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Minutes/summary of discussion October 8, 2013, 5:05pm Purpose: Over the summer, students wrote to Dean Mayo Moran regarding

the April 2013 Governing Council vote to raise tuition for this year by the maximum allowed by the province. The Dean granted our request for a meeting to address concerns about the vote. Present: Mayo Moran Alexis Archbold Lisa Wilder Padraigin Murphy Riaz Sayani-Mulji Enoch Guimond Marcus McCann Note takers: Padraigin Murphy Marcus McCann Issues raised by students: 1. Students acknowledged the work done so far by the Dean on the tuition file, including the white paper, listening sessions and town halls. 2. However, the underlying problems of high tuition remain, including accessibility, pressure on career choice, and affect on mental health of current students. 3. Problem is getting worse: Students are deferring their acceptances. Some are considering the half time program for economic reasons. 4. Students would like an acknowledgement from the Dean that tuition is unacceptably high. Failing that, students would like an acknowledgement that the escalating trajectory of tuition is unacceptable. 5. The February petition asked the dean to make a plan for tuition and financial aid, and to freeze tuition until such a plan were in place. Response from the Dean: 1. The Dean thanked students for the time and energy they have put into this issue. It has been an

invitation for the administration to reflect on this issue, and it is leading to changes (e.g., the establishment of the new Institutional Metrics Working Group.) 1. The Dean was unwilling to commit to any of the student requests, at least at this time. 2. $30,000 annual tuition, while not ideal, is realistic and acceptable. 3. Annual increases of between 5% and 10%, while not ideal, are realistic and acceptable. 4. Accessibility and diversity remain priorities of the Dean. 5. The growing gap between tuition and financial aid is a problem. 6. The goal remains to compete with top flight American schools. 7. The Dean did not commit to opening the Faculty's financial books in a more detailed way. 8. The Dean suggested the Faculty is considering making financial aid the next big alumni donor campaign. 9. The Dean gave three main pieces of evidence in support of her position that tuition isn't a problem: a) More would-be students are applying to UT Law than ever; b) Offers of admission are accepted at a higher rate than ever; and c) The school is more diverse than ever. 10. When asked to put her philosophy on tuition and financial aid into writing, she said she'd think about it. 11. The Dean is open to the possibility that new data (especially on accessibility and diversity) could change her mind about tuition. End: 5:50pm