7713  Maple  Landing  Ct.  El  Paso,  TX  79912

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EXPERIENCE         August  2012  to  present  –  El  Paso,  Texas   City  editor,  enterprise  reporter.  Assist  on  development  of  written  and  multimedia  content  for  online   magazine  by  UTEP  students.  Report  with  public  databases  and  create  infographics.  

The  Washington  Post         summer  2013  -­‐  Washington,  D.C. Development  and  transportation  intern.  Exposed  logistical  issues  on  the  local  bikeshare  program  and   the  growth  of  car-­‐sharing  services.  Worked  as  early  morning  reporter/blogger  and  weekend  reporting   shifts.   Fronteras,  The  Changing  America  Desk     Oct.  2011  to  May  2013  -­‐  Las  Cruces,  NM     Freelancer.  Took  photographs  for  multiplatform  packages  for  the  website  of  this  NPR  contributor.   Conducted  interviews  and  gathered  sound  bites  for  audio  packages  produced  by  a  senior  reporter.  

The  Atlantic             November  2012  -­‐  Ciudad  Juarez,  Mexico Fixer.  Scheduled  interviews  authorities  and  advocates.  Translated/interpreted  interviews  for  reporter.  

The  Atlanta  Journal  –  Constitution       summer  2012  -­‐  Atlanta A1  enterprise  intern.  Exposed  four-­‐fold  increase  in  Mexican  asylum  applications  in  Georgia.   Participated  in  an  investigation  of  state  legislative  candidates  with  tax  problems.    

El  Diario  de  El  Paso, Video  editor  

January  to  May  2012  -­‐  El  Paso,  Texas  

The  Prospector  &  Minero  Magazine       Oct.  2008  to  Dec.  2011  -­‐  El  Paso,  Texas Editor-­‐in-­‐chief,  Multimedia/online  editor,  reporter.   The  Brownsville  Herald           summer  2011  -­‐  Brownsville,  Texas General  assignment  and  breaking  news  intern  

The  University  of  Texas  at  El  Paso       GPA  3.18        Graduation:  December  2013   Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Multimedia  Journalism,  minor  in  Latin  American  and  Border  Studies

2013  National  Association  of  Hispanic  Journalists  Ñ  Student  of  the  Year  award   2013  Chips  Quinn  scholar   2012  Online  Journalism  Award  -­‐  non-­‐English  project  for  Mexodus  Project   2012  Online  News  Association  Student  Newsroom     2012  New  York  Times  Student  Journalism  Institute   2011  Texas  Associated  Press  Managing  Editors  Buster  Haas  Minority  Program  and  Scholarship National  Association  of  Hispanic  Journalists       Investigative  Reporters  and  Editors       Online  News  Association 2012-­‐2013  National  board  member

SKILLS Spanish (native), Excel, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, WordPress, social media platforms
(Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)  

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