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Terminal Units & Fan Coils Terminal Unit Engineering Single Duct Terminal Units Fan Powered Terminal Units Dual Duct Terminal Units Retrofit / Bypass Terminal Units Fan Coil Engineering Fan Coils a2 - 01 A2 - 01 B2 - 01 C2 - 01 D2 - 01 e2 - 01 E2 - 01


VAV Diffusers Critical Room Solutions Chilled Beams Displacement Ventilation Underfloor Products A3 - 01 B3 - 01 C3 - 01 D3 - 01 E3 - 01

Specialty Products


Krueger Edition 8 Product Catalog. Printed in the USA. 2012 Krueger, Division of Air System Components, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please note that drawings, specifications, and other information contained within this Product Catalog is subject to change at any time, without notice. To access the latest information, visit us on the web at


Making the Customers Satisfaction Our Top Priority
By placing the Customer at the center of our business strategy, we are better able to adapt to change, develop innovative products, and become your preferred manufacturer of air distribution solutions.
Our History and Foundation
To understand more clearly our way of doing business today, one should look to our founder, Leo Krueger. Leo emigrated from Latvia and settled in Tucson, AZ where he began his career as a machinist and mechanic. He worked for one of the largest sheet metal contractors in the area, designing the tooling for a line of residential grilles for use with evaporative coolers. Two years later, his employer offered him that tooling and equipment for $500. It was from out of his garage in 1948 that Leo Krueger founded what is today, Krueger (HVAC). By adhering to the very same values, culture of excellence, and goals that were set forth by Leo Krueger during its inception, Krueger has become a leading supplier of air distribution solutions.

Our People

Krueger takes pride in developing and maintaining a strong, unified team, both within the organization and through the relationships we build with owners, engineers, contractors, and sales representatives throughout the industry. With hundreds of years of combined experience in the HVAC business, our staff is eager to share a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our Products

Krueger strives to offer a diverse product line, from addressing commodity products to highly customized solutions. A far contrast from when the company was founded, today we offer products for a variety of applications, including grilles, registers, diffusers, terminal units, fan coils, chilled beams, displacement ventilation, critical room and fan filter units, as well as underfloor products.

Regionalized Manufacturing & Efficiencies

With facilities located across the United States, Krueger has the manufacturing capacity to meet the demand for even the largest jobs. Reduced distances between plants and job sites allows us to make timely deliveries that you can count on time after time. Through investments in new equipment and processes, we are able to offer higher quality product with shorter manufacturing times, which is a requirement in todays fastpaced construction market.

Excellence in Air Distribution

Engineering & Technology
Working closely with organizations such as ASHRAE, AHRI, and the U.S. Green Building Council, Krueger has been instrumental in driving the improvement and development of many industry standards that are in place today and have been known for maintaining integrity in data reporting. Continual investments in technology and software allow for precise engineering and innovation of air distribution solutions that provide superior performance and meet ever-changing construction needs. As the first air distribution manufacturer to utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as an integral part of product development and demonstration, you can count on Krueger for technical leadership.


The Krueger Institute of Technology (KIT) has, for years, been a resource for architects, contractors, and engineers to gain understanding of air distribution principles, products, and system design. With the relocation of our Research, Development, and Demonstration Center to Richardson, TX in 2011, we have made our training classes more flexible and interactive, without losing sight of core product, design, and application information.

Relationships and Service

Our team approach to business gives our customers a variety of reliable contacts to satisfy their needs. Whether it is through the product management and applications group to answer technical questions or through the depth and knowledge of our experienced customer support team, Krueger strives to provide world-class customer service every day.

Representative Channel

Krueger Representatives, located throughout North America and internationally, are a valuable resource available to assist you with application questions, pricing, and availability. Their partnership with Krueger offers an intimate understanding of air distribution needs in individual markets and the various solutions available. Many of our Representatives stock our products to ensure that the products you specify are available for your project, even when the construction schedule is compressed. Experience excellence in product representation. Call your local Krueger Representative today!

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Building Products for a Sustainable Future
Krueger believes it is not enough to just provide green solutions, but that it is equally important to educate HVAC professionals on system design to make sure that components work together to provide the full extent of energy savings, while still ensuring occupant comfort.
Krueger is committed to providing green solutions that promote energy-efficient, sustainable HVAC designs. Kruegers GreenTouch Initiative includes continually improving existing designs, pursuing more environmentally responsible product innovation, and reducing energy consumption in our plants and facilities. By integrating Krueger green air distribution solutions, you will not only find it easier to support LEED prerequisites/credits and capture energy savings, but you are also helping to preserve our environment for future generations. Kruegers membership in the USGBC, as well as entrance into the chilled beam and displacement ventilation markets are just two signs of our commitment to sustainable building solutions. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead as our GreenTouch Initiative shapes the future of our market.

Air Diffusion Performance Index

Krueger pioneered the use of Air Diffusion Performance Index (ADPI) for the selection of diffusers by placing ADPI selection charts in our catalog for every diffuser. These charts, as the example shows below, will assist you in achieving a design which will meet the ASHRAE 55* vertical stratification requirement. Our selection software has been updated to include additional ADPI calculation graphs to provide documentation to aid in achieving the LEED Comfort point.
*V3-2009 LEED-NC Credit 7.1 may be awarded for complying with ASHRAE Standard 55-2004. This standard limits vertical temperature stratification, within the occupied zone to no greater than 5F. Assuring an ADPI of no less than 80% will comply with a critical part of this requirement.

24 x 24 1400, 10" Inlet



Proud Member Since 2008 Supporting Sustainable Green Building Design

80 70 0.0







Conserving Energy
Saving energy is a key goal in the design of new buildings. Krueger offers a full range of products and technologies that offer energy savings over traditional HVAC solutions, such as ECM motors in our fan powered terminal units and fan filter products, the revolutionary LineaHeat timeproportional electric heat option, VAV diffusers, chilled beams, displacement ventilation, and underfloor products. Supported by Kruegers selection software and other electronic tools, engineers have a wide variety of products and designs to choose from that will result in reduced energy consumption, regardless of the application.

Helping the Environment

Providing products that are energy-efficient is just one way of helping the environment. Ensuring that our manufacturing procedures in our facilities meet or exceed all environmental regulations is another. Our plants work everyday to optimize recyclables, minimize scrap, and utilize environmentally safe paint and coating products and procedures. By locating our manufacturing facilities throughout North America, it assures the shortest possible shipping distances to customer locations, reduces our carbon footprint, and allows us to provide timely deliveries.

Designing for the Occupant

The real challenge for a building designer is to provide the occupant with a satisfactory environment. In order for a design to be truly sustainable, the occupants needs for health and comfort must be met. This involves a careful selection of air distribution elements, combined with a controlled air supply, to ensure freedom from drafts, hot and cold spots, and optimal ventilation. Krueger manufactures a selection of products designed to control such critical elements. Complete with selection software, white papers, published articles, computer programs, and spreadsheets, it is our goal to educate HVAC professionals on how best to provide occupant satisfaction while designing for a sustainable environment.

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Research, Development, and Demonstration Center
Relocating our Engineering Department to Richardson, TX and building a new lab not only expanded Kruegers capabilities, but strengthened the core of the business through new-found synergies.
Based on 50+ years of experience in Tucson, AZ, testing and demonstrating Krueger products, Kruegers new Research, Development, and Demonstration Center has incorporated a number of various cells and labs to showcase and evaluate Krueger products. The facility features open ceilings, not only for aesthetics, but to display the complex duct systems required to supply the various spaces with conditioned air. The Mechanical Room contains three high volume fans that can be combined and used in both supply and exhaust applications. This, in conjunction with a multi-ton chilled water system and Kruegers LineaHeat reheat technology, allows us to precisely control supply air temperature, as well as supply and exhaust air flow volume to the various test and demonstration cells. The Model Shop contains space for storage of samples, test duct, prototype construction, and testing of various VAV and system components. Controls for all test cells utilize custom programmed LabView components and software, over 60 digital pressure transducers, and a number of temperature measurement devices. There are over a dozen flow meters throughout the lab as well as several reference sound sources for the Reverb Room. All data is acquired directly by computerbased data acquisition systems, pulled into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and in many cases, directly into Product Catalog presentation format. Situated between the Specialty Products and Throw Bay rooms is a unique two-sided Cold Wall that allows testing and demonstrations of perimeter products from 0F to 120F.

Open Ceiling R&D Center

Specialty Products Room

Linear Slot Near Cold Wall

Reverb Room
The Reverb Room is key for the acoustical testing of air distribution products. Its construction, like our previous Reverb Room in Tucson, AZ, began by physically isolating the floor and ceiling from the rest of the buildings structure to eliminate any structure induced sound intrusions. The new room is larger, which allows us to test larger pieces of equipment, provides more accurate low frequency sound data acquisition, and gives us the ability to test at higher airflows. We also enhanced the silencing to reduce the possibility of supply-fan generated sound reaching the test chamber. Before the room could be used to test products, it was independently tested for compliance to the Engineering Accuracy of the ANSI Specifications for reverb rooms.

Hospital OR Environment
The Krueger Operating Room (OR) Demonstration Cell contains a full scale Sterilflo OR Air Distribution System. (This consists of both the center laminar flow panels over the operating table, the proprietary air curtain around the operating theater, and low sidewall room exhausts.) The room has typical airflow obstructions often found in operating rooms, including special surgical lights that are mounted on movable booms. The demonstration area has a separate space for showcasing the performance of a 4 x 8 array of laminar flow diffusers or fan filter units. This array is located within the same space for direct comparison with the Sterilflo System, as the use of laminar arrays is typical in some OR air distribution layouts. Additionally, Krueger is able to mock-up a work bench under the array to further demonstrate clean room products in more realistic environments.

Reverb Room

Hospital OR Environment Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


In-Situ Acoustical Evaluation Room
The In-Situ Acoustical Evaluation Room simulates a standard conference room in an office building, which is typically the most critical acoustical space in an office. The room exhibits the acoustical predictions in AHRI 885. For most applications, AHRI 885 has shown to be able to predict sound levels in the room with great accuracy. Designed after a requirement for an acoustical mock-up for an office in New York in the early 1980s, this room (at its particular size) has become a de facto standard for evaluating the radiated sound of fan powered terminals. Measuring 2400 cubic feet, with a 9 foot suspended ceiling of standard mineral tile, it has an open plenum depth of 36. This requirement has since been adopted by acousticians, building owners, and mechanical engineers for many projects over the past 30 years. The Krueger facility has the capability of rapidly changing the terminal unit installed above the ceiling. This allows for the evaluation of multiple units during a single visit by a prospective customer. The air supply is designed to be quiet and the discharge can control static pressure, diverting a percentage of air back into the space.

Insitu Acoustical Evaluation Room

Terminal Unit Above In-Situ Room Ceiling

Specialty Products
The Krueger Specialty Products Demonstration area is a showcase for special and innovative air distribution concepts. Separated from the main Throw Bay by a Cold Wall, the room is configured with fully operational ceiling mounted Chilled Beams, both active and passive. The room has the capability to adjust humidity levels in the space to demonstrate the performance of the Chilled Beams at different design conditions. Feeding the DesignFlo along the Cold Wall is the KLPS-D Chilled Series Fan Powered Terminal Unit designed for DOAS applications. This unit features a cooling coil that, much like a Chilled Beam, provides sensible cooling to the space, making it a natural partner to use with Chilled Beams on a project. The room also features a raised floor that is configured to demonstrate different design solutions for raised floor applications. There is a pressurized plenum that supplies FPD-R swirl outlets. There are several types of VAV terminal units located beneath the floor that supply different layouts of FPD-D/FPD-HC plenums for 1850 linear bar grille diffusers. The final product that is featured in this room is Displacement Ventilation. The room can be configured to demonstrate different models and layouts of Displacement Ventilation units to show the performance.

Critical Room Lab Mock-up

The Critical Room Lab Mock-up space shows how Kruegers critical environment products can provide a safe environment for scientists working with fume hoods in laboratory spaces. The room contains two variable volume fume hoods as well as a biological safety cabinet. The air is supplied through a Total Air Diffuser (TAD) and a Radiaflo ceiling mounted radial displacement air outlet. Providing a non-inductive air supply into the room assures that no contaminants will be drawn out of an open fume hood by drafts created by the air supply system. The room has sufficient flexibility to be configured for a wide variety of realworld situations to provide a realistic preview of any design configuration, including supply-exhaust tracking and other conditions.

Critical Room Lab Mock-up Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Engineering Solutions to Meet Customer Needs
Successful air distribution installations begin with a solid foundation of engineering and application support. Let us show you how we can help you develop a successful air distribution design.
Reviewing Specifications
One of the top priorities of our Engineering team is to ensure that products are properly specified and that selections work well in the overall system design. As a service to our customers, we review specifications to bring them up to current codes as well as discuss alternative approaches that may result in improved performance, efficiency, or cost. To have a specification reviewed, contact us at:

Generate New Products for Niche Applications

Krueger understands that there are unique buildings and different situations that require special attention, which often are only resolved through the development of new or niche products. By understanding the requirements of the product, the limitations of the situation, and how it will integrate with the overall air distribution system, Krueger Engineering is able to put forth their expertise to thoroughly research and develop a product that can meet those needs. One such example is Kruegers KLPS Size 1 ultra low profile series fan powered terminal unit. This product was developed in coordination with the local Krueger Representative and their customer to solve the issue of retrofitting older buildings in Washington D.C., where the shallow ceiling plenum between floors limited the use of other products. After research, prototypes, and testing, Kruegers Engineering team successfully developed a product that met the customers needs, which resulted in several successful installations. The KLPS size 1 is now a standard product offering available to everyone.

Generate Drawings

We are constantly involved in projects that require customized drawings, such as Kruegers Sterilflo operating room particulate control system. Our Engineering team is able to provide a clear, complete drawing package for each system that includes a reflected ceiling view, plan view, and cross section view along with installation details. The drawing packages ensure the customer has all the necessary information to achieve a successful project. For curved products, such as DesignFlo, 1900, or linear bar grilles, Krueger is able to quickly turn around approval drawing packages, complete with the radius and arc length dimensions to verify that the custom linear product will be built to the exact project specifications.


Revit Blocks
To achieve greater control and detail of your air distribution designs, use Kruegers Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) blocks. While we offer blocks for a variety of our products, for the terminal units specifically, our blocks are configured with unit specific information to help ensure that the product selection corresponds to the drawing information. To learn more about the blocks available, visit the Krueger website at

Application Engineering
The primary responsibility of our Application Engineering team is to provide technical product support and assist in the proper selection and specification of Krueger air distribution products. Working closely with Product Managers and Design Engineers, they aid in product development as well as the execution of special or custom orders. They also help to resolve challenging application opportunities, provide guidance, and are able to discuss solutions that may deliver more optimal results.

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Krueger Institute of Technology
Kruegers commitment to education is second to none. It is what allows us to grow stronger as individuals, perform better as a team, and be your strategic partner in the design of better air distribution systems.
The goal of Kruegers Institute of Technology (KIT) is to educate engineers, architects, contractors, and building owners on the proper design and specification of air distribution products in commercial and industrial applications. It is our firm belief that by cultivating individuals and empowering them with the knowledge of proper air distribution design practices, we not only improve our ability to support our customers, but as a result, help the industry design and specify more effective and efficient HVAC systems. Whether a seasoned veteran with years of knowledge or someone just entering the industry, our wide array of demonstrations, activities, and exercises facilitate open discussions, allowing every person to take away something new. Our focused approach, targeting specific product groups during each program, allows us to provide a more comprehensive curriculum that integrates a greater amount of design and application knowledge than ever before. For more information on our training programs, visit us on the web at or simply contact your local Krueger Representative.
Shown right, product displays throughout Kruegers Technology Center.


A Hands-on Experience
Kruegers Institute of Technology delivers a truly different type of training, one that focuses on discussions and hands-on experiences to help illustrate key concepts. Whether working on group exercises or viewing a product smoke demonstration, we aim to provide a solid foundation of product knowledge and proper application so that a customers selection works well in their system design.

Programs & Topics

Grille, Register, and Diffuser Training In this class, we review the basics of air distribution. Attendees will learn the effect of cooling and heating as well as proper product selection and application. Terminal Unit and Fan Coil Training Material in this class focuses on product knowledge of a variety of terminal unit and fan coil products while discussing constant volume vs. variable air volume systems, functions and variability, acoustics, proper design, specification, and Kruegers capabilities for custom applications. Specialty Product Training This course teaches the basic concepts of chilled beams, displacement ventilation, and underfloor air distribution. We discuss appropriate design conditions, applications, and product selection for these specialty products.

Experienced Staff
Throughout all of our training classes, we employ a variety of staff, from Product Managers and Application Engineers to Sales and Marketing. With hundreds of years of industry experience combined, you can rest assured that there will always be a specialist available to answer even the most complex question.


Critical Room Product Training This class discusses how and when to utilize specialized products, such as Kruegers Sterilflo and Sterilflex operating room systems, laminar flow panels, radial flow diffusers, and fan filter units. Representative Training For Krueger Representatives, this course centers on providing the tools and knowledge to more effectively assist customers in the marketplace, such as owners, engineers, architects, and contractors.


Private Programs

In addition to formal KIT classes, we encourage our Representatives to bring their contractors, engineers, architects, and building owners to visit our facility for a more customized training experience to fulfill the immediate needs of their business. Visits can range from a one hour tour and overview of our product offering to multiple day sessions with in-depth discussions and training on product, applications, and design.


Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions



Simple Design with Comprehensive Information
A tool by definition is an instrument that can increase the speed and/or accuracy of accomplishing a task. The goal of our suite of electronic tools is to provide the information you need to quickly, as well as properly design and specify air distribution products from within easy-to-use interfaces.
Even for the most skilled engineers, designing and specifying air distribution products is never an easy task. Using Krueger Electronic Tools (e-Tools), engineers and architects are able to capture useful design information and make informed product selections that result in optimal air distribution. In addition to product information, we include helpful design features in our programs, such as the Chilled Beam and Displacement Ventilation selection software, which displays airflow illustrations to better help one understand the room air motion of given selections. For grilles and registers, we offer custom performance data spreadsheets for nearly every model, which allows one to obtain precise information on any specific size of product. We also make available a program to determine acceptable limits of temperature, airspeed, and humidity for building occupants, and another that aids in generating text specifications. For Krueger Representatives, we provide access to an allencompassing selection and pricing program. Not only are we able to streamline the order process through importing engineer selections, but we are able to release new products to market faster than ever before. From selection to performance, from comfort to sound, Krueger offers a wide selection of electronic tools to aid in the design and specification of air distribution products.


Increasing Knowledge & Occupant Comfort

Frequently Asked Questions
Organized in a similar manner to our on-line Product Catalog, Kruegers fully searchable Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) System gives you the opportunity to find answers to common, and sometimes not so common product and application questions at any time.


Available on the website within our on-line Product Catalog for grilles, register, and diffuser products are spreadsheets that detail custom performance data based on your inputs. These can be accessed within each product model page, easily edited, and saved on your local computer.


Comfort, sound, and product calculators are designed to assist in the specification process by providing necessary information to properly select air distribution products while maintaining occupant comfort and meeting building requirements. They will help determine the acceptable limits of temperature, air speed, and humidity for building occupants in both mechanically and naturally conditioned spaces, as well as assist by providing text specifications. These tools can be downloaded from the Krueger website or found within our selection software programs. Other helpful information-rich areas under our Resources menu on the Krueger website.

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Accessibility to Information
We understand the value of finding information quickly and in the format that you most prefer, which is why Krueger offers such a broad selection of communication formats.
Krueger is committed to offering you all the information and tools you need to select and specify air distribution solutions with confidence. From technical product information, such as our performance data, dimensional drawings, specifications, and calculators to educational-based items like case studies, FAQs, white papers, and application models, we strive to deliver helpful information in a clear and concise manner. Across the different types of media we use, you will find it easier than ever to access new product information and stay up-todate with what is happening within Krueger. Simply contact your local Krueger Representative to obtain new product brochures, visit us on the web at, or follow us on our social media sites for news and announcements. Just as much as we acknowledge the value of accessing information quickly, we also understand the importance of talking to someone directly, which is why our Regional Sales Managers, Product Managers, Chief Engineer, and Application Engineers regularly visit with Krueger Representatives and their customers to answer questions and discuss projects. It is just one of the many ways we work to ensure that your air distribution solution is one that provides the performance you need, the aesthetics you desire, and is delivered on time, with confidence.
Website & Selection Software
Kruegers website is continually updated with information, including electronic versions of our printed brochures and Product Catalog, REVIT file downloads, calculators, selection software, FAQs, videos, webinars, training, a local Krueger Representative index and more!


On the Move Information Solutions

Kruegers Air Distribution Blog
Be the one in-the-know by reading Kruegers Air Distribution blog. You will receive industry updates as they happen, learn about observations during visits with Engineers across the country, and find a variety of HVAC information that can help prevent and correct air distribution issues. Find out what you have been missing today! Follow our blog through any of our social media outlets or simply by visiting our website.


In addition to Kruegers Product Catalog, we also make available brochures and flyers, case studies, color charts and more. Simply contact your local Krueger Representative to obtain your copy, or find electronic versions on the website at

Social Media

Stay up-to-date with all the latest product developments, training reminders, videos and more through these social media outlets.

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Delivering Occupant Comfort Every Day
Krueger continues to expand their product offering to satisfy building occupants while meeting the ever-changing needs of building owners, contractors, architects, and engineers.
Krueger provides a wide selection of air distribution solutions for numerous applications. Our air distribution product offering now includes a greater selection of plaque face diffusers, air nozzles and round grilles, as well as new TechZone friendly linear slot diffusers. Leading the development of products for emerging trends, our terminal unit products offer solutions for fresh air applications and compatibility with Direct Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS). For low velocity supply air applications, learn more about our selection of displacement ventilation products. These diffusers utilize natural buoyancy forces created by the convective flows from heat sources in the space to comfortably and quietly supply air to occupants. Find green product solutions in Kruegers chilled beams, which use the inherently energy-efficient method of transferring energy through water. For sensitive applications, such as hospitals, cleanrooms, or laboratories, Krueger delivers a selection of proven, world-class solutions that will protect those that are in the critical spaces without disturbing surrounding processes. A wide range of underfloor products, including floor diffusers and grilles as well as mixing units, will allow you to build an air distribution system that meets the needs of high churn applications. Popular in high-rise and hotel applications, our fan coils allow for complete customization, making them a great solution for retrofit or architecturally complex building designs.

Grilles, Registers, & Diffusers

Terminal Units

Displacement Ventilation

Chilled Beams

Critical Room Solutions

Underfloor Products

Fan Coils


Specials & Custom Products

Krueger receives requests for customized or special air distribution solutions regularly. Our Engineering team is always ready to rise to such challenges. In coordination with our local Representative, their customer, and other Krueger support staff, we will engineer a viable solution that will satisfy all necessary building and occupant requirements. Whether it is a request to modify an existing product or develop a new product, you can rest assured that Krueger will be there from design and development through to the final installation to ensure your project is successful.

Product Gallery
In addition to our Product Index in the back of each volume, you will find a Product Gallery on the following pages to help you both locate products within the Product Catalog as well as assist you in the process of learning about Kruegers many air distribution product solutions.

Product Gallery Page Reference

20 Terminal Units 20 Underfloor Products 21 Fan Coils 22 Square / Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers 24 Linear Slot Diffusers 24 Plenum Slot Diffusers 24 Round Diffusers 25 Air Nozzles and Round Grilles 25 Critical Room Solutions 26 Displacement Ventilation 26 Chilled Beams 27 Supply and Return Grilles and Registers 28 Security Grilles 28 Industrial Grilles 28 Duct Mounted Grilles 29 Stainless Steel Grilles and Registers

New Products & Updates

While we strive to bring you the latest product information in printed form, we are constantly improving, changing, and adding product to our offering. Learn about new products and find more in-depth information on any model by viewing our Product Catalog on the web at We also offer a range of tools and other information-rich areas to help you successfully design your next air distribution application. For technical assistance or application-related questions, we encourage you to contact your local Krueger Representative or simply email us at

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Terminal Units and Underfloor Products
Single Duct Terminal Unit A2-3


Variable Volume Dual Duct Terminal Unit C2-3


Variable/Constant Volume Dual Duct Terminal Unit C2-3


Ultra Quiet, Series/Parallel Fan Powered Terminal Unit B2-6 / B2-28


Ultra Quiet, Series Fresh Air Fan Powered Terminal Unit B2-19


Series/Parallel Fan Powered Terminal Unit B2-47 / B2-68


Low Profile, Series/Parallel Fan Powered Terminal Unit B2-86 / B2-116


Low Profile, Series DOAS Fan Powered Terminal Unit B2-102


Retrofit Terminal Unit D2-3


Slide-in Retrofit Terminal Unit D2-11


Bypass Terminal Unit D2-20


Krueger Measuring Station D2-25


Underfloor Series Fan Powered Terminal Unit E3-22


Underfloor Booster Fan Powered Terminal Unit E3-35


Mixing Fan Powered Terminal Unit E3-46

Helical Slot Diffuser & Grille Duct Connection E3-15 / E3-18


Fan Coils
Horizontal Standard, Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil E2-4


Horizontal Standard, Concealed with Plenum Fan Coil E2-7


Horizontal Standard, Exposed Cabinet Fan Coil E2-10


Horizontal Standard, Recessed Ceiling Fan Coil E2-13


Horizontal High-Capacity, Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil E2-18


Horizontal High-Capacity, Concealed with Plenum Fan Coil E2-22


Horizontal High-Capacity, Exposed Cabinet Fan Coil E2-26


Vertical Standard, Concealed Floor Fan Coil E2-32


Vertical Standard, Flat Top Cabinet Fan Coil E2-35


Vertical Standard, Slant Top Cabinet Fan Coil E2-38


Vertical Standard, Low Profile Fan Coil E2-41


Vertical Standard, Low Profile, Concealed Fan Coil E2-44


Vertical High-Capacity, Concealed Closet Fan Coil E2-50


Vertical Stack, Recessed Hi-Rise Fan Coil E2-56


Vertical Stack, Recessed Primary / Secondary Fan Coil E2-60 / E2-64


Vertical Stack, Recessed Primary & Secondary Twin Pack Fan Coil E2-68

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Square/Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers
Arcuate Face with Appliqu, Architectural Ceiling Diffuser A1-3


Square Plaque Face, Architectural Ceiling Diffuser A1-12


Round Plaque Face, Architectural Ceiling Diffuser A1-12


Square Plaque Face, Low Temp. Diffuser A1-14


Square Plaque Face, Integrated Multi-port Induction Ring A1-28


Square Plaque Face, VAV Diffuser A3-6


Swirl Face, Architectural Ceiling Diffuser A1-34

1400 Series

Louvered 4-Cone Ceiling Diffuser B1-4

1450 Series

Louvered 3-Cone Ceiling Diffuser B1-23

SH Series

Flush Face Louvered Ceiling Diffuser B1-35

SHV Series

Flush Face Louvered Ceiling Diffuser with Deflector Vanes B1-50

SHPC Series

Flush Face Louvered Ceiling Diffuser with Pattern Controllers B1-59

SHFB Series

Flush Face Louvered Ceiling Diffuser with Rigid Fiberglass Backpan B1-99

5SH/CAD Series

Flush Face Louvered Ceiling Diffuser with Center Downblow B1-105


Flush Face Louvered Diffuser with Center Plaque B1-113


Combination Supply and Return Diffuser B1-123


Square/Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers

6100 Series
Stamped Core, Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-4

6200 Series

Curved Blade, Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-12


Perforated Face Return with Filter Frame C1-12

6300 Series

Perforated Ceiling Diffuser with Rigid Fiberglass Backpan C1-45

6390 Series

Perforated Return with Fiberglass Backpan C1-45

6400 Series

Face Mounted Deflectors, Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-52

6490 Series

Square Neck, Perforated Return C1-52

6500 Series

Curved Blade, Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-12

6600 Series

Face Mounted Deflectors, Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-52

6690 Series

Round Neck, Perforated Return C1-52

6790 Series

Perforated Return Panel, No Backpan C1-97

1100 Series

Architectural, Curved Blade Perforated Ceiling Diffuser C1-101

1190 Series

Architectural, Aluminum Frame, Perforated Return C1-101

1240 Series

Modular Core Ceiling Diffuser D1-3

1240P Series

Modular Core Ceiling Diffuser with Perforated Face D1-13

1240PE Series

Modular Core Ceiling Diffuser with Perforated Face D1-13

Krueger | Providing You With Air Distribution Solutions


Linear Slot, Plenum Slot, and Round Diffusers
DesignFlo (DFL)
Architectural Linear Slot Diffuser E1-3


Plenum Boot for DesignFlo Linear Slot Diffuser E1-11


Linear Slot Diffuser E1-40


Plenum Boot for 1900 Linear Slot Diffuser E1-40

1900SQ Series

Square, Linear Slot Diffuser E1-77

PTBS Series

Gasketed Aluminum Blade, Plenum Slot Diffuser F1-3

PTBA Series

Ice Tong, Plenum Slot Diffuser F1-28

PTBT Series

Fixed, Extruded Aluminum Blades, Plenum Slot Diffuse F1-42















PTBSS Series

Curved Blade, Plenum Slot Diffuser F1-52

PTBR Series

Plenum Slot Return F1-80


Plenum Slot Diffuser with Fire Damper F1-52


Plenum Slot Return with Fire Damper F1-80

PTBSC Series

Curved Blade, Plenum Slot Diffuser F1-68


Curved Blade with Downblow, Plenum Slot Diffuser F1-68

RM / RA Series
Round Cone Ceiling Diffuser G1-3

Round Plaque Ceiling Diffuser G1-17


Round Diffusers, Air Nozzles & Critical Room Solutions

Ring Operated Center Downblow, Round Ceiling Diffuser G1-23

RPN Series

Round Punkah Nozzles H1-3


Round Punkah Nozzle for Lay-In T-Bar H1-7

RPN2P / RPN4P Series

Two or Four Round Punkah Nozzles in Panel H1-6

CRN Series

Concentric Ring Nozzle H1-17

CRNLP Series

Concentric Ring Nozzle for Lay-In T-Bar H1-22

CRNP Series

Concentric Ring Nozzle in Panel H1-20

R580 / R5880 Series

Round Single/Double Deflection Supply Grille H1-31

REGC5 Series

Round Egg-crate Grille H1-41


Radial Face, Critical Room Diffuser B3-3


Flush Face, Radial Critical Room Diffuser B3-19


Laminar Flow Panel B3-47


Laminar Flow Panel with HEPA Filter Capability B3-47


Operating Room Particulate Control System B3-29


Modular Operating Room Particulate Control System B3-39

CRFF Series

Fan Filter Units with HEPA Filter B3-58

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Displacement Ventilation & Chilled Beams
Rectangular Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-9


U-Shaped Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-14


Round Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-19


Rounded Triangle Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-24


Flat-Faced Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-29


Half Flat Oval Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-33


Half Round Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-38


Corner-Round Low Velocity Supply Unit D3-42


Active Sustainable Chilled Beam C3-18


Active High Capacity, Chilled Beam C3-19


Active 12 Wide Sustainable Chilled Beam C3-20


Active Bulkhead Chilled Beam C3-21


Active Corner Mounted, Exposed Chilled Beam C3-22


Active, Adaptable Chilled Beam C3-29


Active, Adaptable, High Capacity Chilled Beam C3-31


Active, Adaptable, Exposed Chilled Beam C3-33


Passive Chilled Beams C3-39 / C3-38


Supply and Return Grilles & Registers

180 Series
Curved Blade Supply Grille I1-3

80 / 880 Series

Single/Double Deflection, Supply Grille, 3/4 Blade Spacing I1-25

480 / 4880 Series

Heavy Duty, Single/Double Deflection Supply Grille 1/2 Blade Spacing I1-25

800 / 5800 Series

Gang Operated Rear Louver Supply Grille, 3/4 Blade Spacing I1-25

585 / 5885 Series

Single/Double Deflection Aluminum Supply Grille, 1/2 Blade Spacing I1-25

AF80 / AF880 Series

Single/Double Deflection Airfoil Supply Grille, 3/4 Blade Spacing I1-47


Aluminum, Fixed Blade Supply Grille with Removable Core I1-64

S80 / S85 Series

Fixed Deflection Return Grille, 1/2 or 3/4 Blade Spacing J1-3


Perforated Return Grille J1-26

S480 / S5480 Series

Heavy Duty, Fixed Deflection Return Grille, 1/2 or 3/8 Blade Spacing J1-35

AFS580 / AFS585

Architectural, Flixed Blade Return Grille, 1/2 or 3/4 Blade Spacing J1-60


Architectural, Curved Blade Return Grille, 1/2 or 3/4 Blade Spacing J1-80

EG / EGC Series
Egg-crate Return Grille J1-94


Aluminum, Fixed Blade Return Grille with Removable Core J1-116

1500/1800 & 1600/1850

Linear Bar Supply Grille for Ceiling, Sidewall, Sill, or Floor K1-3 / K1-23

1700 Series

Linear Louvered Supply Grille K1-43

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Security, Industrial, and Duct Mounted Grilles & Registers
Perforated Face Security Grille L1-3


Suicide Deterrant Security Grille L1-13


Wire Mesh Security Grille L1-22


Heavy Duty Bar Grille with Wire Mesh L1-31


Louvered Diffuser with Lattice Face L1-40


Heavy Duty Aluminum Bar Grille L1-45

1380 / 51380

Lattice or Perforated Face Security Grille L1-54

1390 / 1390F Series

Security Bars with or without Welded Sleeve L1-57


Single Deflection Industrial Grille M1-3


Double Deflection Industrial Grille M1-3


Double Deflection Industrial Grille with Pole Operator M1-3


Drum Punkah Louver with Deflection / Split Vanes M1-25

DMG*R Series

Radius Endcap, Spiral Duct Mounted Grilles N1-3

DMG*U Series

Universal Endcap, Spiral Duct Mounted Grilles N1-3


Duct Mounted Drum Louver N1-37

600 Series

Transfer Grille for Door or Sidewall Applications O1-3


Stainless Steel Grilles & Registers

Stainless Steel Curved Blade Grille P1-4

980 / 9880 Series

Stainless Steel, Adjustable Single/Double Deflection Supply Grille P1-6

9S80HF Series

Stainless Steel, Fixed Blade Return with or without Hinge Face. P1-12

9S80P Series

Stainless Steel, Perforated Supply/Return Grille P1-14

9700 Series

Stainless Steel, Single or Double Core Door Grille P1-18

91610 Series

Stainless Steel, Supply or Return Linear Bar Grille P1-20

91240 Series

Stainless Steel, Modular Core Diffuser P1-24

91310 Series

Stainless Steel, Perforated Security Grille P1-26


Stainless Steel Egg-crate Grille P1-28

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Product Finishes
Krueger has a broad range of liquid and powder paint solutions available, as well as custom color matching to meet the needs of most air distribution applications. Additionally, we offer standard and custom color Aluminum anodizing for customers that may require the aesthetics and surface characteristics that these finishes offer. Applied in our state-of-the-art paint facilities, Krueger product finishes take full advantage of the most current, cutting-edge technology available. From standard paint finishes, custom color matching, antimicrobial powder paint coatings, and Aluminum anodizing, Krueger has a product finish that is right for you.

Standard Liquid Paint

Kruegers standard paint selections use an anodic electrocoating process that produces a durable, thorough, controllable, corrosion-resistant finish on all products. The finish may be used as a primer, facilitating easy field painting, if desired, to match the installation.

Method of Application

After assembly, products are washed, rinsed, pretreated with zirconium phosphate, and then rinsed again. They are then suspended from an anodic hook and dipped into a high performance electrocoating tank. Following electrocoating, products are dried and baked in a forced air oven at a peak temperature of 350F until cured.

Standard Powder Paint

Kruegers powder paint coatings are aesthetically pleasing, provide excellent physical and chemical resistance properties, and produce a durable uniform finish. Additionally, they are antiseptically manufactured to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the commercial, industrial, healthcare and laboratory markets, and are used exclusively on Kruegers world-class critical environment diffusers.

Antimicrobial Powder Coat

Kruegers antimicrobial powder coat paints help reduce the undesirable effects of odors and stains caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi on the coating. They also resist fingerprints and smudges; staying cleaner between scheduled routine maintenance. When cleaning is necessary, they can be wiped down with a mild soap and water solution. Antimicrobials within the paint decrease microbial growth by disrupting the microorganisms when they make contact with the surface. A short period of time after contact, the bacteria levels begin to reduce to unmeasurable levels*. Even better, these coatings are environmentally friendly and are considered to be RoHS and REACH-compliant solutions. *DISCLAIMER: This product is formulated with antimicrobials to help suppress the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms on the coating. It is not intended as a substitute for good hygiene or to prevent foodborne or infectious illnesses.

Method of Application

After assembly, products go through a multi-staged wash and pretreat system, are oven dried, then coated with 2.0 to 3.0 mils of powder paint. The products then move through an oven and are baked at a temperature of 425F until fully cured.


Standard Color Selection


Mill (01)

British White (44)

*British White Antimicrobial (4A)

Off White (49)

Alumican (10)

*Alumican Antimicrobial (1A)

*Canyon Brown (32)

Black (35)

*Clear Anodize (81)

*Light Bronze Anodize (84)

*Medium Bronze Anodize (85)

*Dark Bronze Anodize (86)

*Black Anodize (87)

All finish types shown are not available with all products. Please see Kruegers Product Catalog or website for available finishes. Standard options are Mill or British White. For other paint selections or paint matching, setup fees may apply. All colors shown serve as a guide only. Please contact your local Krueger Representative for an actual sample. FILM PROPERTIES PROPERTY Film Thickness Gloss: 60-degrees Pencil Hardness Crosshatch Adhesion Impact Salt Spray Humidity Water Soak Conical Mandrel N/A ASTM D523-89 ASTM D3363-92A ASTM D3359-83 ASTM D2794-93 ASTM B117-9048 ASTM D2247-92 ASTM D870-92 ASTM D522 TEST METHOD STANDARD E-COAT VALUE 0.8 - 1.0 mils 50 - 85% HB - H Crosshatch 4B - 5B Direct: >100 in/lb Reverse: >80 in/lb 96 Hours > 500 Hours 250 Hours N/A STANDARD POWDER COAT VALUE 2.0 - 3.0 mils 60 - 70% H - 2H 5B N/A 1000 Hours 1000 Hours N/A 1/8 Conical Bend No Cracking Shows ANTIMICROBIAL POWDER COAT VALUE 2.0 - 3.0 mils 55 - 65% H - 2H 5B N/A 1000 Hours 1000 Hours N/A 1/8 Conical Bend No Cracking Shows

Prism Appliqu Colors

Prism Appliqu Specifications The intended use for the appliqu is on the Krueger Prism ceiling diffuser. The appliqus consist of a matte substrate with an adhesive backing and are individually die cut for precision and consistency. They are then fitted to a pre-formed square embossment in the center of the faceplate with the purpose of providing color. The appliqu is applied after the diffuser is painted. Appliqu specifications include: 0.017 Polycarbonate substrate with opacity film; 0.002 adhesive with peel-off backing; and 0.019 total thickness.
All colors shown serve as a guide only. Please contact your local Krueger Representative for an actual sample.

British White (00)

Off-White (01)

Light Gray (02)

Medium Gray (03)

Light Beige (04)

Medium Beige (05)

Blue Gray (06)

Olive (07)

Rust (08)

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Standards for Better Building
Our involvement with industry organizations ensures that products you receive are built to the latest standards and that we maintain a high level of quality both in manufacturing and service.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the worlds most dominant authority for standards, technical information, and guidelines within our industry. Krueger serves on Technical Committees and Standards Committees to help drive both improvements and developments for better indoor air quality. By choosing Krueger to supply your air distribution solutions, you can feel confident that our products meet current standards and that our published performance data has been tested and verified through reputable, third-party organizations, such as ETL and AHRI. Krueger is also involved in the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), an authoritative source for LEED and green building knowledge. As a member of this organization, and a part of our Green Initiative, we strive to offer air distribution solutions that promote energy efficient and sustainable HVAC designs. We serve on Technical Advisory Groups within USGBC to assure that LEED Rating requirements are both reasonable and practical. Since 2001, Krueger has been ISO 9001 Certified. Our involvement in this certification ensures conformance to a set standard of quality, both in manufacturing and customer service. Our auditing body, Det Nortske Vertitas, makes certain that we are not only following our documented processes, but are continually reviewing ourselves to see where improvements can be made to better serve our customers.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers


Listed by Intertek Group, PLC

ETL Listed

Listed by Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute

AHRI Listed

United States Green Building Council

USGBC Member

Certified by Det Norske Vertitas (DNV)

ISO 9001:2008 Certified