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Heather Czaplewski

2800 Woods Blvd Apt. 104 Lincoln, NE 68502 (402) 450-7108 Relevant Classes Advertising and PR Campaigns Conduct research and evaluate the findings to develop and present an integrated marketing communications strategy and creative materials for a multimedia advertising and public relations campaign needed by a client. Media Planning and Strategy The principles and practices of planning, evaluating, and selecting a variety of traditional and non-traditional media in a local and national context. Marketing-driven strategic approaches to understand how media fits into an integrated communication system. Design and Layout Develop strategies and design ads for various media using industry-standard graphic design programs. Strategic Communication Examine client problems and possible solutions and develop and evaluate strategies and tactics for promotional communications.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications Bachelor in Journalism, Fall 2013 Major: Advertising; Minor: English; Concentration: History

Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Photoshop
InDesign Illustrator

Microsoft Platforms Final Cut Pro

Coordinator of Sears-Lincoln Annual Fashion Show Participants: 15-20 people with various ages.
Attendance 100 people to watch the show. Made sales goal with attendance in 2012, and 2011.

Coordinator of Sears-Lincoln Events

Special Events National Safety Weekend-Video Cinco De Mayo- Poster Family and Friends Nights Radio ads

Lead of Merchandising-Sears-Present
Ensure new trends are set promptly. Responsible for changing floor based on sales. Follow standards set by Sears on all projects. Observe, coach, and evaluate all assigned staff. Lead a team to perform all tasks required.

Customer Service Supervisor-Shopko

Responsible for operation of all cash registers and staff. Responsible for resolving customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner. Train new hires to follow the appropriate store operations and procedures. Responsible for teaching the Selling Solutions class to new hires to increase Extended Protection Plans, Visas, and the Loyalty card sales. Observe, coach, and evaluate all assigned staff. Schedule, assign, and revise work allocation among staff. Assist in performing performance reviews for staff.

Customer Service Specialist-Shopko

Meet with Cash Office Specialist to ensure all proper cash register procedures are followed. Train new hires to follow the appropriate store operations and procedures.

Organizing product around the Front End. Managing the funds at the registers. Communication with customers in a nice and efficient manner.