Richard Jacob, MBA [Cranfield, U.

K], AMA Global Faculty Member
Richard Jacob is the founder and Principal Consultant of RCJ Consulting Sdn Bhd. He is a Director of a few companies, an American Management Association (AMA) Certified International Trainer and has recently become a member of the AMA Global Faculty – having delivered training programs in Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Karachi, Shanghai, Beijing and Hanoi in the areas of Finance, Strategy and Marketing. He is also a lecturer & turnaround consultant with vast experience and a Celemi Facilitator. He has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management in the United Kingdom, a leading European Business School. He is an Accountant by training and was an Auditor in an international firm of Accountants for nine years. His strategic experience comes from being a Financial Manager, Company Secretary and Business Development Manager in a leading Swedish pharmaceutical company by the name of Astra Pharmaceutical. He later became the General Manager of Marketing at Pharmmalaysia – a Malaysian pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company. Richard was responsible for Astra’s successful penetration into the Sri Lanka market .He has managed and worked with distributors in Singapore and Brunei. Since 1995, Richard has consulted and trained some 8.100 General Managers and executives in several companies. The companies include Braun, Schering Ag, TENAGA, Allianz, Hong Leong Group, Securities Commission, QT Fairchild, BDO Binder, ASTRO, MAXIS, MIGHT, Patimas Computers Berhad, 3M, FSBM Holdings, MBT (S’pore) and Maybank in the areas of, strategic management, quality and customer service, marketing, sales training, change management, finance, total quality management (TQM) and corporate team building. Richard is a skilled international trainer and facilitator with the capabilities to get participants to relate concepts into practice. In institutional training, he has lectured on HRM/HRD for the MSc [HRM] program conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University and General and Strategic Management [GSM] for the University of Strathclyde MBA program. He has been appointed by Glasgow Caledonian University as local supervisor for the MSc [HRM] research students. He has lectured ‘International Marketing’, ‘Marketing Communications’, ‘Strategic Management’, ‘Total Quality Management’ and ‘Change Management’ for the University of Sunderland MBA Program. Additionally, he has lectured modules on ‘The Pacific Rim’ and ‘Global Strategy’ for the University of Warwick U.K MSc Program, ‘Strategic Management’ for the University of Northumbria in UK and ‘Strategic Marketing Planning’ for CIM, UK. Given his towering personality, his ascent up the corporate ladder from being an articled clerk and his broad experience in developing and managing organizations, he has a special interest in the areas of behavioural change including motivation and attitude development. More recently Richard has become a “Management Coach” and Advisor for the Primabumi Group of Companies.


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Strategic Thinking, Management and Execution Workshop

RCJ Consulting is a firm specializing in the training of managers & executives in organizations and providing consulting and advisory services in the areas of strategic business development, marketing, finance and business redesign. In the area of training, we believe that training programs affect behavior in two ways. Firstly, it directly improves the skills necessary for the employee to successfully complete his or her job. Secondly, training increases an employee’s selfefficacy, i.e. it enables employees to be more willing to undertake job tasks and exert a high level of effort. In consulting, we strive for solutions whose appearance is simple but whose influence is far reaching in both immediate and strategic benefit. We therefore aim at developing progressive, objective oriented strategies to achieve tangible and measurable results. As we believe that solutions must be owned by client officers and personnel, we work with clients in joint project teams and transfer skills and capabilities. This practice leads to lasting business results. We only recommend what is implementable.
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A High Powered, Intensive 3 Day Program, Created & Facilitated by

Richard Jacob
MBA [Cranfield, U.K], AMA Global Faculty Member
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Strategic Thinking, Management and Execution Workshop
Strategic thinking, management & execution is a fresh approach to the subject of strategy. It identifies the key factors that dictate the direction of an organization and it is a process that an organization’s management uses to set direction and articulate their vision. It’s a process that extracts from the minds of people who run the business their best thinking about what is happening in the business, what is happening outside the environment and what should be the position of the business in view of highly qualitative variables [opinions, judgment and even feelings] - not the quantitative ones. Strategic thinking, management & execution produces a unique direction, a profile of what an organization wants to become which then helps managers make vital choices. This program is designed to apply the ‘strategic thinking, management & execution’ process to put the company in a position of competitive advantage and prosperity within a changing environment

• • • • • • • • • Strategy & Strategic Thinking o “Evolution” & Overview The Strategic Thinking Matrix Key Concepts in “Strategic Thinking” Strategic Thinking – Exploratory Questions Scenario Planning Evaluating Objectives Environmental Analysis o Analysis of the External Environment Key Issues, Key Assumptions Strategic concepts to determine direction o Five Forces Model o Competitive Advantage Model o Ansoff, BCG & McKinsey Models Growth Options o Organic Growth o Inorganic Growth Implementation Issues One Model of a Strategic Plan Strategy and Leadership Strategy Alignment Issues Execution Best Practices Implementation Challenges and Issues


Day 2

• • • • • • •

Day 3

After attending this workshop, you will be able to: • Think and Manage Strategically in the competitive business environment • Understand the nature and the implications of strategic thinking • Acquire a framework and the tools and techniques for thinking strategically • Understand the need for coordinating the elements of strategic planning • Develop abilities in using the tools of strategic thinking • Understand the interaction between an organization and its environment • Understand the complexities of strategy implementation • Appreciate why strategies fail and avoid them • Align & Lead your organization to execute your strategy


A Framework for writing a Strategic Plan and executing it


• • • •

This is a practical intensive 3 days program designed to encourage participants to develop & implement a strategy to improve business performance. There will be considerable practical application throughout the course, i.e. in the application of the concepts taught in the creation of a framework strategic plan. The program will be interactive, drawing on specific case studies to increase participation. Best practice examples will be provided to stimulate discussion, but the intention is to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences in a way that enhances learning.

Appreciating the difference between Strategic thinking and management Strategic Thinking Matrix 20 Exploratory Questions Development strategic tools o Ansoff Matrix o Sustainable competitive advantage and how to achieve it o Scenario Planning o Porters Five Forces o Vision, Mission and Long Term Objectives o SWOT Analysis Leadership, Alignment, Implementation & Execution Challenges

This program has been specifically designed for Managers & potential managers in Malaysia responsible for strategic participation & decisions, as identified by Senior Management

RM1520 per pax

01–03 November, 2006. (3 days)


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