16-18 September, 2008 Lewis and Clark Center Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Organizers: The United States Army Combat Studies Institute, Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The Combat Studies Institute will host a symposium entitled “The US Army and the Interagency Process: Historical Perspectives.” The symposium will include a variety of guest speakers, panel sessions, and general discussions. This symposium will explore the partnership between the US Army and government agencies in attaining national goals and objectives in peace and war within a historical context. Separate international topics may be presented. The symposium will also examine current issues, dilemmas, problems, trends, and practices associated with US Army operations requiring close interagency cooperation. Proposed Program: With this in mind, CSI is issuing a call for papers for the symposium. The symposium program will consist of seven panels composed of two speakers covering a similar theme. There will also be three, perhaps four featured speakers. The following panel topics represent the chronological range of potential papers, all of which should have an interagency perspective:
- British Colonial Office through the Ages. - Post American Civil War: Reconstruction, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US in the Philippines, Haiti 1915, Mexican Border 1916. - Post World War I: Occupation of the Ruhr, Central America. - Post World War II: Greek Civil War, British Experience in Kenya, Postwar Occupation of Germany / Japan and South Korea 1945 -1950. - Cold War: Planning for nuclear war, CORDS Program in Vietnam/Phoenix, Grenada, Suez Crisis, El Salvador, Columbia.

- Post Cold War: Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, Solomon Islands 2001. - The Long War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines and East Asia, Africa - Domestic Civil Support: Civil Disturbances, Disaster Response, War on Drugs, illegal immigration, Joint Interagency Task Forces.

Please send short proposals (approximately 300 words) for individual papers or full panels to, or mail them to Combat Studies Institute, Attn: CSI Symposium, 201 Sedgwick Avenue, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027. The CSI will publish the proceedings of the conference in an edited volume within four months of the conclusion of the conference. Because of this deadline, individuals who are unable to deliver their papers at the time of the conference or who are unwilling to publish in this forum should not answer this call for papers. The closing date for proposals is 15 May 2008 For more information on the symposium, please contact CSI at 913684-2138 or email Mr. Ken Gott, the Conference coordinator at