sayyid_haamid TEXTS The followers of the Ahlulbayt school of thought - are VERY clear to differentiate between the Sunni

school of thought - and the Umawi (Wahabi) school of thought. There are 3 main schools of thought: - Ahlulbayt School of Thought - Sunni School of Thought - Bani Umayyah (Umawai/Wahabi) School of Thought Bani Umayyah infiltrated Islam and were able to take control of the Muslim Ummah. They created their school of thought by giving open salaries to scholars, writers, speakers etc. who fabricated thousands and thousands of narrations which serve the interests of Bani Umayyah. And when they fabricated false narrations, they created "authentic" chains of narrators for their narrations (they were smart and not stupid fabricators). For example, they created the hadith on the tongue of Lady Aisha that the Messenger did not go anywhere in the night of Mi'raj because he was sleeping in my bed the whole night. She NEVER actually said that, but they lied through her to give their narrations authenticity, and this was to reduce Mi'raj to a mere dream. They also waged open war against the family of the Prophet, and tried their best to kill everyone who remained from this family. One of their most important foundations in their school of thought is to go against everything in the Ahlulbayt School of thought - EVERYTHING - even things such as the concept of Tawheed, the concept of Prophethood, infallibility of Prophets, and down to the last detail such as how to take wuthu. For example, in the Ahlulbayt (and Sunni) school of thought, Allah (swt) has no limits and does not have a physical form or a body. In the Umawi school of thought, Allah IS limited, and DOES have a body and whoever denies it is a kafir (i.e. the EXACT OPPOSITE of the authentic Tawheed). (Inshallah later I will show more details of this "Tawheed"). So much so that the Imam of Ahlulbayt have some narrations in which they say: "If you are in a situation where you cannot find a narration from us about a particular matter, then look at what the opposing school of thought does, and do the opposite." Why? Because the Umawis took everything the Ahlulbayt said - and turned it to the exact opposite. So it's clear that the Ahlulbayt and Bani Umayyah are the direct opposite of each other. Now, the Sunni School of thought is somewhere in between the two. While they are different from the Umawis, nevertheless they are also different from the Ahlulbayt. In short, the Sunnis have been deeply influenced by the Umawis because the Umawis had government, power and control, and manipulated the religion and through it - manipulated the people (Sunnis). The Umawis great success in influencing the Sunnis was in keeping them far from Ahlulbayt and their teachings. Now don't get me wrong, even the Shia have been infiltrated and influenced by Bani Umayyah, but the scale of infiltration is very small in comparison to the Sunnis. Also, in this day and age, the Shia scholars have - with centuries of hard work - been able to pinpoint many of the corrupt ideas and

the companions of Ibn Juraij like Saeed bin Salem al-Qadah and Muslim bin khalid al-Zenji. the closer they are to Bani Umayyah. and were able to cure these problems by finding the correct solutions from Ahlulbayt. politics has separated us from Imam Ali... or they make their own gatherings to remember Imam Hussain. While other Sunnis go to these gatherings and mourn for Ahlulbayt. he would give the fatwa of Abu Bakr and Umar. if you wanted to know where the Sunnis are in the spectrum between Ahlulbayt (true Islam) and Bani Umayyah (Islam of hypocrisy). He disagreed with Ali on few things. For example: Ibn Taimiyah's proud testimony that Ahle Sunnah don't follow Ali bin Abi Talib [as] Ibn Taimiyah who is known for having a grudge against Ali bin Abi Talib [as] proudly claims that none of the Sunni jurists attained teachings from Imam Ali [as]. ibn Umar and so on. And this is well known and Bani Umayyah and their "scholars" are openly proud of this. Verily if Malik's knowledge was obtained from the people of Madina. For example. and some like brother/sister "lunatic" here (or whatever their name is) say the Shia killed him themselves and hold Yazid innocent etc etc etc. the Shia have gatherings to mourn the murder of Imam Hussain to save his grandfathers religion.narrations which infiltrated their books. because Bany Umayyah used to curse him. then try to see how far they are from Ahlulbayt . As for the Fiqh of Imam Ali. and used to swear at him and that was one of the reasons why we the Sunnah have left Ali.. some call it innovation. And there are also fears of being labelled and so forth which I don't want to bother talking about right now. Every year in Ashura. Umar.” For me personally. the wisdom of Imam Ali. then it is just a few hadeeths. I would say. the people of Madina did not take Ali's statements. Ibn Juraij obtained knowledge from the companions of Ibn Abbas. not Ali's. we cannot but admit that most people are ignorant of the truth. and consider it obligatory on themselves to pay their respect to the Prophets . Now the Sunnis. and if we have anything from Imam Ali. according to the Sahabas. the closest of the Sunnis to the Ahlulbayt are the Sufis and this is very clear and evident in how much respect and love they have for them. and the lectures of Imam Ali. Zaid. The further they are from Ahlulbayt (ship of salvation). like Atta and others. But lets take a practical example. Verily Ibn Abbas was an independent mujtahid. But all of this aside. Whenever he gives fatwa.their Ship of Salvation. Quote: None of the four imams nor the other of the jurists refer to him (Ali) in their jurisprudence. The Sunni Scholars also do not deny that the politics of Bani Umayyah has kept them away from Ahlulbayt The prominent Sunni scholar Imam Mohammad Abu Zuhra says in his book Imam Jafar AlSadiq (READ HIS WORDS CAREFULLY): Quote: “No doubt that the Ahl Al-Sunnah have left Imam Ali. the Sunnis are not the same as Umawi. And not all Sunnis are equal. some laugh at the Shia for doing this. Shafiyee obtained jurisprudence from the people of Makka. and are not purposely distancing themselves from their Ship of Salvation.. but the Umawis were able to keep them distant from Ahlulabyt. They took their jurisprudence from the seven jurists.

Nothing could be stronger evidence than this to prove that a MAJOR conspiracy has befallen Islam ONLY 50 YEARS after the demise of the Messenger. But all of them are "sayyiduna" and all are in paradise! What a mockery. Nobody talks about this though do they? After murdering Imam Hussain.. After this event. But you do not find Sunnis saying that Yazid was right to kill Imam Hussain. is that just 50 years after the demise of the Holy Messenger (pbuhaf). One year after the incident. and waged war against one another. in the Harra event. In the Harra collision. You can tell how close each one of them is to the Ahlulbayt. The remaining warriors of Badr were all killed.the "successor of Rasulollah" murders the last remaining grandson of Rasulollah: Imam Hussain (pbuhaf) all these hypocrites went under the umbrella of "sahabi" and all of them will enter paradise!!! And NOBODY has the right to criticise ANY of them . the army attacked Mecca and catapulted the Ka'bah. 700 Sahabi were killed. Yazid son of Mu'awiyah . Do these people know what an insult they are making to Allah (swt) Al-Aadil . because he refused to curse sayyiduna Ali Ibn Abi Talib". So much so that Ibn Taymiyyah considers him one of the 12 Imams of the Ummah. 10'000 Tabi'eeen were killed. and killed and killed and raped and raped. they would fight against Imam Hussain. or they are ignorant of the whole issue of Imam Hussain.even though they cursed one another. This man . Women and children were killed. about ten thousand souls were killed in that collision. the whole warriors of Badr were killed. and fought each other and killed each other!! ALL of them in heaven! Do you know what they say about the Sahabi Hijr Ibn Ady? "Sayyiduna (our master) Hijr Ibn Aady. and he says that glad tidings of them were given in the Torah and Bible. who was killed by sayyiduna Mu'awiya.Yazid . Yazids army attacked Medinah. This crime was perpetrated by BishrbnArta'a when he killed the babies of UbeidullahbnAbbas. But he does include Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain in these 12? NO WAY! What about Mu'awiyah? Is he included? OF COURSE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They made up the illogical lie that "ALL sahaba are good and in heaven". or they ignore the matter entirely. From ordinary people.household. And others are either afraid of being labelled as Shia. Only an Umawi would every say the same one who the Umawi (Wahabi) school of thought defends vehemently. Seven hundred men of Quraish and the Ansar were killed. 1000 women gave birth to children conceived from rape. What happened to all those hypocrites which are mentioned in the Qur'an? A whole Sura about hypocrites: "And Allah bears witness that they are liars" Did all of them just disappear into thin air after the demise of Rasulollah (pbuhaf)? Where did they all go? They defined Sahabi as anyone who saw the Messenger . And what is even more unbelievable. or that if they were alive at that time.The Just? . Nothing intercepted those commanders from killing the children.

is WRONG and is fair game for criticism and even being labelled a hypocrite. then you are kafir and OUT of Islam! But how does he himself speak of the best and closest Sahabah . For example. And ANYONE who opposes them . First . Page 206).From Sahih Bukhari: "On doomsday.but the Shia DO NOT regard the Sunnis to be Nasibi. They both agree that Nasibis are out of the fold of Islam.WHAT IS HE???? So then. however. and this tells you how different Sunnis are from Bani Umayyah in terms of hatred to Ahlulbayt.. most Sunnis are not very close to Ahlulbayt either. So this claim that "ALL" Sahabah are good people and in paradise contradicts this hadith (and many more like it). the hypocrites). Ibn Taymiyyah goes as far as to say that anyone who makes ANY criticism of ANY sahabi. Thus. They degraded themselves to apostasy . God! They are my companions! But God will tell me: You do not know what they did after your death. but not much else. and contradicts Allah's justice. rather they see them as believers.Sunnis and Shia use a term called "Nasibi" to refer to those who have any hatred towards Ahlulbayt and choose Mu'awiyahs side in the confrontation between him and Imam Ali. only small number of my companions will escape like deserted camels in the desert. even if you were to say "he is too short" or "too tall" or anything negative about ANY sahabi. and give them immunity from any criticism. they regard the haters of Ahlulbayt as non-Muslim. Vol VII.The Shia . when I will be at the water pond delivering water to those who will be thirsty among my followers. They have respect for them." Imam Sadiq (pbuhaf) said: "Then is guided to our wilayah the Ahlulbayt".even if he was another sahabi .while they agree with the Sunnis that Nasibis are not Muslim . it is clear that this protection from criticism ONLY applies to those who the Umawi school of thought wish to protect (i. The Sunnis do not hate Ahlulbayt.even if he was Ahlulbayt . and contradicts the Qur'an. .the Ahlulbayt? How does he speak about Fatima and accuse her of hypocricy!? How does he raise doubts about whether Imam Ali's Islam is valid or invalid? How does he accuse Imam Ali of marrying Lady Fatima only to hurt her and to hurt her father? How does he accuse Imam Ali of hypocrisy and entering Islam only to for selfbenefit?? How does he accuse Imam Hussain of causing corruption!? According to his own verdict that whoever criticises a Sahabi is kafir .. It was made up to protect the hypocrites. a group of my followers will come to drink but the angels will drive them away and take them to Hell! And I'll say: Oh. There was no conspiracy huh??? A few points I want to add to my previous post. and believes and does good deeds.e." (Sahih Al-Bukhari. Imam Sadiq (pbuhaf) says regarding this verse: "And Indeed I am forgiving to him who repents. and contradicts all forms of logic. Second . and not only that. then is guided.

And you know as well as I that to love someone is very different than to FOLLOW them. and do not dare to say that they hate Ahlulbayt. and he is one of them. Only thing missing is the fellowship of Ahlulbayt. They do not accept any criticism of Mu'awiyah and Yazid. They say they love Ahlulbayt and respect Ahlulbayt. and give them full authority and respect. . Sahih Muslim: Imam Ali: It is the oath of the Prophet to me than nobody loves me except he is a believer and nobody hates me except he is a hypocrite. and Yazid VS Imam Hussain. and most followers of the Umawi School of thought are not as outspoken as Ibn Taymiyyah. and he loves the pious. believes and does good deeds." The third point is that most Nasibis.So you can see clearly that in the eyes of Imam Sadiq (pbuhaf) and his followers. but he is not one of them. and he dislikes the corrupt. they choose the side of Bani Umayyah. the typical Sunni is one who repents. And that's how you differentiate a Nasibi from a non-Nasibi... the Ahlulbayt's side or Bani Umayyahs side. Look at which side they are on. but when it comes to Mu'awiyah VS Imam Ali and Imam Hasan. As Imam Ali (pbuhaf) says: "Do not be like the one who.