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Thank you for using the RadioShack scanner demo software.

The RadioShack scanner demo software has the following limitations: The trial period is limited to 7 days You can download a total of two systems for free from

To purchase the RadioShack software for your scanner please visit or call 1-800-SCANNER . IMPORTANT: Before using the software make sure that you connect the USB scanner programming cable (part number: 20-546 or 20-047) to your scanner and PC. Also make sure that you installed the driver software that comes with USB scanner programming cable. Please refer to the USB cable installation manual. This manual can be found on the cd-rom that is included with the USB scanner cable (part number 20-546 or 20-047) or refer to section 7 of this manual. This program allows you to use a free demo copy of programming software for a selected group of scanners. With this free software you will be able to program your scanner, backup the programming of your scanner to a file, and, for certain high-end model scanners, you will be able to control your scanner from the software. Also, using the webservice, you will have access to a total of two free trial downloads of data for any county in the United States which you can use with the software to program your scanner. This is all available to you for a one week free trial period. If you like the software and webservice, you may purchase a full lifetime copy of the software and/or a subscription to RadioReference by visiting . Thank you! Contents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Software installation RadioShack Software selection panel Free radioreference download After importing data Error messages Updating the Scanner Software USB Cable driver installation

1: RadioShack demo software installation: 1a: cd-rom included with USB cable 20-546 : Note: if you did not install the USB driver software yet please make sure that the USB cable is not plugged in . Insert the cd-rom in your cd-rom drive. The installation software should start automatically. To manually start the installation software go to My Computer and browse to the cd-rom drive. Locate the file called SETUP or SETUP.exe . Double click the file to start the installation process.

Click Next to start the installation.

1b: Download from Download the demo software from http// , If prompted save the file to your desktop. Once the download is completed double click the downloaded file, this will start the installation process. Windows may display a security warning. Confirm that you want to execute the file.

The software now installs all the files on your PC:

Wait until the software has finished installing the software. Now click Finish to end the installation. If you selected Launch the program the RadioShack software selection panel is automatically shown.

2. RadioShack scanner software selection panel After installation of the software you can start the RadioShack demo software by clicking on the RadioShack software icon:

You can also select START _ PROGRAMS _ RADIOSHACK SCANNER SOFTWARE _ RADIOSHACK SOFTWARE Select your scanner model from the list and press Start Software. This will start the selected programming software.

To purchase the RadioShack programming software for your scanner press the Purchase Scanner Software button or visit , you can also call 1-800-SCANNER To subscribe to the Radioreference webservice press the Subscribe to Radioreference Webservice button or visit .

Help and instructions: press this button to open this help document. For further assistance about using the software use the contact link at Automatically Check for Updates: the software can automatically check for any updates. This requires a internet connection. When updates are available the software will show a message and a link to the latest download. Please refer to section 6 for information about downloading and installing updates. Install USB Driver: Press this button to (re)install the drivers for the 20-546 USB cable. If installation fails please insert the cd-rom and install the drivers from the cd-rom. Please refer to section 7 for USB driver installation information.

The current version of the RadioShack demo software includes programming software for the following RadioShack scanners: PRO-96 PRO-97 PRO-106 PRO-135 PRO-136 PRO-137 PRO-160 PRO-162 PRO-163 PRO-164 PRO-197 PRO-404 PRO-405 PRO-433 PRO-528 PRO-2051 PRO-2055 PRO-2096 Each software package comes with a user manual in PDF format. To open the manual start the software and then select Open Software Manual in the help menu.

3. Free RadioReference download The software cd-rom includes a total of two free downloads from is the world's resource for scanner radio frequency and trunking talkgroup information. With a RadioReference database download you can instantly import data for your county into the BuTel Software and then easily transfer the data to your scanner. With this CD-ROM you are provided two free trial downloads of data from RadioReference. You can also turn your trial subscription into a quarterly or yearly subscription if you like with a Paypal or Credit Card payment made directly through RadioReference at any time. There is no charge however for the initial free demo download. The scanner does not not need to be on to import data in the ARC software. Download procedure: 1. Start the programming software. 2. In the menu select Internet and Free Radioreference Import Important note: If this option is not shown you already used your complimentary downloads. Once you downloaded two systems this option is disabled and hidden from the menu. To import more systems you need to purchase a subscription to the radioreference webservice, please visit to purchase the subscription and software license. A active internet connection is required to make your free download. You may need to reconfigure your router or firewall software. Downloads via satellite internet connections may not work properly. Use DSL/Cable/WAN or dial-up instead.

3. Confirm the message by clicking OK:

4. The radioreference import screen is now shown:

First select your State. Depending on the available systems in your State the County and Agency lists are loaded from the database. For conventional frequencies press the Blue Conventional frequencies button. To select Agencies press the green Agencies button, to select Trunk Systems press the yellow Trunk Systems button.

In the following sample screen we selected the conventional system for State: California and County: Alameda.

Selecting Trunk Systems will show the available Trunk Systems in the Trunk Systems list:

In this example we selected the Alameda Public Safety trunk system: You can see the frequencies and talkgroups by clicking on the + symbol in the treeviews:

To import this system first select the site in the left pane:

And now we can select the talkgroups, for example the 18 talkgroups for the City of Alameda, in the right pane :

We can now import this in the software by pressing the Import button. Please note that in demo mode you can only make two free imports. Any additional imports can only be made after a subscription and software license is purchased at

Importing conventional frequencies: Open the RadioReference import window and select your State. In this example we will import data from California, Alameda county: Select California. This will load the CA County list, select Alameda:

Now press the blue Conventional Frequencies button. The software will now load all the frequencies from the selected county:

Use the + symbol to see detailed frequency info:

You can now select the frequencies that you want to import:

We can now import this in the software by pressing the Import button.

Please note that in demo mode you can only import a total of two systems for free. Any additional imports can only be made after a subscription and software license is purchased at or call 1-800-SCANNER

4. After importing data: After the data is imported in the ARC programming software you can review the data, edit text tags or add you own data manually using the edittable grids in the ARC software. Please refer to the individual ARC software manuals for further details how to edit the data and upload the information into your RadioShack scanner. To access the ARC software manual start the ARC programming software for your RadioShack scanner and in the software select HELP _ Open Software Manual.

5. Error messages: PRO106/PRO197 Nothing Enabled error: none of the scanlists (1-20) are enabled. Scanlists can be enabled by pressing the numeric buttons 0-9 (use FUNC + 0-9 for scanlists 11-20). Try pressing the number 1 key on the scanner's key pad to enable the default scanlist 1. no objects are assigned to a scanlist. In the PRO-106/197 frequencies/talkgroups must be assigned to a scanlists before they can be scanned. This can be done in ARC500 or during the import process from radioreference. In the RR import window there is a tab called 'scanlists' and this defines the scanlists the objects are linked to during the import process.

See also: Other Error messages:

This messages indicates that you already used your free download. Go to to purchase a software license and a subscription to the webservice.

This messages indicates that you already used your free download. Go to to purchase a software license and a subscription to the webservice. The RR import may not work properly on satellite internet connections. Use dialup or DSL/Cable/WAN instead.

6. Updating the Scanner Software. The Scanner Software will by default automatically check for software updates. If you do not want the software to connect to the internet and check for updates unselect the option Automatically check for updates from the main Scanner Software panel. If a new update is available you will be prompted by a message:

If you do not want to download the latest version click No. We do advise to always update to the latest release of the software. If you do want to download the latest version click Yes. The Scanner Software program will now close and open your internet browser. Click the download button:

If your internet browser does not automatically open you can manually start your internet browser and go to and locate the download button. When prompted to Load of Save the file select Save. Now select a temporary location, for example your desktop. When the download is finished you will see the scanner software installer icon on your desktop:

Double click the icon to start the installer software. (depending on the active version the text shown below the icon may be different). Windows may now display a security message/warning. Confirm that you want to execute the file. This will update the existing Scanner Software to the latest version. Once installation is complete you can start the software by clicking the Scanner Software icon:

You can now delete the downloaded file from your desktop.

7 RadioShack 20-546 USB cable manual and driver installation.

Congratulations on your purchase of this RadioShack 20-546 USB Scanner/PC Interface Cable for RadioShack Scanners. This cable allows you to connect many RadioShack handheld, base and mobile scanners directly to your computers Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors, allowing convenient and simple programming of your scanning receivers.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM PC or compatible computer equipped with Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection and Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 and 98SE NOTES: Although the USB interface cable supports full speed USB communications, actual data transfer speed depends on the scanners hardware. Demo scanner application software from BuTel is included with the cable. The conversion cable is only required for the PRO-83, PRO-84, PRO-433 and PRO-2051 scanners. Installing USB drivers on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 To install any new driver on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 you need to have administrator privileges. Note: Do not insert the USB cable into the USB port on your computer before installing the USB driver. If the USB cable is inserted into the USB port, your computer will automatically launch the Found New Hardware Wizard. Then simply click Cancel and remove the USB Cable from your computer. 1. Locate CDM20600 or CDM20600.exe in the directory \Win7_Vista_XP_2000\ in the supplied CD-ROM. Double CDM20600 or CDM20600.exe to install the driver. 2. When CDM20600 is finished, connect the USB cable 20-546 to a free USB port. 3. PC automatically starts installing the USB cable driver. 4. The cable is now ready for use. Connect the scanner plug to the PC/IF port of your scanner.

Viewing the Cable Port Settings To specify the COM port number in your scanner application software, you can view the port settings when the cable is plugged into your computer, 1. Open your systems Control Panel. Double click the System icon. 2. Select the Hardware tab, then select Device Manager. (If your system is Windows 98 just select Device Manager). 3. Scroll to Ports, then click the + sign to expand the Ports list. 4. Confirm the cables COM port number. Installation Troubleshooting If Windows does not detect the cable when plugged in, try using any other USB port if available. If the wizard prompts you to insert a disk or specify a location for additional files during installation, browse the CD. All of the drivers required for cable installation are located in the CD. If the New Hardware Wizard appears again after you have installed the cable, simply repeat the installation steps. If the installation fails, remove the cable and follow the instructions for uninstalling USB drivers from your system. Then, reboot your computer and perform the installation again.

Uninstalling USB Drivers from your computer on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 The drivers can be uninstalled if desired. However there is no harm in leaving the drivers installed on your computer, even if you stop using the cable. Removing the drivers may be helpful when troubleshooting failed installations. 1. Open the Add/Remove Programs utility located in "Control Panel\Add/Remove Programs" or the software utility located in "Control Panel\Software" 2. Select "Windows Driver Package FTDI CDM Driver" from the list of installed programs. 3. Click the "Change/Remove" button. This will run the FTDI uninstaller program. Click "Yes" to run the uninstaller or "No" to exit. 4. When uninstalling the driver is finished, select "Windows Driver Package FTDICDM Driver" again. 5. Click the "Change/Remove" button. This will run the FTDI uninstaller program. Click "Yes" to run the uninstaller or "No" to exit . Caring for your USB Scanner/PC Interface Cable Your Scanner/PC Interface Cable is designed to give you years of trouble free service if properly cared for. Keep the cable clean and dry at all times. Use care when connecting and disconnecting the cable from your computer and scanner equipment. Ensure that the cables connectors are properly aligned with the radio and PC connectors, and verify that the USB connector is oriented correctly. Do not force the connectors into your equipment. Grasp the cable by the molded plastic connectors during installation and removal. Do not pull the cable wire to disconnect it from your equipment.

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