 0900-2100 Log on to AAFES.com for Food Court coupons Call 287-3066 for a recording listing the movie schedule on Ft. Hood. Palmer Theater Admission: Adults $3.00 (12 years & older) Children $1.50 (3 - 11 years) 3 years and under FREE NEW** SUNDAY & MONDAY ALL AGES $1.00 Clear Creek Commissary, 287-5943 Hours: Sun - 0900-1900 Tues-Sat, 0900-2000 Warrior Way Commissary, 287-8401 Hours: Sun: 0900-1900, Mon: 0900-2000, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 1000 - 2000, Sat: 0800 - 2000. ACS http://www.hoodmwr.com/acs/

This is a great web site with all sorts of wonderful info. Too much to put in the newsletter, but check it out and bookmark it. You can find out the dates of AFTB training, youth training, FRG leader training etc. Don’t forget, if you need training at an FRG meeting, ACS can help with speakers for FRG meetings.

AFTB Do you feel that AFTB has been beneficial to you or your unit? Then how about becoming an AFTB instructor? For more information please call: 286-6600 The Army Family Team Building Program is a series of 42 classes led by volunteer trainers, consisting of information on resources, benefits, leadership, and interpersonal skills. The goal of AFTB is to improve overall readiness by promoting personal and family readiness, to assist family members in adapting to change, to help families become selfreliant and informed, and to respond to family issues. Levels 1-3 now available on line. All classes are held at the Lane Volunteer Center, Bldg 16005, Corner of Hood Rd. & Old Ironsides. Please call 287-2327 to sign up.

CHAPLAINS CORNER Below is a list of Chapels available for Family Readiness Groups and other organizations requesting to use the Chapels:


Red Team Chapel 285-5859/5065 Monday thru Friday: 1800- 2100 hrs Sanctuary: 250 Activity Room: 25-30 Memorial Chapel (73rd St 287-0469 Monday thru Saturday: 1800-2100 (Sat: 0900-2100) Sanctuary: 250 Activity Room: 25-30 Comanche Chapel 288-6556 Monday thru Friday 1800-2100 (Best days are Monday and Thursday, also best to reserve 30 days out) Class rooms: 10 Available 20 per class room Activity room: 250-300 ***Reservations must be made in person at the chapel. ****All events occurring in the chapels involving children MUST have CDS personnel on hand. Catholic:The Military Council of Catholic Women is dedicated to bringing women of the military community closer to the Church and Christ through prayer, fellowship, book studies, community welfare projects, and supporting parish programs. All women of the community are welcome to join us as we work towards learning and living our faith.

Faith, Your Child-The Essentials of Diescipline, Life Management for Busy Women, 1,2,&3 John, The Power of a Praying Woman and The Patriarchs. Child care is available as well as a supervised homeschool room.

ENLISTED SPOUSES’ CLUB Website: www.fhaesc.org (They are experience problems with the web site at the moment so if you cannot access it, try e-mailing for info.) For information about becoming a member of the ESC please visit the website or call Robin Crouse at 5399767 or e-mail the club at enlistedspousesclub@hot.rr.com FISHER HOUSE Host A week at the Fisher House: Support soldiers and their families in a time of need by donating approximately $20 worth of food items to the Fisher House. Contact Mr. Issac Howard at 532-3730 for info. Host a coffee for groups of less than 20. Groups will be asked to donate paper goods, cleaning supplies or other items requested by the manager. We desperately need a volunteer Rep for the Fisher House. If you can step up to the plate for this one, just contact the Fisher House. Brick Sales: For just $25 you can have a personalized brick made. This is a great way to support the Fisher House and proudly display a bit of unit history as part of the back patio.

CYSAC Slots for tots: There are open slots for every age group. You can sign up at the CDC. R&R: E-4 and below, 10 hours free child care while spouse is home on R&R Children must be registered with the CDC. If there are any question please contact the CDC.

The MCCW meets every Wednesday at the Comanche Chapel from 9 AM to 11:30 AM. Free child care is provided for children 5 years of age and under.

E1-E4 No Cost Child Care – All children must be registered with the CYS to receive care. Active duty junior enlisted (E-1-E-4) families will receive 5 free hours per month for one child or 10 free hours per month for two or more children. The no cost cards for this care are available at CRO (Central Registration Office) with a recent LES verifying eligiblity. Call directly any of the three centers to reserve space and time. Hourly Care is now available at any of the three CDCs on Fort Hood. Clear Creek CDC – 288-5222 Comanche CDC – 287-4848 Fort Hood CDC – 287-6037 To obtain information about emergency child care assistance, please contact: Child and Youth Services 288-3039 Child Development Services 2883865 Family Child Care 288-3190 Family Advocacy and Prevention 286-6774 Army Emergency Relief 287-8500 For assistance after duty hours, contact the 287-CARE hotline.


Protestant: Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) meet every Tuesday 09001130 at the Main Post Chapel. If you have any questions, please contact the PWOC President Susan Taylor at 526-3601 or staylor88@hot.rr.com New Bible Studies Available. Power of a Positive Mom Intimate Issues, Calm My Anxious Heart, Reaching the Heart of Your Teen, Experiencing God, Defending Your

There was no meeting in December so nothing new to report. If you havequestions for the HCAC, please submit issues and questions to angie363@yahoo.com WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO FILL THIS POSITION STARTING THIS MONTH. Army Volunteer Corps Advisory Committee (AVCAC)


Please remember to remind everyone who volunteers to document their volunteer hours – you never know when you will need additional documentation to get that perfect job and if you are a registered volunteer and submit your hours monthly, ACS can provide you with that documentation, no matter where you volunteer. For questions about volunteer opportunities, or how to document your volunteer work, call Lane Volunteer Center at 287-VOLS (8657). Child Youth Services is in desperate need of volunteers. Anything from clerical to coaching sports is available. Contact Peggy Stamper at CYS for more information. Month of the Military Child will be 1 April held at Hood Stadium. FREE event. Outreach Services will come to FRG meetings and brief on what is available for Youth Services. They will also come to battalions and register on special days for inactive registration. This is to have your child registered in the event of an emergency. NO fee is involved for this type of registration. Janice McMillan is the POC. Volunteer of the year nomination writing workshops will be available in January 2006. Dates to follow. Volunteer hours will be going automated in 2006. The application will remain the same. Eventually volunteer applications and hours will be reported online. Training for agencies will be held in 2006. This process is expected to take 6 months to implement completely. LAYETTE This is a non-profit organization, staffed and manned by volunteers from the brigades and battalions of the First Team. The purpose of the program is to welcome newborn

babies to the First Team by delivering a free Layette Gift Bag to each 1st Cav baby born at Darnall Army Community Hospital. We deliver gift bags to an average of 776 families per year. The Layette Gift Bag contains a Junior Trooper Gown, yellow cap and booties purchased by the program, a lullaby audio cassette donated by the New Parent Support Program, a letter of Congratulations from the Division Commander, and a variety of pamphlets from organizations located on and off post related to infants and child care. We accept donations to purchase the Layette items. Each supporting unit is assigned a date of each month for their volunteers to deliver Layettes to the First Team babies born that day at Darnell. Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out; your service is appreciated.

resource and advocate for military families and their children.. To get more info on MCEC, please visit the website or call Jacqy with any questions at 213-1200 Tell Me a Story This will be taking place on January 22, 2006 at the Planetarium Each child attending will receive a copy of the book “Night Catch.” The book, which is about space, will be read aloud by a former astronaut. Reservations are needed for anyone wishing to attend. Call 953-1923 to make a reservation. http://www.starsatnight.org/ (Website for the planetarium is worth checking out even if you don’t want to attend Tell Me A Story Event.)

NEWCOMERS WELCOME A special thanks to the Fort Hood Officer’s Wives Club(OWC) for donating $500.00 to the First Cavalry Division Layette Program. If sharing the joy of a new baby sounds like a volunteer effort you are interested in, please    Contact your Brigadeor Battalion Layette Representative for more information contact: Phyllis Kirklin at 542-4886 or Phyllis1k2@aol.com MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition) www.militarychild.org MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition) is a nonprofit organization which addresses the educational needs of the military child. In order to do this, MCEC develops partnerships with school districts, trains counselors in the unique needs of military children, trains students to help meet the transition needs of other students and so much more. The goal of MCEC is to be a This normally takes place on the last Tuesday of the month. Please contact Carol Livengood to get more information. Everyone new to Ft Hood is encouraged to attend. POC: Carol Livengood 286-6282 carol.r.livengood@hood.army.mil NEWSLETTER If you have anything to submit for publication, please e-mail it to Jan MacWatters at the address below before the 29th of the month. Submissions received after 29th will still be available in an updated e-mail format after the round table meeting but printed copies will only include info provided by 29th. If you wish to receive an e-mail copy of the newsletter after the round up meeting, send Jan a request with your e-mail address. POC: Jan MacWatters, 628-0202 Email: janmac60@hotmail.com NMFA Web site: www.nmfa.org


The National Military Family Association (NMFA) testified on Capitol Hill several times this year on issues affecting the quality of life of military family members. NMFA has been outspoken in its support for the need to provide the $100,000 death gratuity to survivors of all servicemembers who die on active duty, not just those who die in combat or combat-related training. The new eligibility would be retroactive to October 7, 2001, with back payments due to families who received as little as $12,000. Additionally, those families would also receive a payment of $150,000, the "special death gratuity" which reflects the increase in the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI). Other provisions in the NDAA championed by NMFA include: * Extending the time surviving children of servicemembers who die on active duty are treated as active duty family members for access to care in military hospitals and TRICARE Prime from the current three years to until they age out of their eligibility * Making permanent the one-year period in which survivors may continue to occupy government quarters or receive Basic Allowance for Housing * Providing $30 million in supplemental educational aid to civilian school districts affected by the assignment or location of military families, plus $5 million for educational services to severely disabled children * Providing $50 million for additional child care services and $10 million for family assistance * Establishing comprehensive Department of Defense (DoD) policies for training of Casualty Assistance Officers * Establishing a DoD Mental Health Task Force to review the DoD policy for early identification and treatment of mental health problems * Authorizing up to 21 days leave for

servicemembers in connection with the adoption of a child Please see their web site at nmfa.org for more information. OFFICERS’ WIVES’ CLUB www.forthoodowc.org Check the web site for sign up sheets and other info Senior Sweetheart Bingo – 2/9/06 at Ft Hood Community Center Volunteer if you can, please. Note in your calendars Wild West : 3 March Women’s Conference: 2 and 3 March This overlap means there will be a HUGE need for volunteers on this weekend Please Bring Personal Care Items to donate to Families in Crisis to the January 17 Luncheon. Please encourage all new officers wives to join us and have fun at the monthly meetings. RED CROSS -800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669) 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) 1-800-220-4095 (Hearing impaired callers can access TDD operators)

Tatoos and Body Piercing: Interesting but True: You must wait one year after receiving a tattoo or body piercing to give blood. (14 gage ear piercing is fine.) Many people cannot give blood according to the above guidelines, so if you are able to donate, please stop by the Robertson Blood Center and give blood.

SANTA’S WORKSHOP Santa's Workshop had another very successful year! Thank you to everyone who helped with toys, Santa Bucks and Adopt a Child donations and especially the volunteers who helped take the families through to shop - we couldn't have done it without you! We were able to help even more families this year than last and hope to have another successful year in 2006. The workshop was a Christmas wonderland filled with wonderful Christmas trees and Santa Bucks trees and other Christmas decorations around the room and the toy room was filled with toys, games and books. We continuously heard from our customers how wonderful it all was and how they were very thankful for all of the awesome toys they were able to choose from for their children - they never expected it to be that wonderful! Thank you to everyone for all of your support and for helping some of our families at Ft. Hood have a very special Christmas! We look forward to seeing you at Outback for Christmas in July!

Robertson Blood Center You can arrange a blood drive for your unit by contacting Perry Jefferies at 287-5938 Did You Know They are transfusing 62 pints of blood daily in Iraq. This is more than is donated in a regular week on Ft Hood. Please donate if you can. The Clinic hours are 0730-1530 Monday thru Friday. Unfortunately if you have lived in Europe between the years of 1980 – 1996, you are not eligible to give blood.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE The Fort Hood Area Military Family Member (FHAMFM) Scholarship Fund is an independent organization developed for the purpose of providing scholarships. Eligible applicants, high school seniors and military spouses, must possess a current military ID card and live in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, or Williamson County.


For more information call (254) 2862334. This is a voice mailbox. Please leave your name and telephone number and allow at least 48 hours for a response. The committee will be looking for donations for scholarships from local businesses, individuals and even FRG’s later this year. SFRC You can reserve the Soldier & Family Readiness Center for your next meeting by calling 286-6284/5 or drop by anytime.

Consignment Hours: Tue, Wed & Thurs: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 1st/3rd Sat of month: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Vive Les Arts Please browse the following websites to access information about holiday events at area theaters: www.oneworldtheatre.org www.balletaustin.org www.thegeorgetownpalace.org www.acotonline.org KILLEEN Vive Les Arts Theatre 526-9090 www.vlatheatre.com For tickets to Austin area theaters:www.austix.com TEMPLE CAC Mayborn Stage & Auditorium 254-773-9926 www.cacarts.org Lots of fun stuff at Cultural Arts Center. Check out the web page for up to date detailed information. AUSTIN State Theater 512-719-SHOW www.austintheatre.org Zachary Scott Theatre 1510 Toomey Road 512-476-0541 www.zachscott.com VOLUNTEER CHILD CARE FUND This fund pays for the child care for our wonderful volunteers so they will be hosting a fundraiser in February. Come and support a good cause while indulging your love of chocolate. For the Love of Chocolate 11 Feb 2006 from 1-3 pm Tickets $5. POC Robin Crouse 539-9767

Due to the number of FRG meetings being held, you will need to reserve your room well in advance. Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm. The center is located at the corner of Old Ironsides and 75th Street. Don’t forget that you can make copies here for your FRG.

THRIFT SHOP Phone: 532-2948 hoodthriftshop@aol.com New: You can now use your credit card at the thrift shop. Located beside the Clear Creek PX, you can consign unused items or donate them. Money raised by the Thrift Shop goes to a variety of organizations including scouts, scholarships, layette etc. Support a worthy cause and check it out. Remember one man’s trash is another’s treasure. They also need volunteers so if you have the time, please stop by and volunteer. Your FRG group can also raise money by volunteering in the Thrift Shop. Contact the Thrift Shop for details. Sales Hours: Tue & Thurs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Wed: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 1st/3rd Sat 9:00 am – 2:00 pm We are located in Bldg. 50003 on Clear Creek Rd. between the Main PX and Ft. Hood National Bank.

Jan MacWatters Editor, 1st CAV Round Up Newsletter