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n€ to otbe'.those $ho 1lsten d. to use trin the box . 4. fhe stud. the natur s of reality h. srr€ to give clea. 2.-ole in a beli€vor"e lj.O tt'uth Pev. those who -eJect €r tmper^atlves that r €v€al$ orn 7.fe in the ff.?EACEehr S qlnFs 0SJSCfIYBSI A.€Bponsibilitiee f.aYe?' .odn and.ance and decislon-naking g. 3.. B. r. noice of salvation 3.ent will p€rsonaltao. and in four^ 5. guld.le. &rcou-age the young people li fe{ featu.e backg-ouncl so to lst thear unds-stand eve?y baslc found.y:. lesgon. apply and. 6.ticipate in optlonal cIosing Pr.orn becnne a key eoncept to play a majo.s one Or' [tOv. 9rtco1u&98 g-oup intG-aCtiofl. $orne well and examine elosely eve-y pessage fo'' stutiy. 1. Fhe gtud.ation of the lesson.^ceiven: i'^i :'.. Uake str-6 to -ead the lesson in advanae.and conslder. fhe student will eee and leadr the signiflcanoe of wisdom as seen ln the Sook of P-ove-bs. *a. Feel f-ee to €Rcol.J' -7'h* 7ru*Lflc"'r5.r'a-f 1e'1le ...5C "i. wisd. IIAaOET GR0UP - Yornge'^ Adolescent Ch-lstians It* lloter 1*5 C.rr.NuRt+Cs$rtft 1.abl.ent wiLl dLscuss bow wisd. avoidlng bad cornpany or oeward$ fo.\<o. Read Make of the questions n4y se€m ha-d to Fe.y .l $E-t:r-fc . ?hls 1s only a ofou--session'f unit..hftrSe othe-e to par.'aspectst €lr obeying ou:F Pa?enta b. dlsg-ace for. 2.

Tbe cblef punpose of Prove-bs is to gl-ve nao-al lnst-uctionr especlally to young people. and in ysgr._1:!j[g! tha box that you lea. bow you can apply and believe that t-uth next aeek. par^ by rfrich a lar^ge po-tlon wB6 crn€dtted.. you belleve that thls book wr"itten by Solonon has som6 thing to say about Jesus Chr"ist? Why? ' 6.e to deaL sucoeesfully with the p-actical affai-s of eve. In the end. nelghbor"s and gove-nnent."aseff the fea? of the Lo-dil as $een in the book of Pr."yday lifer bow to -e1ate to 0od. $hat do you tbink le the signi-ficance of the ph.ned" f?om the passage of ou. Hhy do you think $olomon opened up the book with his own olaim of w-iting itr the son of aLt know that Solonon was led to ld."itten? Do you think bis fallur€ cntt stll-]" nake tbe book t*ustrn-thyf In the box .ivlne pe-spectlve nec€asf.ite sonething in .-S to handle lifers cha].lenges.ov€-bsr and in the !fto1e sib1e? (v.ves.tEs$o!r_ I the 0l-d festa$ent Book of P-over. PpOVEpBS 1r 1-7 1. Sxplain wby the book of PTove-bs was w-itten.. and a king in Is-ael? Is the-e any si6'nificance vrhy he hatl to put it that umy? (v.. pflr€ritsl chlld*en. plthy truestLonsl sho-t sto'. Sol-onnon used a combinatlon of poet-y. Hts peop3. &. &uld. to $olornonn p-ovides Codss detailed inst-uetions fo'. diseusslon. 7) 5. wtrfr{ I book? (v.?) 4.o1atrf bec use of his many fo-eign wi. (w. 1) ao you think is the ilk€y ve-sert that helpsrrun}oclc[ the 3. then add..ies and rtse naaxlns to give in st-iklngly nemo-able fo'"m the common sense and d. 2-6) 2. Taklng thls into conside-attont do you tbink he stilL earned the c-edlbtltty to believe v*rat he bas w. r.

momenta-y satisfaction of d. i5-17) Do you think we onl). info."nnation and. . then atld..aee of thel. 18-19) 6. tbe second one fTom ou.".n \. the-e was some backg-ound. &at does the fathe. in the bor that you lea."ent peopl€ sv. was p-eciously compa-ed to a lovely or"nanents? Do thes@ or.over.o you tbink Solornon st-ess the impo-tance of hea-lng and doi"ng ou.souls ln the ba. being Oodr s t-uth.lnst-uctlon.and since Pr..\.those peoplerff-iendsft when they nakes tt easy for.par. &y d.ornd trs. 11-14).froffeifl oam lead ee-? Dlil you 6ver notieed thei-. hat a-e those thlngs we havs lea-ned in ou. how you ca.isobey Ood by ha-ning othe-s? (w.-19)t and.r8ssory 2 one eornea flom ou.. # In the box .ned f-om the passag€ of ouo discussion.aily affai-s of 11fe.par^ticulatly add-essed to a class of young msn. they w111 be benefited to know its inst. fElsdom ls a key conoept both in the 01d and $ew Testanents.ents (w.esl-es that lost thel. 11-14) . us to ilisobey 0od? Yihe-e do thei. iO) 4.-eJection of ete-na1 tn€Ran-es'in pl.. Ad-d"ed. and tn you.n apply and believe tbat t-uth next w6ek.uctlon bow to obey ou. 1|.Rslents can help us ayoid the entlcement of sinne'"e? fn what wnys? (w. can we csnside.p-e1-lnnina-y session? 2. 8) 3" mxy ls it that thei.par.entlclng frlends (rnr.p&.gatn? ( lesson how signlfieant wlsdom is in the uas. Ke bave lea'.'i t 1rp-fo 4J..our fir.' te1ls us how to avoid yieldlng to temptation? Is the-e any suggestlon not to play lrith tennptation? (w. B-1O.ned Pnovg$Bs $. 1'! lf-ite something. and to the dlffe. tho w'iee counsel how to Telate to 0od.entsr inst-uction? ( lfbe fir.. Inte-estlnglyr wer1l notice tno voices calllng oun atterrtlon in thls second leseon --... ha-n otl'selves when we d.the trvolee of inst-ucticnltt and tbe ttvoice of teaptation.rents find avoiit bad eompany. 9.

tEsqF I Se a-e to dieobey Cod. and ln . son€thing fo'.yorr- life! S-ite sonaething' in the box that you lea-ned f-on the passrage . . werlL erplor.pav. ?4-?5\ 5. W.of ou.'. de* ptte cf thei'.20-21) 3. the ivoTy towe'r" at tbe head of sllent cor. DLtl she offe.entsl inst-uctlon and to avoid the voiee of tennptation.pesFolldetl to wisdonr s invitatlon? .p-.the trvoce of salvati.a-e also p.€ on rrsgeking wigdonn'r as lt. frhere does wisdom speak? f e Ood^re tt"uth d.wisdom is in feminlne gencle-) PeOt/SaBs ! 20-33 '1.iends but makos it eaqy fo."eJectlon of knowled.-ivilegetl how tbe (v. To rhom does wisdom speak? Does she intended pu-posely fo.qhly-ed. In our thi-d lesson. lflrat does wisdom offe-s to then? Did she elosed he'. 33) In the box . in ou* second.on.esigned tc be aonfined fo'.slnples scorrl€re and fools -. lesson to take heed of ou.those vrho reJect and $rilL -eJect he-? (w.ucated classes of people? lbat does wi. 22) 4. ZOa) 2.e.sdom say to them? (v. fr.osely those g-oup of pe-sons cfuo clalmed to be ou.door. the Eeb-ew m-d fo.qsupposed -ospohs€ fo. those who will listen to he-? shat ie it? I's lt sornething m-th valuable antl p-omising'? (v. ?3) (Ee-e. How tlld" wlsdom exp-essad he.(rn'. 26-32) 7. voice -. then add how you oan apply and beLleve that t-uth next weeL. Dtd the conce-ned -.tel1s us to avoid yielding to temptation. And we have exanined cl. .the holy and hi.neps? (w..t" tiiscuselon. Eow does n'isdon speak? Does she speak softly? (v.e rnov..ings anothe'.

fte.onnlses and BSSu'&RC€g fr"om God can we have upon Sim? (w.those urho crll1. and ln you. yre learned bow.doing oun p&r"te what a'.uth.dail"y affai''"s of 1ife. pr. .'.. FqOVEpBS 2r 1-9 1. those wbo will ltsten and the co-7esponding eonsequences fo.AIilg theee eight impe-atlves. he'. Her-e in ou' founth and final lessonl wer1l stud.tEssolr 4 In ou. Beeause grorvlng as a Ch-istlan al. -€wh":d fo.y how sigRificant wisdon ls as we walk with Cotl in ou. 9?e al. Afte. lt is closely -elated to guldance and neans lear^ning to apply it to €v€rf aspect of noticed. in the box . its fu' as the Bible teaches about wisdom.easure it in yourn 1lfet Wr"ite something irr the bor .. 9) l In the box . and tr..thit"d lesson. wher el and to urhon does wisdom speak.nsd f?om the passage o\. Snd to ewamar"ize all the things you have lea-ned ln the fou' sessionsr put it all togethe.lif€! that you have leay.e those thirigs that re can dlscedl upon walklng with Ein? (v.*atives that -eveals oltr r€sponsibillties towa-d Gotlts t-uth conee-ning wiedon? (rnr. what -ewa-ds.doing and thinkin6."eject he-. shat a-e the eight inpe.n-mak ing. d.. then add how you can apply and believe tbat t. 5-S) 3.' our" dlsoueslon. 1-4) 2.

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