A Note from Mrs. Chiarelli Hello to all.

It hardly seems like fall with the sweltering temperatures, but we are definitely in football season. Last month was such a rare thing in that I was out of town for Round-Up and Connie was moving in to her new house. We are so fortunate to have Carol Livengood as our FRGA who could step in and disseminate information. We thank you, Carol. I, unfortunately, will miss this month’s Round-Up as well as I will be in Washington, DC for the annual AUSA conference. I will attend family forums and learn about new programs the Army has developed for the future success of our Army and its families. I miss you and look forward to next month’s meeting. First Team. Beth. 1st CAV GIFT SHOP/MUSEUM Crossed Sabers Souvenir Shop.. Phone 532-2075 Website: . www.crossedsaberschapter-giftshop.com The Gift Shop is operated by the Cav Association. Your support is appreciated. All profits go to scholarships and direct support of 1st Cav activities. NEW HOURS Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm Sat & Tng Holidays: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Baby birth statistics are now located in the 1st Cavalry Museum, and new moms are encouraged to stop by and enter our newest Trooper’s information. The museum needs volunteers to help with archives, research and tours. Call Carrie Kutchens (Collections Specialist) at 287-4198 ext 6 NEW HOURS Mon - Fri 9:00 am–4:00 pm Sat & Sun 12:00 pm-4:00 pm Federal Holidays Closed AAFES/COMMISSARY

announcement (max 4 lines) at least 10 days ahead of time and it will can be broadcast for up to 20 days. Take advantage of this free advertising. Don’t forget that you can host a kids party at the Mega Food Court. You can also host Hails and Farewells, FRG meetings and any other gathering. The movie theater is also available for larger FRG functions. Contact alfuentes@aafes.com for more info on the Movie Theater. Clear Creek Main Exchange, 532-7200, Hours: 7 days a week 0800-2200 Warrior Way PX, 532-8100 Hours: 7 days a week 0900-2100 Log on to AAFES.com for Food Court coupons Call 287-3066 for a recording listing the movie schedule on Ft. Hood. Palmer Theater Admission: Adults $3.00 (12 years & older) Children $1.50 (3 - 11 years) 3 years and under FREE NEW** SUNDAY & MONDAY ALL AGES $1.00 Clear Creek Commissary, 287-5943 Hours: Sun - 0900-1900 Tues-Sat, 0900-2000 Warrior Way Commissary, 287-8401 Hours: Sun: 0900-1900, Mon: 0900-2000, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 1000 - 2000, Sat: 0800 - 2000. Log on to www.commissaries.com for cooking tips, scholarship info, and other commissary news. ACS Web site www.hoodmwr.com/acs ACS offers a variety of classes and training so please check their website for their latest offerings. This is a great website and very comprehensive. FRG Leader Training

Website: www.aafes.com
Check site for mystery shopper program, movie listings, special events etc Blimpies/Gas Station located next to III Corps is expected to be open by mid October. Clear Creek Food court will be expanding at the beginning of the new year – Manchu Wok and Charles Steakery will be added. The PX Christmas calendar is due out soon – and watch out for holiday flyers to help you plan your Christmas Shopping. The Annual Christmas Show will be at the Post Movie Theater on 3 December and the 1000 seats will be on a first come, first served basis. Doors open at 6:30 and the show begins at 7pm. Class VI stores are ready to meet your holiday needs and can also take special orders. They will also be stocking Gluehwein for the holidays. The PX can also broadcast announcements about FRG Fundraising events over their intercom system. Submit an

Sun & Fed Holiday: Closed The CAV Gift Shop needs volunteers Monday thru Thursday. The work is easy and you get a 10% discount on all non-consignment items. Childcare will be paid for. Call Rebecca Nethercutt (532-2075) for details. 1st Cav Museum Phone: 287-3626


12-13 Oct (9 – 2:30 pm) 16-17 Nov (9 – 2:30 pm 4-6 Oct (5:30 –8:30 pm) 1-3 Nov (5:30 – 8:30 pm) FRG Advanced Course 18-19 Oct (9 – 2:30 pm 29-30 Nov (9 – 2:30 pm) Pre-Registration 288-2794 Army Family Action Plan: AFAP is an opportunity for you, the soldier, the family member, the retiree or even the teenager to say what isn’t working, and more importantly, how you think it could be fixed. This Conference will take place on 25, 26 and 27 October 2005. Child Care will be provided for those participating in the conference. The Teen Conference will take place on 14 and 15 October. (Friday evening is an introduction and dinner. Teens will learn about their role in the process and Saturday will be their full discussion and conference time.) Teens will need to be prepared to take a day off school during the adult conference to brief the General with their solutions.) AFAP still needs delegates. This can be a single soldier, a family member, officer or enlisted or retired. Anyone who is part of the Army Family can become involved in this “grass roots” attempt to resolve issues. Even if you cannot be a delegate, you may still submit an “issue” for discussion. Anything that you believe to be a fixable problem – medical, dental, benefits, housing, soldier readiness etc. Please remember that this is an attempt to resolve issues, not just a gripe session. Forms for the submission of an issue are available from ACS Forms for participants are also available at ACS. Call Kimberly for more info at 287-AFAP if you are interested in serving on either the steering committee, as a facilitator, a delegate or a teen delegate.

Make A Difference Day Oct 22, 2005 Help out and make a difference Project submission/adoption workshops will be held with ACS on Sept 9,21, Oct 11 and Oct 18 and they have a list of projects that need completion. Call 287-VOLS for more information Or check the website for more info. AFTB Do you feel that AFTB has been beneficial to you or your unit? Then how about becoming an AFTB instructor? For more information please call: 286-6600 The Army Family Team Building Program is a series of 42 classes led by volunteer trainers, consisting of information on resources, benefits, leadership, and interpersonal skills. The goal of AFTB is to improve overall readiness by promoting personal and family readiness, to assist family members in adapting to change, to help families become selfreliant and informed, and to respond to family issues. Levels 1-3 now available on line. All classes are held at the Lane Volunteer Center, Bldg 16005, Corner of Hood Rd. & Old Ironsides. Please call 287-2327 to sign up. Don’t forget that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Purple ribbons are available at the Rivers Building. CHAPLAINS CORNER Below is a list of Chapels available for Family Readiness Groups and other organizations requesting to use the Chapels: Red Team Chapel 285-5859/5065 Monday thru Friday: 1800- 2100 hrs Sanctuary: 250 Activity Room: 25-30 Memorial Chapel (73rd St 287-0469 Monday thru Saturday: 1800-2100 (Sat: 0900-2100) Sanctuary: 250 Activity Room: 25-30 Comanche Chapel 288-6556

Monday thru Friday 1800-2100 (Best days are Monday and Thursday, also best to reserve 30 days out) Class rooms: 10 Available 20 per class room Activity room: 250-300 ***Reservations must be made in person at the chapel. ****All events occurring in the chapels involving children MUST have CDS personnel on hand. Women Supporting Women is a faith based support group for wives of deployed and deploying soldiers. Meets every Tuesday, 11:30-13:00 at Comanche Chapel. Childcare and lunch provided. POC is Chaplain Williams, 287-6310 or Dr. Andrea Godwin-Stremler at 2881757. Catholic:The Military Council of Catholic Women is dedicated to bringing women of the military community closer to the Church and Christ through prayer, fellowship, book studies, community welfare projects, and supporting parish programs. All women of the community are welcome to join us as we work towards learning and living our faith. The MCCW meets every Wednesday at the Comanche Chapel from 9 AM to 11:30 AM. Free child care is provided for children 5 years of age and under. Protestant: Protestant Women of the Chapel meet every Tuesday 0900-1130 at the Main Post Chapel. If you have any questions, please contact the PWOC President Susan Taylor at 526-3601 or staylor88@hot.rr.com

CYSAC Slots for tots: There are open slots for every age group. You can sign up at the CDC. R&R: E-4 and below, 10 hours free child care while spouse is home on R&R


Children must be registered with the CDC. If there are any question please contact the CDC.

other items requested by the manager. FORT HOOD OFFICERS' CLUB Breaking News! The free room rental for FRG meetings on family nights has been discontinued. The minimum room usage fee is $175. The new structure works like so: if 35 adults purchased a meal at $5.00 each ($175 total), then the room rental fee is covered and would not have to be paid by the FRG. If 20 family members purchase a $5.00 meal (total $100), then the FRG would have to pay $75.00 usage fee for the room. The children's meal rate is still $3.00. The Fort Hood Officers' Club is one of six remaining clubs in the Army system. The club manager stresses the need for units and organizations to utilize the facilities for events, meeting, and the like, as much as possible to generate revenue to stay afloat and keep the FHOC operating. Legends Pub has been redesigned to be more conducive for organizations as a potential meeting area. The room is great for bunko, pizza parties, and just to have fun. Stop by to take a look. A decision on the dues fair structure is still pending approval by the South West Region and the club manager anticipates a decision in January. Membership currently requires the members to obtain a credit card, in which the dues are billed to on a montly basis. For club information, please call 5325329 or 394-1664. Health Consumer Council Name Change HEALTH CARE ADVISORY COUNCIL Starting next month, the staff parking will be moved to the East and West sides of the hopital freeing up

E1-E4 No Cost Child Care – All children must be registered with the CYS to receive care. Active duty junior enlisted (E-1-E-4) families will receive 5 free hours per month for one child or 10 free hours per month for two or more children. The no cost cards for this care are available at CRO (Central Registration Office) with a recent LES verifying eligiblity. Call directly any of the three centers to reserve space and time. Hourly Care is now available at any of the three CDCs on Fort Hood. Clear Creek CDC – 288-5222 Comanche CDC – 287-4848 Fort Hood CDC – 287-6037 To obtain information about emergency child care assistance, please contact: Child and Youth Services 288-3039 Child Development Services 2883865 Family Child Care 288-3190 Family Advocacy and Prevention 286-6774 Army Emergency Relief 287-8500 For assistance after duty hours, contact the 287-CARE hotline. ENLISTED SPOUSES’ CLUB Website: www.fhaesc.org For information about becoming a member of the ESC please visit the website or call Robin Crouse at 5399767 FISHER HOUSE Host A week at the Fisher House: Support soldiers and their families in a time of need by donating approximately $20 worth of food items to the Fisher House. Contact Mr. Issac Howard at 532-3730 for info. Host a coffee for groups of less than 20. Groups will be asked to donate paper goods, cleaning supplies or

parking spots in front of the hospital for patients and visitors. The clinics may ask you to fill out a 3rd party insurance form when you are seen. The monies collected from 3rd parties help Darnall to provide better care and equipment, Last year, they received 1.5 million dollars from those 3rd party insurance companies and that money was used to purchase vital equipment such as mammogram machines, ultrasound machines etc. You should only have to fill out the form once a year, but it can make a big difference. The mail order program is available for prescription refill. The Tricare version of mail order pharmacy has a $3 co-pay for a 3 month supply of generic or $9 co pay for a 3 month supply of the brand name medications. For more info, log onto www.tricare.osd.mil/pharmacydefault .cfm or go to the pharmacy The army is also using Tricare mail order pharmacy for deployed soldiers who can receive up to 6 month suupply of medication. If you havequestions for the HCAC, please submit issues and questions to angie363@yahoo.com before the 26 October meeting.

IVC Name Change Army Volunteer Corps Advisory Committee is the new name for what used to be called the IVC. So when you see the new acronym AVCAC – you know now what it is. Please remember to remind everyone who volunteers to document their volunteer hours – you never know when you will need additional documentation to get that perfect job and if you are a registered volunteer and submit your hours monthly, ACS can provide you with that documentation, no matter where you volunteer. For questions about volunteer opportunities, or how to document your volunteer work, call Lane Volunteer Center at 287-VOLS (8657).


LAYETTE This is a non-profit organization, staffed and manned by volunteers from the brigades and battalions of the First Team. The purpose of the program is to welcome newborn babies to the First Team by delivering a free Layette gift bag to each 1st Cav baby born at Darnall ACH. Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out. You are really very much appreciated. We’d like to have a representative from each unit so that if we do have a day without a volunteer, we can still get the layettes to the new moms who leave the hospital without one. The program also has two days open each month. The 6th and the 22nd of each month still need volunteers. If your unit would like to adopt an additional day, please contact Phyliis Kirklin at 542-4886 or Phyllis1k2@aol.com

NMFA Web site: www.nmfa.org OFFICERS’ WIVES’ CLUB www.forthoodowc.org Octoberfest October 18th 2005 Learn all about the art of beer and beer making from an expert – The brewmaster from Fredericksburg Brewery . Please bring Dog and Cat Items such as food, toys, treats and cat litter to help support local animal shelters (dry food only please.) This is to support Make a Difference Day Note in your calendars Wild West : 3 March Women’s Conference: 2 and 3 March This overlap means there will be a HUGE need for volunteers on this weekend Please contact jennyorourke@us.army.mil if you can volunteer in any way with Wild West Please encourage all new officers wives to join us and have fun at the monthly meetings. RED CROSS Hurricane Relief Assistance: 1. MAIL: Disaster Relief Fund American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund P.O. Box 37243 Washington, DC 20013 International Response Fund American Red Cross International Response Fund P.O. Box 37243 Washington, DC 20013 TELEPHONE (Toll Free #s)

1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669) 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) 1-800-220-4095 (Hearing impaired callers can access TDD operators) “Please be sure to note on your check how you would like the Red Cross to use your donation so that we may honor your request. “ Robertson Blood Center POC is Perry Jefferies 287-5938. SANTA’S WORKSHOP Website: www.forthoodsantasworkshop.com Santas workshop is gearing up for the busy holiday season! We are currently selling Santa Bucks for $1 each as well as taking $25 donations to sponsor a child. All of this money will be used to purchase new toys and books for the children that we will be helping. For each family that qualifies for this service, each child will receive 2 new toys, a book and the family will receive one board game to promote family togetherness. In order to qualify, the soldier must go through the CFS of their unit to fill out an application and determine eligibility. All applications need to be turned in by Nov. 3rd. We are looking for volunteer elves to assist the families with their shopping. The shopping dates are 30 Nov – 2 Dec, 5-9 Dec and 12-16 De from 9 am – 3 pm, which will be done as 2 x 3 hour shifts per day. If you can volunteer on any of these days, please call 287 TOYS to leave your name and number and the day or days that you are available to volunteer and the volunteer coordinator will return your call. FRG’s and coffee groups can also have a tour of Santa’s Workshop (Old Tax Center next to Clear Creek Commissary) where everyone will be trained in just 15 minutes and then the rest of your time is for your FRG or coffee activities. If you are interested in this training, sponsoring a child or purchasing Santa Bucks, please contact SWS at 287 TOYS

MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition)

Check the website for the most up to date information. NEWSLETTER If you have anything to submit for publication, please e-mail it to Jan MacWatters at the address below before the 29th of the month. Submissions received after 29th will still be available in an updated e-mail format but printed copies will only include info provided by 29th. If you wish to receive an e-mail copy of the newsletter after the round up meeting, send Jan a request with your e-mail address or sign up today. Hopefully we will be on line on the 1st Cav Division Website by the time you receive this and you’ll be able to download your copy at any time. POC: Jan MacWatters, 628-0202 Email: janmac60@hotmail.com


SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE The Fort Hood Area Military Family Member (FHAMFM) Scholarship Fund is an independent organization developed for the purpose of providing scholarships. Eligible applicants, high school seniors and military spouses, must possess a current military ID card and live in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, or Williamson County. For more information call (254) 2862334. This is a voice mailbox. Please leave your name and telephone number and allow at least 48 hours for a response. The committee will be looking for donations for scholarships from local businesses, individuals and even FRG’s later this year. SFRC You can reserve the Soldier & Family Readiness Center for your next meeting by calling 286-6284/5 or drop by anytime. Due to the number of FRG meetings being held, you will need to reserve your room well in advance. Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm. The center is located at the corner of Old Ironsides and 75th Street. Don’t forget that you can make copies here for your FRG. THRIFT SHOP Phone: 532-2948 hoodthriftshop@aol.com Located beside the Clear Creek PX, you can consign unused items or donate them. Money raised by the Thrift Shop goes to a variety of organizations including scouts, scholarships, layette etc. Support a worthy cause and check it out. Remember one man’s trash is another’s treasure. They also need volunteers so if you have the time, please stop by and volunteer. Sales Hours: Tue & Thurs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Wed: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 1st/3rd Sat 9:00 am – 2:00 pm We are located in Bldg. 50003 on Clear Creek Rd. between the Main PX and Ft. Hood National Bank.

Consignment Hours: Tue, Wed & Thurs: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 1st/3rd Sat of month: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Trips and Tours Looking for that great location for R&R or celebrating something? Look no more, head on down to Galveston, Texas "PORT", Yes it's cruise time. For as little as $350 a person and for 4 day or more you can enjoy, relax and have a great time. One website to use is: www.cruiseonly.com, this website supports all cruise lines. Bon Voyage! Vive Les Arts Please browse the following websites to access information about holiday events at area theaters: www.oneworldtheatre.org www.balletaustin.org www.thegeorgetownpalace.org www.acotonline.org KILLEEN Vive Les Arts Theatre 526-9090 www.vlatheatre.com For tickets to Austin area theaters:www.austix.com TEMPLE CAC Mayborn Stage & Auditorium AUSTIN State Theater 512-719-SHOW www.austintheatre.org Zachary Scott Theatre 1510 Toomey Road 512-476-0541 www.zachscott.com VOLUNTEER CHILD CARE FUND This fund pays for the child care for our wonderful volunteers. Please make sure that your volunteers and potential volunteers are aware of this wonderful service.

Jan MacWatters Editor, 1st CAV Round Up Newsletter janmac60@hotmail.com