Industrial Revolution

Written By Anass Moudakir Kym Mumford Peta-Gaye Brown


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SCENE 1: TRAIN INTERIOR- DAY FADE INTO a flickering train light, flickering light sounds can be heard, while 80's song can vaguely be heard from headphones. CAMERA SLOWLY PANS down to focus on a young teenage boy in an empty carriage, who is standing and holding onto a train pole. In his hand is an iPod with a vacant expression on his face. CAMERA STAYS focused on the boy for a few seconds. CAMERA ZOOMS in on his iPod to show the cover art of the 80's album he is listening to. The music gradually gets louder. The cover art fills the screen and becomes a poster on a bedroom wall as the CAMERA ZOOMS OUT SCENE 2: BEDROOM INTERIOR- DAY CAMERA PANS ACROSS bedroom in a 180 degree angle. As the camera is slowly panning across there are 3 close up cut scenes of dancing. The first cut scene is a close up of a Walkman in the characters hand as they dance. The second cut scene is their feet kicking about, and the Third cut scene is a close up of their hand knocking a box off of a shelf when the character shoots their hand into the air striking their final pose as the song comes to an end. When the box falls and the radio hits the floor white noise/static can be heard. CAMERA CUTS to the character who is holding their final pose oblivious of the fallen box. In this shot no static can heard, it's silent. CAMERA CUTS BACK to the fallen box which is on the floor, which a 1930-1940's radio has fallen out of. The radio is on it's side. Static turns into 1940's style music. SCENE 3: LIVINGROOM INTERIOR- AFTERNOON THE CAMERA ROTATES so that the radio is the right way up. Wallpaper and shelf slide in the camera shot in different directions. As this is happening camera zooms out slightly so that more of the living room is in the shot. Once the camera comes to a halt the music is interrupted. "we interrupt this broadcast for this breaking news..(Speech starts)" Footsteps running down the stairs can be heard. Still focused on the radio CAMERA ZOOMS into the speaker. CUT TO BLACK. Speech fades out as the camera zooms into the speaker. During the cut to black waltz music fades in. SCENE 4: HALLWAY INTERIOR- NIGHT

CAMERA ZOOMS OUT of spinning wax vinyl disk while waltz music is being played. CAMERA PANS ACROSS to young man dancing with a broom, and then the camera follows him as he dances. A knock is heard on the door. He stops dancing and drops the broom. He walks towards the coat rack to reach for his jacket, as his arm is outstretched and just about to grab it, the whole scene is reversed. It is reversed past when he first started dancing with the broom and you see him leaving an office. SCENCE 5- OFFICE INTERIOR- NIGHT Still in reverse he closes the door to the office which we see as opening the door, from this point he plays forward and the CAMERA enters a dark office, lit by moonlight from a window. In the office the CAMERA PANS over to the desk where the light flickers on. THE CAMERA still has the whole desk in view while THE CAMERA SLOWLY ZOOMS IN you see blue prints and sketches on the desk of the Phonograph. Then Focusing on the oil lamp on the desk we zoom past the sketches and into the flame.