S. No. 1. 2. Questions

Discuss the nature and scope of Business Economics

How does the study of Business Economics help a business manager in decision-making? your answer with the real world examples.
3. 4. 5. Draw individual and market demand schedules. Discuss the difficulties in preparing a market demand schedule. Write short notes on:

What is the Opportunity Cost? How can it be calculated? What are the precautions to be kept in view while using the Opportunity Cos

a) Demand forecasting b) Consumer Surplus c) Marginal Utility d) Gross price elasticity of demand e) Complementary goods
6. 7. 8. Explain the law of Variable proportions. Which is the bet stage of production? Explain Least Cost Combination of the factors.

Distinguish between Average and Marginal Cost and show by examples and diagrams that marginal cost is less than average cost if is more than average cost is rising.

Please give your answer in at least 25 words and press save and continue button. Case Detail :

Read the case study given below and answer the questions given at the end.

Case Study Two Wheeler Industries in India

Hero Honda. the demand for the two-wheelers was 1. respectively. Two-wheeler manufacturers produce different economic models for general public as well as some specific models to cater the different needs of high-income group. mopeds.The two wheeler category is steadily moving from a discretionary purchase to an essential purchase. and features in conjunction with a slew of new product launches and greater finance availability have been the primary drivers of sales in the past years. inadequacy and poor quality of public transport system in India have pushed the demand of two wheelers.83 million units in the year 2000-2001. Demand of two-wheelers is increasing day-by-day. In India. higher fuel efficiency. In the year 1990-1991. but scenario changed in 1998-1999 when motorcycles took the edge and never looked back. India secures second-largest position in two wheeler production. especially among the burgeoning Indian middleclass households. Bajaj. The projected demand for the twowheelers in the year 2014-2015 is estimated to reach 16 million units. Nowadays. Table 1: Market segmentation for the two-wheeler industry in four regions of the country Market segmentation Segment North East West South Share (%) 32 9 27 32 Table 2: Product wise market share for the two-wheeler industry in India Product Variation Type Share (%) . Kinetic Motors. Table1 and Table2 present market segmentation and product variation of two-wheelers in India. the two-wheeler industry is highly diversified in terms of presenting a versatile product line. Better quality and durability. and LML are some of the main players in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Indian twowheeler industry is dominated by the motorcycle segment. new age styling. Apart from the discussed facts. and motorcycles. Two-wheelers contain scooters. TVS Motors. Few years ago the market was dominated by scooter segment.82 million units that grew to 3. This is no doubt a rosy picture for the growth of Indian two-wheeler industry.

Motorcycles Scooters Mopeds 66 22 11 Make a comprehensive analysis on two-wheeler demand in India. Nil Nil .

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