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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saint John of Capistrano

St. John of Capistrano (1386-1456) was an Italian Franciscan priest. He was born in the Kingdom of Naples and studied law at Perugia, got married, and became a magistrate. During a war, he was sent as a peace ambassador but was thrown in prison, and during this time realized that he was called to be a priest. He and his wife had never consummated their marriage, so they separated, and John entered the Franciscans. He applied himself to a life of extreme asceticism and developed a reputation as a powerful preacher, in Italy as well as in countries such as Germany and Poland. So great were the crowds who came to hear him that no church could hold them, and he had to preach outdoors. In addition to preaching, John fought heresy through his writing and led an army against an invasion of Turks. He survived the battle but died of bubonic plague in 456. Saint John of Capistrano is the patron saint of those in the legal profession. The famous Mission San Juan Capistrano is named for him. St. John Capistrano, pray for us.


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DATES TO REMEMBER! Tuesday, September 24 Thursday,

September 26th, School Pictures Thursday, September 26th, Restaurant Night at Panda Express (flyer is attached) Friday, September 27th, Free Dress Day, DONT FORGET YOUR NONPERISHABLE FOOD ITEM-PLEASE!! Monday, September 30th, Student Council Assembly Monday, September 30th, Entertainment Books Deadline Friday, October 4th, 11:00 am All School Mass, 12:30/12:45 pm dismissal Friday, October 4th, DEADLINE to turn in Horse Drop tickets Saturday, October 5th, St. Francis Day Community Event October 14th October 24th, ITBS Testing (1st through 8th) Friday, October 18th, 11:00 am all School Mass, 12:30/12:45 pm dismissal Friday, October 25th, Harvest Hoe Down, (Primary Transition) Monday, October 28th, NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conferences begin

first GENERAL PARENT MEETING, we hope you found it informative! We also would like to extend our gratitude to our very creative, energetic PTG Committee members who provided such a wonderful array of food that naturally led all to nibble and chat before the meeting. We thank our representatives from Mission Federal Credit Union for their time, information and for adding a little excitement via a surprise donation for our evening raffle! Three families (parents) left with a little more in their hands and a smile on their face as they departed for the evening or to pick-up their children from their fun evening thanks to Ms. Gloria and four OMMS eighth grade students. Our guest speaker was well received; he commented on the turnout and said he really enjoyed the enthusiasm and atmosphere of cooperation he witnessed at our school. Toward the end of the evening he specifically asked about tuition, as his children had attended catholic school. When I shared OMMS current tuition fee he remarked it was much lower than what he paid for tuition at which point I responded that our parents are involved as well as creative! Many parents have already determined what interests them and what gifts they can share with our community at OMMS; have you? If not why not consider being part of a committee; not certain what committees are available then why not consider contacting your Room Parent(s), or a member of the PTG Committee, or you are welcome to contact the office! All of us greatly appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and sense of community that was demonstrated throughout the meeting and we are looking forward to a GREAT year!

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Education requires parents, teachers, and child/student to work together in cooperation; a weakness in any one of these decreases the efficiency of the others while inhibiting the success and development of the child/student. Notes from our Principal:
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our OMMS parents who found time to join us for our

All parents were provided a hand-out prior to the meeting. The hand-out contained a little information about fundraising, where your money goes and why it is so important. For those who were not able to attend we have also included this hand-out in todays newsletter. An item to share.. A wonderful opportunity and an additional benefit came from our Scholastic Book Fair Fundraisers and through our combined accumulated points. With these points we were able to obtain three additional Smart Boards; then two other families came forward with the speakers and projectors. Furthermore with the remaining points we were able to order a new portable sound system for OMMS (has not yet arrived). Plus through other parents/contacts we were blessed with another three Smart Boards.WOW. The Smart Boards represent one component of the complete package for an operable system and we are working on completing to have six fully operable systems! Many, many, blessings to begin a new year.

support needs around parish and school. The group known as MOP = Maintain Our Parish which includes the school. Dont forget October 5th, when we celebrate St. Francis and of course find out Where will the Horse Drop its LUNCH!

OMMS Sports
Fall Sports News!
Boys J.V. Flag Football Practices will be
Wednesdays and all games will be on Mondays. Next game is scheduled for Monday, September 30th at 4:30 pm. We will be playing St. Michaels in Poway.

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball Practices every Wednesday after school and 1st and 3rd early dismissal Fridays. Game day is Thursday, September 26th at 3:30 pm. Home game against St. Michaels. Girls Varsity Volleyball Practices every Wednesday after school and 2nd and 4th regular dismissal Fridays after school. Game day is today. Home game against St. Peters at 3:30 pm.



KEEP HANDS CLEAN by washing with soap and water or by using alcohol based hand rubs. Sick people should clean their hands too! DISPOSE OF USED TISSUE immediately into a trash or waste can. Always clean hands after using a tissue. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way. KEEP SURFACES CLEAN by using household cleaners. Make sure to clean shared surfaces often such as faucets, light switches, and handles on doors and cabinets.
HAVE TIME AND WANT TO HELP? If you would like to help in any of the areas listed below just contact the office, leave your name and number, the area in which you would like to offer help and we will contact you ASAP. Thank you in advance for your willingness to share such a valuable

Music Class
All second through fifth level students will soon begin learning and playing recorders in music class. Your child should bring in his/her recorder from last years music class, or a new recorder can be purchased for $3.00. We must have all orders by Friday, September 27th.

St. Francis Day Celebration

Dont forget our annual St. Francis Day and Horse Drop scheduled for Saturday, October 5th. There will be fun for the kids, costume contest for your pet, pet blessings, and much, much more!

commodity. your time!

Consider becoming part of a committee on the PTG.we could always use your help and appreciate the sharing of ideas Consider lending a hand to keep our playgrounds tidy. keeping bark evenly distributed under play equipment and sand in sandbox, cleaning play equipment eliminating webs, etc. Consider sharing a little of your valuable time by listening to our early readers Consider joining a group of parishioners and parents who continue to gather on the second Saturday of every month to lend a hand to

All Horse Drop raffle ticket stubs/money and any unsold tickets must be returned to the school office by Friday, October 4th before dismissal (12:30/12:45 pm). Lets sell all the squares!! Thank you for your support!

Attention: Primary and Transition Parents!!

Mark your calendars for the Annual Harvest Hoedown, Friday, October 25th. We will need many volunteers to make this a terrific day for all. More information will be sent out soon.

Toyota of Poway Mossy Nissan Mossy Nissan Mossy Nissan Mossy Nissan El Cajon Mossy Nissan Kearny Mesa North County Ford North County Buick Cadillac GMC Mossy Nissan North County Kia Witt Lincoln Brothers Auto Repair & Fleet Services Inc. Lexus El Cajon South County Buick GMC Ron Baker Chevrolet Isuzu

858-486-2900 800-473-0961 866-876-5626 858-668-3600 888-849-3399 858-505-5200 760-945-9900 888-395-8008 866-317-8822 888-395-8008 877-986-4040 619-223-1353 619-440-5398 619-477-4462 619-477-2163


Poway National City Oceanside Poway El Cajon San Diego Vista Escondido Escondido Escondido San Diego San Diego El Cajon National City National City

FAMILY NIGHT AT Panda Express (on Douglas and Mission)

Our first restaurant night is this Thursday, September 26th, at Panda Express on Douglas. Come together with friends and family to enjoy good times and good food. Our school earns 20% of your transaction! A flyer is attached to todays newsletter. We will receive credit for transactions between noon and 8:00 pm.

If you need additional copies of the Entertainment Books to sell, please contact the school office. The deadline to return the Entertainment Book or payment is September 30th. Dont forget that the best fundraisers are the ones that do not cost extra money. When you purchase SCRIP, you are purchasing prepaid gift cards that are used just like cash. We are asking all families to consider purchasing Scrip cards for all of your shopping needs. The merchants who participate with SCRIP want to support nonprofit organizations and in return ask you to support them by shopping with SCRIP at their stores. (You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn money for OMMS.) Order your SCRIP online at (register using enrollment code: DA1245BF17557) or fill out an order form found in the Main Office.

Eoilchange.comanother great way to support our school! is offering gift cards for 3 oil changes worth $120 for only $40. The best part is OMMS gets to keep $20 (that's half!) of each sale. If we sell 200 gift cards we would earn $4000. If we sell 500 gift cards we would earn $10,000! The money to be earned is endless because everybody NEEDS oil changes. Please see Ms. Cyndi in the office to buy yours; grab a few more to sell at work to your coworkers. FAQs 1. What type of vehicle can use this program? Most makes & models, cars, trucks, vans & SUVs serviced at participating affiliates. Program not available for 1 ton vehicles or larger. 2. May I split the oil changes among different vehicles? Deal good for 3x oil changes on the same vehicle at the same location. 3. How long do I have to activate the code? Program coupons are valid for 365 days upon activation. 4. What happens if I forget to activate my code? Non-activated codes expire after two years without program redemption. 5. What if I dont have conventional oil or if I have special circumstances? Additional charges may apply for synthetic, 5W20-ZO, diesels, canister filters or those vehicles requiring more than six quarts. Locations: Courtesy Chevrolet Center 619-297-4321 San Diego Precision Tune Auto Care 619-441-8888 El Cajon Precision Tune Auto Care 619-226-7822 San Diego Subaru El Cajon 619-440-0404 El Cajon


~ Thursday, October 3rd Special liturgy will be held in the Historic Church on the anniversary of St. Francis death. Dessert reception following in the Sacred Garden. ~ Sunday, October 6th Parish Celebration of the Feast of St. Francis & Welcome Sunday

Prayer Corner Please keep the following members our school family in your prayers: ~ Mrs. Bush ~ Ms. Lida ~ The Varrichio Family ~ The Golina Family for health and healing ~ The victims and their families at the Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. ~ All of our military families